Emmaus Prison Ministries


  • “I am very grateful to all who has helped me on my path of God. May God bless you, your families and everyone involved with ECS Ministries. As for me, I am taking this blessing of being in jail and running with it. I count it with all joy, all tears and endurance and running with it. Without Jesus, I never would have made it this far. Jail is to be a punishment, not for me, it has been the best part of my life.” Chris (IL)-September, 2014


  • “I appreciate your continuing to send these courses. This helps me with my walk in Christ during my time here. Sometimes I don’t do as well as I should, as seen in my second course, but it is often difficult to do much in this environment. I see far too much delegation and violence. I am callused, though it often still amazes me what man can do to one another with no justification and no thought of the harm they have done. I am far from perfect. I have many regrets about my past. I am here because I was wrong and openly admit it. I am blessed, ‘though, as I have a two-year sentence here in this state, of which I pray I’ll only serve 8 months. I then will be returned to the federal prison system, but at the very least it is more professional and adheres to a higher standard. I often believe this place is a hate factory created on the plains to hide people who need to be out of society, but then I see it in both inmates and staff. So maybe I am wrong. Maybe the insanity is statewide within this system and I only have seen this place, this setting. I have come to the conclusion that there is no rehabilitation within these fences. They give a façade of it but when you combine an uncaring, untrained staff with a group of men who have never known kindness, compassion, or God, you create a level of inhumanity that few people witness. When you find a chaplain (the so called man of God) hiding behind a locked door, unwilling or unable to discuss simple problems with those few who do care, who are trying to better themselves or simply survive, you know you have found the Hell on earth. I teach G E D to the few who wish to learn; otherwise, I stay within myself, which is why I have thus far enjoyed your study courses. They help me to stay focused on my Christianity and my walk with Jesus. So, I thank you for this study. It’s my sanity in this insanity.”Bob (CO)-June, 2019


  • I must share this testimony with you. My celly was asking me where we go when we die. I said I was going to heaven, and he was somewhere misled that your body lays dead until God comes and awakens the dead. Well I was having a hard time showing him scripture to back up my statement, so with my KJV in hand, I said ‘Help me, Lord, to show my celly the truth.’ That night we went to sleep with the conversation open as when we started. The very next week yourBorn to Win showed up and I had no idea I was going to get it. The course covered this exact topic to the tee. Thank God for using your ministry to answer my prayer. He was also told you had to be baptized in holy water to go to heaven.Born to Win also cleared that up. God is good, and again!” - Robert (VA)


  • “What a wonderful study ofJoseph! Of all the courses that I take, this is my favorite. The content is perfect for me; then of course, the grading. I can feel the warmth, caring, and compassion of the grader. You all are angels to us!” Tommy (TX)-June, 2019


  • “These last three years have been a blessing to me. The studies were insightful; but I also looked forward to the responses given by the instructors. The personal attention given in every study says a lot to me. You’re not just running the studies through a grading machine and returning them. You’re taking the time to read and respond. So many of the responses were as helpful as the study itself. You folks are a blessing to so many!” Dale (TX)-June, 2019


  • “I will continue to pray for all you wonderful people at Christ’s Church that are reaching out to an inmate like me that gives me hope that someone cares about me in prison. I’m learning so much from these Emmaus courses to get to know Jesus Christ more.” Cleveland (FL)-June, 2019


  • “I am currently in drug & alcohol treatment long term. I got here a week ago and found your bookManaging Anger God’s Way and am learning a lot from it about God and about myself. On the back cover your courses are listed, and I would like to take them all so that I can get closer to God and become a better Christian. Even if there is no way for me to take the courses, I thank God for giving me this book and introducing me to Emmaus International and Life’s Key.”- Louis (PA)-June, 2019


