John Williams


Blessed Trinity

Pages: 3
Size: 4.5" x 7"
ISBN #: 1-884838-09-X
Format: Paperback

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There is no more fundamental aspect of Christian theology than the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. However, many Christians either do not appreciate this or else they are confused by this doctrine and therefore neglect it. One sad result is that cultists often successfully attack us in this very important are of our faith. Bearing this in mind, let us seriously study this great truth.


John Williams received his formal and theological education in England and was commended to Christian service by three British assemblies in 1951. He lives with his wife Audrey (a fourth generation Canadian) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They have served in teaching and pastoral ministries in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Detroit, Michigan; Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. John’s ministry has taken them to various part of the world where he has been involved in evangelism and Bible teaching.



What Do Christians Believe?
What are the Bases of Trinitarian Belief?
New Testament Teaching
How Have Christians Understood the Trinity?
How Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Confirmed in Christian Experience?