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Around the Table

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Connecting with your Family at Mealtimes

There is no better place for good communication, fun, and family togetherness than around the dinner table.

Sharon Fleming is convinced that spending time together as a family is vital to every area of our children’s lives and to keeping the family whole. We all love to eat, so spending time around the table is a natural place to instill spiritual, social, and family principles into our children that will stay with them all their lives.

You are invited to join the Flemings at their table and see that the process can be fun! You will leave “full” of ideas and practical, biblical wisdom that you can implement at your next family mealtime!


Sharon Fleming is a missionary wife and mother of four. She and her husband, Jim, served the Lord in Lima, Peru for eight years where their first three children were born, and in Bogota, Colombia for sixteen years where the youngest was born.

Jim and Sharon are currently “missionaries to the world” inspiring and challenging people to study the Word of God in the 110 countries where the Emmaus Bible Courses are used. Jim travels about one-third of the time and Sharon gets to join him on one or two trips a year. Although they expected to live out their lives overseas, they currently have their family meals around a table in Dubuque, Iowa. Together they wrote An Evening in Mingouwee.

You can read more about Sharon’s current life and get more ideas for using your family mealtimes to get to know and encourage your family and others at her blog:


The Chapter Before the First
Chapter 1 – The Family Meal
Chapter 2 – A Meal with Love
Chapter 3 – Pleasant Words
Chapter 4 – Mind Your Manners!
Chapter 5 – Life's Devotion
Chapter 6 – Working Together
Chapter 7 – Let's Celebrate!
Chapter 8 – Entertaining Angels
The Chapter After the Last
Fast Forward
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Here's What People Are Saying!

I highly recommend the book Around the Table by Sharon Fleming. This is a must read for families. (In fact, I bought this book for every family in my local church!)

Sharon relates through stories and practical advice how to raise a godly family. She says she's addressing one aspect of the Christian family, the time around the table, but really it's so much more. As you read this book you will see the tremendous value and potential of mealtimes to enjoy the love of family, to instill Christian values, communication skills, manners, and godliness. Sharon will inspire you to set your priorities, start new traditions and have fun as you press forward in raising your family. She deals honestly with struggles and difficulties and offers many ideas to help in those areas. Consider Sharon your personal coach sitting next to you urging you on as you raise your family.

Craig Rolinger
East Moline, Illinois