  • Q: How can you maintain unity among Christians in prison? How is that working in your institution? (from the courseWalkin’ the Walk) A: “Make a commitment to do whatever you can to help your church and Christians on the inside grow spiritually through Biblical truth. My institution has little to no interest in helping anyone grow in any way. There are no programs! That’s why your program is such a blessing!! And SO important in so many lives. Thank you!” - Brittany (VA)-June, 2019


  • “I just want to thank you so much for your words of encouragement from my thoughts inWin the Battle for Your Mind. You were very professional in grading my exam and in leading me in a spiritual way through my weaknesses. Please continue to pray for me, my wife, and our six children to reconcile. They are a good family, but I am to blame for our separation. But now that I am a changed man, I pray to God to put my family back into my life. I want to tell them about God and what He has done and is doing in my life.” Erasmo (TX)-June, 2019


  • Walkin’ the Walk has been amazing! A couple of people say I’m positive and uplifting. But a lot of the info I go off of comes from, of course, the Bible, and the courses I receive from Write-Way. For 17 years of my life I have been able to make time for drugs and fake friends. So replacing that dedication with dedication to building a relationship with the Lord and more full-hearted Christians will no doubt provide the tools I need to be a Godly parent, Godly son, Godly grandson, and Godly friend to those that have been placed in my life. Please pray I keep my eyes and heart on Jesus.” Adam (TX)-June, 2019


  • “Well, there are many important lessons on how to live and apply God’s Word and principles to my life inProverbs For Life. I thank God for this program because it is broken down and it gives so many examples on how to live and apply God’s message to my life. Since I began this program, God has dealt with me on many issues and I have surrendered my life fully to His will. Since I have made this decision, God has used me to help people and to plant seeds in people’s lives that may have never been there if God did not convict me of my evil ways and give me strength to surrender to His will. Just today there was a physical war and I prayed for a peaceful solution and for these men’s lives. God granted that prayer. Praise God! If these men do not get the picture, at least the answered prayer lifted my spirit and gave me confidence to continue my walk to be a blessing to others. God has truly changed my life, and through that, together we can change lives. Glory to God!” Michael (TX)-May, 2019


  • “Thank you so much for choosingProverbs For Life. I really enjoyed this study and the way it broke down each verse so that I could understand it. I really got a lot out of it.” Melissa (TX)-May, 2019


  • “I have been granted parole!! Thank the Lord!! He has blessed me so much these last few years, even though I have been incarcerated. I truly believe in my heart that the Lord placed me in this position so that I might come to know Him in a way that pleased Him and glorified Him. He saved me!! Only by His grace!! Again, thank you so much for the Bible study lessons and all your feedback on my work. I truly appreciate everything you have done and continue to do.” Mark (TX)-April, 2019


  • “I am out! You’ve been with me through some of the most painful and difficult times in my life. Your support, advice, and Scriptural references have been invaluable. I still have my exams with your comments which I refer back to often. I think the first verse I memorized is perfect: ‘Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass’” (Psalm 37:5). John (TX)-April, 2019


  • “God has provided for my spiritual growth through these studies. Someone set one of these studies on a table to discard and I happened to pick it up. I enjoyed it and wrote to receive my own course. That was about five years ago and I'm still enjoying these lessons. I believe God saw my need and directed me to that booklet, providing for my spiritual growth.” Tilman (MD)-April, 2019


  • “I would like to personally thank the efforts of each and every one of you who put forth so that I may understand the Bible more! You are a blessing, not only to me, but to the people I encounter along my path. You do make a difference in this world and it is one person at a time. Small changes create big blessings.” John (TX)-April, 2019


  • “I would love to participate in one of your free Bible study courses with my mother if possible. Nothing would make her happier than sharing the joy of the Lord with me and allowing us to grow closer together even though we are so far apart. Thank you and God bless.” Jody (NC)-December, 2018


