Donald L. Norbie


1st Timothy: Timeless Truths for Today's Church

Pages: 160
Size: 4.5" x 6.75"
ISBN #: 0-937396-85-0
Format: Softcover

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As one reads through 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus, a contemporary letter, it is obvious that Paul is free and moving about, engaged in evangelizing and strengthening churches. He has recently left Timothy in Ephesus(1 Tim. 1:3) and he has been with Titus in Crete(Tit. 1:5). In his letter he asks Titus to join him in Nicopolis (Tit. 3:12). Paul is happy and busy in the work of God.

As he writes 1 Timothy, Paul realizes that the years are passing and that his life will come to a close soon. He feels that marks of old age and there is always the possibility of persecution and sudden death. He is burdened to leave with Timothy some practical instructions concerning church organization and functioning. He writes that Timothy may know “how one ought to conduct himself in the house hold of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth” (Tim. 3:15 NASB).

It is a very practical book then, dealing with such matters as the role of the Law, the roles of the sexes, church leadership and practical godly living. The Christian today can be profoundly grateful that the Holy Spirit led Paul to pen these words to Timothy, his dear son in the faith and fellow-worker. Churches today desperately need these instructions.


Donald L. Norbie, a Bible teacher and author, lives in Colorado. While attending high school in Tucson,Arizona, he was led to Christ by T. B. Gilbert in 1938 and began to fellowship with the Bible Chapel there.


After spending several years in the Navy during World War II, Donald returned to college. Since 1949 (when he received a Master of Arts degree from Wheaton College), he and his wife Marie have been active in Bible teaching and evangelism.

Of special interest to Donald is the New Testament church. Books that Donald has written include Acts: The Pattern Church,1 Timothy: Timeless Truths, 2 Timothy and Titus, New Testament Church Organization, The Early Church, Divorce and the Bible, Baptism: The Church's Troubled Water, The Lord’s Supper: The Church's Love Feast, He Loved to Plant: A Biography of T. B. Gilbert, and Danny, A Life Cut Short.


Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Outline
Chapter 3 – Salutation
Chapter 4 – Teach True Doctrine
Chapter 5 – False Teaching Abounds
Chapter 6 – The Authority for the Gospel
Chapter 7 – Encourage Prayer
Chapter 8 – The Role of Women
Chapter 9 – Overseer Qualifications
Chapter 10 – Deacons Qualifications
Chapter 11 – The Purpose of Writing
Chapter 12 – Apostasy
Chapter 13 – Care for Widows
Chapter 14 – Respect for Elders
Chapter 15 – Respect for Masters
Chapter 16 – Be Faithful