Richard L. Strauss


Decisions! Decisions!

Pages: 160
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-177-2
Format: Paperback

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How to Really Know the Will of God

Making decisions is a routine part of life, but we often don't look to God for guidance until we face a decision of supreme importance. A wise person prepares to handle big decisions by dealing properly with the small ones, and prepares for the major crossroads of the future by learning in the present.

The Bible is filled with practical suggestions for making right choices of all kinds. In this book, Dr. Richard L. Strauss, respected counselor and Bible teacher, brings that information together for your encouragement and assistance.


During his 60 years, Richard Strauss loved God, and he loved to study His Word. He spent hours each week pouring over the Bible, allowing the Holy Spirit to teach him so that he could teach others. Through his sermons, books and tapes, Dr.Strauss made God’s eternal message relevant to thousands of people worldwide. He had a special gift for making the Bible come alive in a practical way.Some of his other books include: Getting Along with Each Other and Win the Battle for Your Mind.


The Time Is Now

Part 1—God’s Perfect Plan

Chapter 1 – The Game Plan
Chapter 2 – All Your Ways
Chapter 3 – He Will Be Our Guide
Chapter 4 – One Step at a Time

Part 2—Your Personal Preparation

Chapter 5 – Knowing the Shepherd
Chapter 6 – Not My Will
Chapter 7 – The Renewed Mind

Part 3—God’s Primary Provision

Chapter 8 – Equipped for the Journey
Chapter 9 – This Is the Will of God
Chapter 10 – Charting the Course
Chapter 11 – But I Felt Led

Part 4—Other Practical Principles

Chapter 12 – Ask God
Chapter 13 – Flashing Lights and Clanging Bells
Chapter 14 – Use Your Head
Chapter 15 – Peace Like a River
Chapter 16 – Right Where You Are

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