Sharon Fleming


An Evening in Mingouwee

Pages: 64
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN #: 978-1-59387-112-3
Format: Softcover

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Here is a collection of creative, workable ideas to wake up your assembly, small group, Sunday School class, or family to the needs beyond their immediate world. Written with assemblies in mind, this book promotes praying for, supporting, and going out as missionaries who follow the principles found in the New Testament.

The book includes a list of recommended resources and numerous addresses to help facilitate gathering information on assembly missionaries.

As you work to raise missions interest, you will want to consult the pages of this book over and over for its suggestions which will in turn help you come up with your own ideas for raising ministry interest in your group.


Jim and Sharon Fleming grew up 10,000 miles apart in homes where serving in missions was a priority. Jim was born in South Africa, where he watched his parents live out the missionary life in all its aspects. Sharon’s parents never lived outside the United States, but they faithfully supported missionaries with their prayers, letters, attendance at missionary conferences, hospitality, Christmas presents, and financial gifts. Both Jim and Sharon attribute their interest and calling to this influence in their homes.

Two years after they were married, they were commended by their home assemblies to work in Latin American cities, first moving to Lima, Peru where they lived for eight years, working in church planting, Bible teaching, counseling, and pastoring. Their first three children were born there. In 1992 they moved to Bogotá,Colombia where Jim helped begin an evening Bible school for the many assemblies there. Their fourth child was born in Bogotá.

Jim’s current ministry is that of International Coordinator for Emmaus Correspondence School, a division of ECS Ministries, where he has the goal of seeing these Bible study courses used to give Bible training to even more people around the world. In 2008 they relocated to Dubuque, Iowa from where they continue the international Emmaus correspondence school work with frequent trips overseas. Although their hearts and minds remain on the mission field, they believe that, for the time being, God’s purpose is for them to be close to parents and college-age children. Sharon has also written Around the Table.


Chapter 1 – Read This First!
Chapter 2 – What to Write to a Missionary
Chapter 3 – Code Read
Chapter 4 – Protocol for Emailing Missionaries
Chapter 5 – Party in an Envelope
Chapter 6 – We’ve Got Mail!
Chapter 7 – Responding to Missionary “Junque” Mail
Chapter 8 – Audio Connection
Chapter 9 – An Evening in Mingouwee
Chapter 10 – Comic Relief
Chapter 11 – Christmas in May
Chapter 12 – A Shower from a Far Country
Chapter 13 – It’s a Date
Chapter 14 – Welcoming MKs
Chapter 15 – Extended Missionary Families
Chapter 16 – Keep ‘Em Awake Missionary Prayer Meetings
Chapter 17 – Most Valuable Visitor
Chapter 18 – A Quizzical Introduction
Chapter 19 – Your Money and the Missionary
Chapter 20 – Let’s Commend Assembly Missionaries
Chapter 21 – Books Every Missions Supporter Should Read
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