August Van Ryn


Meditations in John

Pages: 224
Size: 4.625" x 6.625"
ISBN #: 1-884838-16-2
Format: Softcover

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The earnest prayer of the author of this book is that some of the beauties and glories found in the Gospel of John may catch the fancy of the readers of these meditations. This book is not a commentary, and therefore does not pretend to set forth the teaching of the marvelous record of the person and work of Christ presented by John. I am presenting merely a few of the meditations which have been very precious and real to my own soul. The Gospel of John, like all the Scriptures (only more so it seems to me) is so vast and deep and wide and high that one feels the utter feebleness of this effort to set forth some of its beauties, but such as it is I prayerfully commend it to God for His blessing, and to the reader for his sympathetic and earnest consideration. If Christ is gloried and souls are blessed, I shall praise Him forever.

Many have learned and grown under the teaching of August Van Ryn during his lifetime of service to the Lord. Born in the Netherlands in 1890, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior when he was 20. IN 1915 he began full-time Christian service, first in gospel tent work in Michigan and then in the Bahamas for 14 years.


His grasp of the Scriptures was unusual. Fearing the permanent loss of his eyesight, he memorized all of the New Testament and large portions of the Old Testament. Later, through diligent care, his eyesight was restored, for more years of service to the Lord.

Mr. Van Ryn traveled extensively throughout his lifetime laboring for the Lord. May these precious portions from his study of the Word enlighten you as well. 


Part 1 – Introducing John
Part 2 – John—A Book of Numbers
Part 3 – Johannine Words and Expressions
Part 4 – Johannine Themes
Part 6 – Expository Glimpses into John’s Gospel
Part 7 – Glimpses into Christ’s Passion