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Understanding 1 & 2 Chronicles

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The House of God and Its Service

Even from a historical point of view, the two books of Chronicles make interesting reading, but from a spiritual point of view, their value is both thrilling and practical. No doubt an exposition of the substance of these two books is unusual. Yet the author conducted Bible study meetings through these two books over a period of three years, and the interest shown was such that the substance of these studies would appear applicable to a wider audience. The presentation here is not that of merely repeating the historical and typical details in ordinary prose form; space is to valuable for that approach. The historical Biblical text must be read in conjunction with its spiritual interpretation given in this exposition. Since the subject matter is large, and the book had to be relatively brief, the style is one of compression—written in prose style and not in mere note style—bringing out at every stage the salient principles that governed the types and history of the time, with constant applications to the fellowship and service of Christians today.

It will be obvious to readers that1 Timothy 3:15 “that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God,” has been very prominent before the heart of the author as he has studied his portion of Scripture. In that sense, the types and history of old are very relevant to Christians today, so the author’s trust is that this somewhat neglected portion of Scripture may be revived in the interests of God’s People. May we, like David, set our affection to the house of our God (1 Chron. 29:3). The Lord will thereby be Glorified, and His People edified.


The author was converted in Norwich,England, during his last year at school in 1943. Since then, he has been resident in Cambridge,London, Southampton, and finally Aberystwyth,Wales. Holding the degrees of Ph.D. and Sc.D. of Cambridge University, he is Professor of Applied Mathematics in University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. His spiritual calling is that of teacher in local assemblies. He is the author of many technical books and papers, and also books of scriptural exposition on First and Second Corinthians, The Acts, first and Second Chronicles and the Gospel of Luke (1981). As editor of the magazine Precious Seed, he has also edited the books “Church Doctrine and Practice” and “Treasury of Bible Doctrine.”


1 Chronicles

Chapters 1–29 – Summary of 1 Chronicles
Chapters 1–12 – Introductory Considerations
Chapter 13 – The will of God Necessary in Holy Things
Chapter 15 – Preparations for Bringing  the Ark up Mount Zion
Chapter 16 – The Ascension Psalm
Chapter 17 – The Lord’s House and David’s House
Chapter 21 – David’s Decision for the Place of the House
Chapter 22 – Preparation for the Building of the House
Chapter 23 – Levitical Distribution of Service
Chapter 24 – The Priestly Courses
Chapter 25 – The Singers
Chapter 26 – Further Workers
Chapter 27 – Servants in David’s Kingdom
Chapter 28 – David’s Instructions for the House
Chapter 29 – David’s Greatest Psalm of Praise

2 Chronicles

Chapter 1 – Solomon’s Initial Attitude
Chapter 2 – Jews and Gentiles Working Together
Chapter 3 – Structure of the House
Chapter 4 – Contents of the House
Chapter 5 – The Ark Brought in to Rest
Chapter 6 – Solomon’s Dedicatory Prayer
Chapter 7 – Manifestations of God
Chapter 8 – Solomon’s Daily life
Chapter 9 – The Kingdom Exalted
Chapter 10 – The Kingdom Divided
Chapter 11 – Development of Christendom
Chapter 12 – Decline of the Golden Age
Chapter 13 – True Testimony Before Christendom
Chapter 14 – The First Restoration Under Asa
Chapter 15 – Revival Under Asa
Chapter 16 – Asa’s Decline from Spirituality
Chapter 17 – Mixed Faithfulness and Worldliness
Chapter 18 – Alliance With the World
Chapter 19 – Rebuke and Restoration
Chapter 20 – Jehoshaphat Tested, and Found not Wanting
Chapter 23 – The salvation of the Boy King Joash
Chapter 24 – The danger of Depending upon Another
Chapter 26 – Uzziah, the King who Sought the Priesthood
Chapter 29 – Hezekiah’s Restoration of the service of the House of the Lord
Chapter 30 – Hezekiah’s Passover
Chapter 31 – Provision for Service
Chapter 32 – Protection of the House of the Lord
Chapter 34 – Josiah’s Restoration
Chapter 35 – Josiah’s Passover
Chapter 36 – The Destruction of Jerusalem