Gerald L. Stover


Jesus Christ Greater Than All: Studies in Hebrews

Pages: 128
Size: 4.5" x 7"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-261-8
Format: Softcover

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The Epistle to the Hebrews is the New Testament Leviticus. Leviticus concerns itself with God’s ordained way whereby men approach Him in Lord Testament times. Blood offerings presented to Jehovah through the mediatorial ministry of the priesthood were constituted the appointed means of approaching God.

Hebrews in the New Testament is the Holy Spirit’s exposition of the drama of redemption appearing in the pages of the Old Testament. If we think of Leviticus and the Epistle to the Hebrews as the lips of God, they speak forth the glories and wonders of a promised Redeemer now come, and of a foreshadowed redemption now accomplished. They speak eloquently of a rest for the people of God now made available to all who believe on His name.


Chapter 1 – The Case for Christianity
Chapter 2 – A Question That Has No Answer
Chapter 3 – God Means What He Says!
Chapter 4 – A Startling Invitation
Chapter 5 – LetUs Go On!
Chapter 6 – The Priest Who Will Never Die
Chapter 7 – Things Old and New
Chapter 8 – The Tale of Two Tabernacles
Chapter 9 – A House Without a Chair
Chapter 10 – The Announcement of the Ages
Chapter 11 – Profiles of Faith
Chapter 12 – Running to Win
Chapter 13 – The Christian and Separation