  • “Hello, my name is Kitt. I am currently in rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol. I lost everything as far as my home, family, kids and freedom for a short time. My kids I had to relinquish my rights, too. My family does not want anything to do with me due to my drinking. I lost my home because my kids are no longer with me and I am so hurt and devastated because I chose the life style and really didn’t realize what I had until it was gone. I have been in treatment for about a month and have turned to God, but still having a hard time completely surrendering. I am on probation for a felony DUI and my next step is prison or death if I do not stop. It is kind of hard out here when you feel you have nobody; alcohol helps me numb it all. I don’t have to think and worry about what I have lost, but it makes it worse when I am coming down. All I do is cry. A friend of mine gave meBorn to Win and I am just now getting to read it. I would like to get closer to God and let His will be done and not mine. If it is possible to get more reading, I will be more than grateful. Before she left, she had already sent the exam part for herself, so I would like to see about getting material for myself. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance.” Kitt (CO)-January, 2019


  • “I started this course back in 2016, and I was brand new to Christianity. Being a Pagan for almost all my life left no room to believe in such ‘nonsense’. God accepted my challenge and revealed Himself to me. When I fell to my knees ashamed I begged the Father to end my suffering by taking life from me, my Lord Jesus came to pick me up off the ground. These last two years of my life have been devastating. After being arrested for the first time in my life at the age of 30 years, I am getting a five-year prison sentence. I’ve lost a 20 year professional career in hospitality, my family, everything. However: for the first time in my life I have peace. My Father ended my suffering that day. I am thankful for all the Lord has done. Thank you also for the Bible lessons.” Jack (CO)- January, 2019


  • “I am a Crips gang founder from Long Beach California. I’ve been locked up for fourteen years and nine months and I thought I could never be forgiven by anyone for all the bad things I have done in this world. Since finding Christ, I know Jesus died for me and I am now forgiven of the terrible pain I caused the world. I now have peace in my heart and I know I am loved and I went from a ruthless gang member to a 6 foot 300 pound teddy bear who spreads the word of God around the yard. I pray with the guys and cry with them as well. God has used me in ways I could not even imagine and I am so thankful I have love in my heart for the world I never knew and I am still seeking. I finally go home in February 2019 and I am so excited for the people to see what God has done in my life and believe me if He could set me free he could set anyone free. Thank you Emmaus for all you do for those of us incarcerated. You make a huge difference.” Patrick (CA)- January, 2019


  • Study to Show Yourself Approved is very meaty and made me think. Most of the Bible studies I have done are not like that. This one is awesome. I would love to keep all the books I get, but can’t. This one is good. I love studying. I want to show myself approved.”Tammy (TX)-January, 2019


  • Managing Anger God’s Way was very helpful to me in my present condition of mind. Praise God! I prayed for help in this area and God sent this study.” Scott (TX)-January, 2019


  • “Thank you, Ms. Grace, for your love, kindness, and dedication. Your service with Write-Way is touching more lives in more ways than you could imagine. God bless you!” Delaney (TX)-January, 2019[Grace is Manager of BR059 and teaches a weekly Bible study class in Collin County Jail]


  • “I just want to express my gratitude to you, and to God for you, and to all who dedicate their time to these lessons. Please never forget how important your service to the Lord, and to us students, really is.”- Timothy (VA)-December, 2018


  • "I've never been so happy as I am today.Nacido para Triunfar has opened my eyes and I have understood that God REALLY loves me. Because of this, I accept Him in my heart. It is very beautiful to know that we have someone who fights for me, who loves me, and gave everything for us- even His own life, so we could be saved. Now is the time to do something for Him. For now and forever Jesus Christ lives in me.”Ivanin Spanish(TX)-December, 2018


  • “Thank you so much for all that you do for the kingdom of God. There are many of us in the jails and prisons. Some guilty and some innocent of charges against us, but as for our guilt of being sinners who need to be saved, we are all guilty. All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, and especially me. I have been a disobedient Christian. I am as filthy rags and I ask God to forgive me of my sins. I know that the Lord God forgives me (1 John 1:9). We need you to keep providing the love of God that He has given to you. Through you, God is blessing many. You help to make this place bearable. I thank God for you and His word. God bless you all, and Merry Christmas!” - Darryl (VA)-December, 2018


