H.A. Ironside


Meditations in Matthew

Pages: 320
Size: 4.75" x 6.75"
ISBN #: 1-88-483-812-X
Format: Softcover

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Meditations in Matthew is now issued with the fervent hope that it may provide help to a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the central theme of this Gospel, “The King and His Kingdom.”

This present gospel, as most believers know, is essentially a dispensational character. It was written, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by a Jew for the Jews in particular, and largely unfolds the ultimate future of the people of Israel. It is not by any means an easy book to either understand or interpret and hence there exists much difference of opinion even among believers concerning the truths it unfolds and their relation to ourselves today or to Israel by and by. I have, of course, expressed my judgment on these matters as I see them in the light of God’s Word, but I can assure my readers that this has only been done after careful and prayerful study and consideration. Please read this book by the divine rule laid down in the scripture: “Prove [or test] all thing [by the Word of God], and hold fast that which is good.”

I would add that these meditations have been written not chiefly to instruct the mind; but more particularly to help mold and fashion the life of the Christian, and to form his character so that God may be glorified in and through him.


Part 1 – Introducing Matthew
Part 2 – Four Events in the Infancy of Our Lord
Part 3 – A Brief Review of the Whole Gospel
Part 4 – Thirteen Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven
Part 5 – Other Parables
Part 6 – Miracles Recorded by Matthew
Part 7 – Thoughts for Quiet Moments
Part 8 – Expository Glimpses
Part 9 – The Sermon on the Mount
Part 10 – The Second Sermon on the Mount: known as the Olivet Discourse
Part 11 – The Great Commission