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Safe and Secure

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When I was invited to write a small book on the subject of Eternal Security, I wondered whether I might be walking into a theological minefield. However, I decided to take the risk, and I am glad I did. It was been encouraging to look into the Scriptures again, to marvel at the grace of God, and to enjoy His “great and precious promises.” The more I thought about the subject in hand, the more John Newton’s well-known words echoed through my mind—

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.

While I do not expect to change made-up minds,I hope that what is written here will send reader back to the Word of God, our only dependable chart and compass. Although I write out of firm conviction, my desire is to promote peace rather than be dogmatic. I am, of course, aware that many fine believers have disagreed on this subject.

In seeking to explain various Scriptures in their context,I have sometimes traveled beyond the recognized parameters of the doctrine of eternal security. However, this is intended to help set the topic against the wide backdrop of God’s revealed truth. We must let the total testimony of Scripture adjudicate our opinions as well as our systematic theology!

I hope that all who read these pages, especially any who are being held captive by Giant Despair in Doubting Castle, will rediscover the “Key of Promise.” Let us courageously reject the despair and uncertainty of modern man. Rather, let us celebrate our assurance and expectation, knowing that we are anchored to the Rock of Ages.

Dr John Williams received his formal and theological education in England and was commended to Christina service by thee British assemblies in 1951. He lives with his wife Audrey (a fourth generation Canadian) in Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada. They have served in teaching and pastoral ministries in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Detroit, Michigan; Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada. John’s ministry has taken them to various parts of the world where he has been involved in evangelism and Bible teaching.


John has written numerous articles and books including: Blessed Trinity, Angels, Living Churches, The Holy Spirit: Lord and Life-Giver, The Family: God’s Handiwork, For Every Cause? Now that he’s a grandfather, he’s writing books for children, too!


Chapter 1 – The Gift of God
Chapter 2 – Old Testament Anticipations
Chapter 3 – The Teaching of Jesus
Chapter 4 – No Condemnation... No Separation
Chapter 5 – Letters from Paul
Chapter 6 – Called to Eternal Glory
Chapter 7 – Able to Keep
Chapter 8 – Redeemed and Justified
Chapter 9 – Hard Sayings in Hebrews
Chapter 10 – More Questions
Chapter 11 – Some Theological Issues
Chapter 12 – Practical Matters