Ross Rainey


Portraits from Paul's Pen

Pages: 96
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 0-937396-96-6
Format: Softcover

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The studies in this little book were first published as a series in the Canadian ministry magazine, “Food for the Flock,” through the kindness and encouragement of its first editor, the late Mr. James Gunn. The substance of these studies has been given in oral ministry at a few youth meetings and bible camps in the United States and Canada, although i have completely revised and rewritten them for this publication.

While these seven studies by no means exhaust all the Apostle Paul’s portraits in 2 Timothy they are nevertheless those that are especially applicable to the individual Christian. The Lord has likened His people to many different things in His Word, and here the Spirit of God led the beloved apostle to eternally engrave seven portraits, or similes, of all true believers. Therefore, we want to take a careful and lingering look in the mirror of God’s Word and find out from this heartwarming (and Heart-warning!) chapter and letter just how well we practically measure up to our Lord’s holy standards.

W. Ross Rainey was born in Brooklyn, NY, converted at age eight, and is a graduate of Stetson University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Commended to the Lord’s work in North America in 1954, he has over the years been involved in evangelism, Bible teaching, conferences and pastoral ministry. He has also served as a visiting instructor at Emmaus Bible School in Oak Park,IL, and Kawartha Lakes Bible School in Peterborough, ON, as well as having edited “Food for the Flock” magazine for 15 years.


In 1970 Ross moved with his wife Lillian and their three children from St. Louis, MO to Plymouth, MI, and is currently involved in an itinerant Bible teaching ministry both the United States and Canada.


Chapter 1 – The Christian as a Son
Chapter 2 – The Christian as a Soldier
Chapter 3 – The Christian as an Athlete
Chapter 4 – The Christian as a Farmer
Chapter 5 – The Christian as a Student
Chapter 6 – The Christian as a Vessel
Chapter 7 – The Christian as a Servant