Peggy D. Williams


Bwana Bill

Pages: 184
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 1-893579-04-2
Format: Softcover

BWANA BILL is the story of a man God used in remarkable ways and circumstances. Bill Deans looked to the Lord for the provisions and directions in his life for seventy years. There were cares, disappointments, and huge hurdles. In a real sense, though, they were not his problems but God’s. His simple trust, his genuine commitment to Jesus Christ and the work of His Kingdom, especially in Congo, is inspirational.
The years that God gave Bill Deans in the Democratic Republic of Congo spanned from the most primitive people with almost no knowledge of the gospel, to working beside Congolese seminary and college graduates, knowledgeable in modern methods and equipment and worldwide information.

Subjectivity and objectivity combine as Peggy Deans Williams writes from the vantage point of a “missionary kid” and missionary’s wife, with a long and profound interest in missions worldwide. Now retired, she and her husband Cal reside in Genoa, a small community nestled among the cornfields of Northern Illinois.



Chapter 1 – Roots
Chapter 2 – En Route and Arrival
Chapter 3 – Geographical Surroundings of Nyankunde
Chapter 4 – Mission Work Prior to Deans’ Arrival
Chapter 5 – Housing
Chapter 6 – Local Populations
Chapter 7 – The Early Days
Chapter 8 – Bill Deans Opens Lolwa
Chapter 9 – Dora
Chapter 10 – Bush Evangelism (1933-1934)
Chapter 11 – Family Travels
Chapter 12 – Memories of Family Life
Chapter 13 – Evangelism, Opposition, and African Friends
Chapter 14 – Local Churches
Chapter 15 – Chaplaincy and Literature Vision
Chapter 16 – Furlough Number Two
Chapter 17 – Literature Vision Realized
Chapter 18 – Bill's Colleagues
Chapter 19 – Schools and Medicine
Chapter 20 – Birth Pains of Independence
Chapter 21 – The 1964 Simba Rebellion
Chapter 22 – Stepping Back