Grace Mally


Will Our Generation Speak?

Pages: 288
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 978-0-9719405-8-1
Format: Paperback

Will Our Generation Speak? A Call to be Bold with the Gospel  is filled with stories and dialog—recounting witnessing conversations and giving practical ideas for beginning conversations with unbelievers about the Lord. It teaches how to ask good questions and answer objections, while illustrating points with humorous cartoons and stories. From a young person to other young people, the book addresses the fears we face and excuses we make about sharing the gospel. It communicates the excitement of working alongside the God of the Universe in the mission of saving souls. 



Table of Contents

Note from the Author
1. Only One Chance to Be Young!
2. The Little Engine That Couldn’t
3. Is Your Perspective Upside Down?
4. Tracts
5. But I’m Scared!
6. Full of Grace and Truth
7. Listen But Lead
8. Keys to Confidence
9. Moving the Hand of God
10. When They Aren’t So Friendly
11. Joy
12. Who? Where? How?
13. Seventeen Ways to Start Conversations
14. If the Foundations Are Destroyed
15. How We Know That We Know
16. Start at Home But Aim for the World
17. The Esther 4:14 Principle


Here's What People Are Saying

Will Our Generation Speak?  is a wonderful, practical, and very timely publication. Never before in history has the Church so needed to speak up and to speak clearly. This book does that and it tells you how to do it, with practical examples and inspiring heart-warming personal experiences. It’s fuel for your fire, diligently gathered by the author so that you can let your light shine.”

—Ray Comfort, Founder of Living Waters, cohost of  Way of the Master


“Witnessing often makes people nervous, but it’s important that we share our faith. Grace Mally shares practical tools that work!”

—The Duggar Family, TLC’s  19 Kids and Counting


“Grace has an open and engaging writing style which makes for an enjoyable read. The personal anecdotes she relates are interesting and encouraging, and her tips are simple and practical. Although specifically targeted toward the younger generation, this book provides an excellent guide for Christians who struggle with witnessing at any age.”

—Michael Farris, Chancellor, Patrick Henry College


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It was a fun read, and it is so practical in helping Christians to share their faith.  Grace’s insights have re-energized me to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. The helpful tips and insights that Grace provides in this remarkable book will help you to share your faith with others in a gentle and conversational way.  You too can experience the joy of leading someone to Christ – a joy that will last for all eternity.”

—Dr. Jason Lisle, Institute for Creation Research


“The Christian church has long needed a stimulus for effective witnessing from a Biblical worldview. In this book Grace Mally fills that need. She rightly places creation thinking as the foundation stone of such a worldview, and a primary witnessing tool for the Christian. She identifies creation truth as an ‘attention-getter’ and ‘conversation-starter’ without peer. This method will be followed by every fruitful Christian.”

—Dr. John Morris, President, Institute for Creation Research


“Who do you learn from the best? A person who tells you what to do or a person who is doing it and speaks from their experience? The latter. That is why any Christian committed to reaching the lost would benefit from reading  Will Our Generation Speak? She speaks from a commitment to Scripture and a wealth of experience. You will come away from Grace’s book doing what she does – talking to the lost, not just about the lost.”

– Dr. R. Larry Moyer, Founder & CEO, EvanTell

About the Author

Grace Mally, 26, is grateful for the opportunities the Lord has given her to be involved in youth discipleship ministry. She lives in Marion, Iowa and attends Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel. She and her family have a ministry called Tomorrow’s Forefathers, with the goal of equipping families to be strong in the Lord. In 2002, Grace, along with her older siblings, Sarah and Stephen, coauthored  Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.  

Grace likes to arrange witnessing and outreach events in her community, speaks at Bright Lights and family conferences, and helps to lead the Bright Lights discipleship ministry, which was founded by her older sister, Sarah. As of 2012, about 500 Bright Lights groups have started around the country and internationally. These groups of young ladies are usually led by an older girl (or mother) who has the desire to invest in the lives of younger girls in her church or community. The vision of Bright Lights is to encourage girls to be radiant in godliness, holiness, and testimony—to be strong in the Lord in their youth. 

In 2008, the Lord provided a commercial building that has now become the Bright Lights office and a bookstore named Noah’s Archive Christian Books. The Lord has continued to provide staff to work alongside the Mallys as they write new discipleship materials, lead Bright Lights “Strong in the Lord Conferences” and “Radiant Purity Conferences,” and organize various discipleship and evangelism events for their church and community. 

Grace maintains a blog where she records updates on what God is doing in her life and the life of her family at You can also learn more about Bright Lights at