August Van Ryn


Acts: The Unfinished Work of Christ

Pages: 256
Size: 4.75" x 6.75"
ISBN #: 188-483-8065
Format: Softcover

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The book of “Acts” naturally comes in order after the books of “facts”--the four Gospels. As those tell us what the Son of God did and said during His perfect life of love, His death upon the Cross, His resurrection and ascension to God’s right hand in Heaven, so the book of Acts delineates the doings and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, who came into the world to abide in the saints after the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As the Gospels unfold the life of the Savior, so the book of Acts follows with an account of the life of the saints--lived by the power of the Spirit of God.

The book begins with the formation of the Church--at Pentecost--by the descent and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, when believers were united into one Body; and it continues on to tell of the spread of the gospel, the forming of churches from among Jews and Gentiles. It gives us the history of the early years of Christianity and the gradual development of Christian truth and practice, specially as committed to the Apostle Paul, whose labors and experiences occupy the largest part of the book. Acts is an intensely interesting and instructive volume, and I do trust that God will use my meditations on it to make His truth clearer to some, as well as to stir us all to increased devotion to Christ and His service.


Many have learned and grown under the teaching of August Van Ryn during his lifetime of service to the Lord. Born in the Netherlands in 1890, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior when he was 20. In 1915 he began full-time Christian service, first in gospel tent work in Michigan and then in the Bahamas for 14 years.


His grasp of the Scriptures was unusual. Fearing the permanent loss of his eyesight, he memorized all of the New Testament and large portions of the Old Testament. Later, through diligent care, his eyesight was restored, for more years of service to the Lord.

Mr. Van Ryn traveled extensively throughout his lifetime laboring for the Lord. May these precious portions from his study of the Word enlighten you as well. For more of his precious works, check out Meditations in Matthew, Meditations in Mark, Meditations in Luke, and Meditations in John.


Chapter 1 – The Unfinished Work of Christ
Chapter 2 – The Baptism of the Spirit
Chapter 3 – The Lame Man Healed
Chapter 4 – Witnesses of the Resurrection
Chapter 5 – Ananias and Sapphira
Chapter 6 – The Appointment of Deacons
Chapter 7 – A handful of Gems in Acts 7
Chapter 8 – Three Conversions
Chapter 9 – The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus
Chapter 10 – Priming the Preacher
Chapter 11 – Simon Peter Rehearses
Chapter 12 – Last Mention of Peter
Chapter 13 – The First Missionary Journey
Chapter 14 – The Gospel Preached a Iconium
Chapter 15 – The Council at Jerusalem
Chapter 16 – The Gospel in Philippi
Chapter 17 – Paul at Thessalonica
Chapter 18 – Paul at Corinth
Chapter 19 – Paul at Ephesus
Chapter 20 – Macedonia, Greece, Troas, and Miletus
Chapter 21 – Paul’s Journey to Jerusalem
Chapter 22 – Paul’s Five Defenses
Chapter 23 – Paul’s Address Before the Jewish Supreme Council
Chapter 24 – Paul Before Felix
Chapter 25 – Paul Before Festus
Chapter 26 – Paul’s Apology Before Agrippa
Chapter 27 – Paul’s Journey to Rome
Chapter 28 – Paul at Melitia
Chapter 29 – Infallible Proofs
Chapter 30 – The Upper Room
Chapter 31 – The Field of Blood
Chapter 32 – Simon Peter’s Deliverance
Chapter 33 – The Conversion of the Philippian Jailor
Chapter 34 – “Who Are Ye?”
Chapter 35 – Eutychus Fell Down
Chapter 36 – Paul’s Address to the Elders at Ephesus
Chapter 37 – “I Verily Thought with Myself”
Chapter 38 – King Agrippa Hears the Gospel
Chapter 39 – The Serpent and the Fire