V. Paul Flint


Strangers & Pilgrims: A Study of Genesis

Pages: 252
Size: 6.125" x 9.25"
ISBN #: 0-87213-177-7
Format: Hardcover

It may seem unusual to suggest the title Strangers & Pilgrims for these comments on the book of Genesis, but as we see in the book itself, much the greater part is occupied with people, with individuals, and not with earthwide hatters. From this emphasis, we suggest that God—the creator and sustainer of the universe—is a God of the individual, not merely concerned with statistics. We need to be reminded of this, especially given our modern-day preoccupation with overpopulation and other global concerns. God deals with each of us individually, uniquely. Hence, this compact commentary emphasizes that aspect of his revelation.

While notice is taken of critical or technical matters pertaining to Genesis, it is the spiritual lessons to be learned which emerge as more significant. God’s word feeds our souls, not merely our intellects—and that is the best apologetic we might offer to justify our approach. While we are thankful for the labors of scholars in the fields of linguistics, archaeology, and History, we are not writing for such experts, but for believers who need to be fed from Scripture itself.

We make no claim of originality in an area which has yielded as much fruit as the book of Genesis. However, as we are given example in Scripture, repetition of truth is needed from time to time so that we might have impressed on our hearts afresh the wondrous power of God.


V. Paul Flint’s writings are the fruit of an extensive preaching and teaching ministry including 34 years on the faculty of Emmaus Bible College and regular pulpit ministry. He and his wife, Helen, also have a deep interest in foreign missions which has resulted in numerous summers devoted to work with individual missionaries and missionary organizations including Operation Mobilization and Ireland Outreach. The Flints now reside in Lynnwood, Washington.


Part 1—In the Beginning
Chapter 1 – The Days of Creation
Chapter 2 – The Heavens, the Earth, and Adam
Chapter 3 – Noah and His Sons
Chapter 4 – Excursus: The Flood and Geology

Part 2—Strangers and Pilgrims
Chapter 5 – Abraham: Steps to the Covenant
Chapter 6 – Abraham: The Years of Fulfillment
Chapter 7 – Isaac and Jacob: Out of the Promised Land Again
Chapter 8 – Jacob: Return to the Land of Promise
Chapter 9 – Esau and Joseph
Chapter 10 – Joseph and Israel

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