John Reid


Eternal Dwellings

Pages: 182
Size: 4.25" x 7.25"
Format: Softcover

This book is a message of love and warning to all, but especially to those who have been raised in the Assemblies and Churches where the Gospel has been clearly and faithfully preached, and yet they are individuals who have trifled, delayed or turned away from God's salvation in Christ. The extreme gravity of those making such a decision for time and eternity is herein described. This was the position of the author who knew the Gospel thoroughly but put off coming to Christ as Savior until as a young man he was awakened by God’s Word of the great and eternal danger and that faced him.

John Reid came to know and trust Jesus Christ as his Savior at the age of 24. This decision completely revolutionized his life, and he began his study of God's Word at that time. He worked at Underwood Corporation in New York City for 25 years, spending his commuting hours in Bible study on the train. In 1962 he entered the Lord's work full time, serving as the office manager of the missions organization, The Fields, for ten years. After his retirement he continued his preaching and teaching ministries.


John Reid is the author of The Chief Meeting of the Church, Christian Baptism and the Unity of the Spirit, Eternal Dwellings, and, F. W. Grant: His Life, Ministry and Legacy. Since his Homecall in 1994, his pastoral care and solid Bible teaching have continued through his writings.


Chapter 1 – Eternal Dwellings—Where?
Chapter 2 – The World Today
Chapter 3 – The Ages in Scripture and the End Times
Chapter 4 – The Rapture of the Saints
Chapter 5 – Eternal Dwellings of All Mankind
Chapter 6 – The Constitution of Man
Chapter 7 – Eternal Dwellings of the Saved in Heaven
Chapter 8 – A God of Love and Hell—Why?
Chapter 9 – Dwellers on Earth
Chapter 10 – The Salvation of God and an Unlimited Atonement
Chapter 11 – Praying for the Dead, Reconciliation of All or Annihilation
Chapter 12 – Distinction between Hades and Hell
Chapter 13 – Questions That Are Raised About Hell
Chapter 14 – God's Dealings with the Nations
Chapter 15 – The Nearness of the Second Coming of Christ and
Events to Take Place at the End Time
Chapter 16 – Eternal Dwellings and the New Birth
Chapter 17 – The Eternal Dwellings of Some Persons Mentioned in Scripture
Chapter 18 – The Final Dwelling Places of All Mankind