David J. Macleod


The Seven Last Things

Pages: 288
Size: 5" x 7.5"
ISBN #: 1-59387-001-9
Format: Paperback

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Revelation 19–21 is the New Testament’s classic passage on the return of Christ, a passage that has sometimes been called “the last things.” In it the apostle John sets forth seven major motifs of biblical eschatology. These include: An Introduction to the “Last Things,” The Second coming of Christ, The Defeat of Antichrist, The Binding of Satan, The Millennial Kingdom of Christ, The Release of Satan and Man’s Final Rebellion, The Last Judgment and the End of the World, and The New Heaven and the New Earth. Detailed notes provide citation references and additional information for a comprehensive study.



David MacLeod was born in Sydney on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. At the age of eleven he moved with his family to Massachusetts. Five years later he was converted to faith in Jesus Christ. After graduating from Worcester State University (B.S.Ed. [1965]), he received his theological education at Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M. [1969], Ph.D. [1987]). He has taught at Western Bible College (now Colorado Christian University) and Dallas Theological Seminary. Since 1983 he has taught at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa, where he presently serves as Professor of Bible and Theology. At Emmaus he also served as Associate Editor of The Emmaus Journal, a semiannual journal of biblical and theological studies. He frequently ministers the Word at his home church where he served for a number of years as an elder. Commended to the work of the Lord by Brethren assemblies in Colorado, he has a weekend preaching ministry—primarily in the Midwest. In addition to articles in The Emmaus Journal, he has written for Journey Magazine and Bibliotheca Sacra. He also wrote The Letter to the Hebrewsfor Emmaus Correspondence School and The Suffering Servant of the Lordfor Emmaus Bible College. David and his wife Linda have four adult children.


Here's What People Are Saying!

“This is a first rate book which exhibits thorough research, helpful illustrations, and exemplary exposition of the biblical text–something desperately needed today.

– Charles C. Ryrie
Editor, The Ryrie Study Bible, Professor Emeritus of
Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary

“In 'The Seven Last Things,' David MacLeod offers a clear and careful exposition of the events which will culminate human history. The serious student will find a mine of valuable resources in the extensive footnotes.”

– William J. McRae
President Emeritus and Minister-at-Large,
Tyndale College and Seminary, Ontario

“MacLeod gives a masterful study. Carefully researched and colorfully illustrated, these expositional studies are a delight to read. They remind us of the certainty of God's future program in which He will make all things new. Everyone interested in knowing what God plans for the future will benefit from this important book.”

– Roy B. Zuck
Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition,
Dallas Theological Seminary; Editor, Bibliotheca Sacra

“MacLeod's treatment of the biblical text shows that he is not only an experienced expositor of the original text of Scripture but also an exceptionally gifted writer on biblical themes. The book is easy to read, extremely interesting, and filled with many rich quotations and insightful doctrinal observations. Best of all, it is a model for good traditional Bible exposition.

– Alexander Strauch
Bible Teacher, Author, Biblical Eldership, The New
Testament Deacon, Using Your Home for Christ,
and Men and Women: Equal Yet Different

“A forthright defense of historical premillenialism that avoids sectarian name-calling and keeps the dialogue open with those who arrive at different conclusions.”

– Donald G. Bloesch
Professor of Theology Emeritus at
Dubuque Theological Seminary


Chapter 1 – Heaven’s Hallelujah Chorus: An Introduction to the “Last Things”—Revelation 19:1–10
Chapter 2 – The First Last Thing: The Second Coming of Christ—Revelation 19:11–16
Chapter 3 – The Second Last Thing: The Defeat of Antichrist—Revelation 19:17–21
Chapter 4 – The Third Last Thing: The Binding of Satan—Revelation 20:1–3
Chapter 5 – The Fourth Last Thing: The Millennial Kingdom of Christ—Revelation 20:4–6
Chapter 6 – The Fifth Last Thing: The Release of Satan and Man’s Final Rebellion—Revelation 20:7–10
Chapter 7 – The Sixth Last Thing: The Last Judgment and the End of the World—Revelation 20:11–15
Chapter 8 – The Seventh Last Thing: The New Heaven and the New Earth—Revelation 21:1–8