John Heading


From Now to Eternity: The Book of Revelation

Pages: 256
Size: 5.5" x 8.375"
ISBN #: 1-884838-10-3
Format: Softcover

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From Now to Eternity is a verse by verse exposition of Revelation, the climax of the Scriptures. The author constantly refers to verses in the entire Bible to explain the symbolism of Revelation. This book will help anyone who wishes to understand God’s plans for the near and distant future.

The book may be approached in two ways.

First, it can be read through directly, with or without a Bible open at the relevant chapters and verses; this is the panoramic approach, as a result of which the reader will have an overall view of this portion of prophecy, something sadly lacking these in the minds of many Christians.

Second, the book can be read as an exercise in careful and detailed study, using an open Bible, the reader adding his own observations to the thoughts and details expressed in this exposition, both for his own instructions and perhaps by way preparation for Bible Study meetings.

The verse-by-verse approach has been adopted so as to preserve and orderly presentation, and so that the reader can immediately pinpoint any particular verse desired. This does not distract from the first method of consecutive reading, but it greatly assist in the second.


The author was converted in Norwich,England, during his last year at school in 1943. Since then, he has been resident in Cambridge,London, Southampton, and finally Aberystwyth,Wales. Holding the degrees of Ph.D. and Sc.D. of Cambridge University, he is Professor of Applied Mathematics in University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. His spiritual calling is that of teacher in local assemblies. He is the author of many technical books and papers, and also books of scriptural exposition on First and Second Corinthians, The Acts, first and Second Chronicles and the Gospel of Luke (1981). As editor of the magazine Precious Seed, he has also edited the books “Church Doctrine and Practice” and “Treasury of Bible Doctrine.”



Part 1 – The Things Already Seen
Part 2 – The Things Which Are
Part 3 – The Things of the Future
Part 4 – God’s Judgments on Moral and Social Apostasy
Part 5 – God’s Judgment on Political Apostasy
Part 6 – God’s Judgments on Religious Apostasy
Part 7 – Millennium and the Eternal State