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Currently, people in more than 100 countries are studying ECS (Emmaus Correspondence School) courses. The courses are available in 80 languages and are being distributed in more than 1200 Emmaus Bible Centers. 

"I have come to know the Lord through this course." –J.F., Sri Lanka

The church's first foreign missionary, the apostle Paul, crisscrossed the then-known world, braving the perils of foot travel and the hazards of sea voyages as he preached and taught the Word.

Today, through the Emmaus global correspondence ministry, the Word of God is finding its way past geopolitical barriers and into some of the world's most troubled areas.

From Eastern Europe to the volatile Middle East, ECS courses are being used in an effective evangelistic outreach and teaching ministry by both missionaries and national believers.

Eleven courses, including titles like One God, One Way, Peter and the Church and Guide to Christian Growth, are being offered to Arabic-speaking inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. To date, some 7,000 adults and 4,000 children have enrolled in these courses.

In Latin America 35 courses are being used to reach and teach hundreds of the region's Spanish-speaking people. In the primitive villages, bustling cities, and indigenous churches of impoverished and politically unstable countries in Asia, Africa, and South and Central America,  missionaries and national believers are using these courses to reach the un-reached and teach the un-taught.

Jim Fleming in Mexico 2015


Jim Fleming in Africa 2015 Series





Languages of Emmaus Courses

These are the Languages in which Emmaus Correspondence Courses are available. Generally, courses are only available in the country in which they are printed.

In parentheses (99) is the approximate number of Course titles available in that language.

This list is subject to change without notice.

[AMH] Amharic (26)
[ARA] Arabic (33)
[ASM] Assamese (6)
[BEM] Bemba (24)
[BEN] Bengali (13)
[BUL] Bulgarian (9)
[BUR] Burmese (13)
[CEB] Cebuano (5)
[NYA] Chichewa (8)
[CHI] Chinese simplified (18)
[CHI] Cantonese (25)
[???] Chowke (5)
[SCR] Croatian (9)
[CES] Czech (14)
[DAN] Danish (4)
[SSA] Dhu Alur (15)
[DUT] Dutch (27)
[ENG] English (100)
[FAO] Faroese (17)
[FAS] Farsi (1)
[FRE] French (26)
[GER] German (20)
[GRC] Greek (4)
[GUJ] Gujarati (7)


[HEB] Hebrew (6)
[HIN] Hindi (10)
[HO] Ho (1)
[HUN] Hungarian (8)
[KIN] Ikinyarwanda (34)
[ILO] Ilocano (6)
[IND] Indonesian (7)
[NBL] Isindebele (3)
[ITA] Italian (14)
[JPN] Japanese (11)
[KAN] Kannada (10)
[RUN] Kirundi (10)
[KTU] Kituba (1)
[KOR] Korean (35)
[LIN] Lingala (18)
[LUG] Luganda (6)
[LUN] Lunda (13)
[LUE] Luvale (9)
[MAL] Malayalam (5)
[MAR] Marathi (5)
[MON] Mongolian (1)
[NEP] Nepali (8)
[NOR] Norwegian (8)
[ORI] Oriya (9)

[ORO] Oromitta (9)
[POR] Portuguese (29)
[PAN] Punjabi (3)
[RON] Romanian (9)
[RUS] Russian (26)
[SAG] Sango (7)
[SR ] Serbian (5)
[SNA] Shona (11)
[SIN] Sinhala (18)
[SLO] Slowenia (8)
[SOM] Somali (3)
[SPA] Spanish (50)
[SWA] Swahili (9)
[TGL] Tagalog (22)
[TAM] Tamil (18)
[TED] Tedin Chin (9)
[TEL] Telugu (22)
[THA] Thai (32)
[TUR] Turkish (4)
[UKR] Ukrainian (12)
[URD] Urdu (1)
[VIE] Vietnamese (37)
[XHO] Xhosa (10)
[ZUL] Zulu (12)


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