  • “I would like to thank you for the birthday card and the encouraging words and prayers over the past years. I would also like to return some encouragement to all of you. I’ve been locked up now for seven long years and still have nine more to go, unless something changes in the system. But within the past years I have found a life that I can live with, and that is the Lord. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has blessed me in so many ways, and has answered so many prayers that there’s no number large enough to count them. Even though I thank and praise Him every day throughout the day, it’ll still never be enough. I could go on for days talking about Him, naming things He has done, and prayers He has answered, but I won’t, because there’s not that many days, nor enough paper to do so. Again, thank you and keep up the good work for the Lord, and blessing others throughout the world.” - John (MI)-December, 2018


  • “Most of the principles taught inProverbs for Life my Savior bestowed upon me to improve my situation of prison life as positive. I study the Word of God, I fast, I meditate, and tell others about Christ. I live one day at a time for Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior and am content with what He gives me. I know that my treasures are in Heaven. I thank God for forgiving me of my sins and for eternal life. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you Heavenly Father! Amen!”David (TX)-December, 2018


  • “When I was incarcerated in Texas Dept. of Corrections, you and Jesus were there for me and I grew into the man I am now. I still read God’s Word daily and when I sin, I repent immediately. I cut a lawn earlier and I’m sending you this $5, my tithe, so that it can help someone else. Keep up the great work!” Lauro (TX)-December, 2018Write-Way Graduate, 2015


  • “This is my last study. I am being released soon. Many thanks to all the people of Emmaus Studies for helping me to know God through these studies. The word of God through the help of the Emmaus Studies was the best gift that I had in prison.” Carlos (AZ)-December, 2018


  • “I am 39 years old; I am here in jail, not for a new charge but because I did not comply with probation and have been running for 3 years. With a child on the way, my girlfriend and I decided it was best for me to pay the consequence for this act. I turned myself in as I was tired of ducking and dodging the police. I also have a 16 year old son that is my, everything. I told him the 100% truth of my past and that I was coming here to do what was right. Please keep me in prayer and thank you for the wonderful lessons. I would also be willing to volunteer at your church with whatever is needed on a once a month basis! Please grade my paper, return new lessons to the jail here, and I will be able to do one more set before my release. Then they will need to be sent to my home address. God bless and thank you all in you in your ministry. Christ is definitely working in you all and doing great things. I am blessed to have you all.” Brett (CO)-November, 2108


  • “I wanted to say a big thank you for your prison ministries program. It is a blessing to souls in prison who need the Word of God in their lives. My husband is incarcerated, and he has found great pleasure in your Bible study program. If possible, I would like to join your Bible study program. Thank you again for distributing the Word of God.”Miller (FL)-November, 2018


  • “I appreciate the time you spend reviewing lessons and keeping track of all the studies that come in and go out. I started the Emmaus courses early in 2016 and have been hooked ever since. The material has blessed me in many ways, keeping me grounded in the faith and also giving me something to look forward to. I was arrested in August 2015 and now will be walking out of here November 20, 2018, just two days before Thanksgiving. You could probably imagine the excitement and emotions I’m feeling. All said and done, I will have served 39 months incarcerated. I’m not happy I had to do it, but I’m living proof of Hebrews 12:11. This experience has trained me up in more ways than I could have expected. Truly God sent! But now I get the opportunity to go back out and live for God, and that’s a wonderful feeling. My anxiety is up a bit, but I know things will work out just fine (Phil. 4:6-8). My main reason for writing is to ask if I can continue with the lessons?They have been helpful in here but I feel they would be even more important out there since the world can be chaotic at times. I will be busy because that’s what the world demands of me, but I still want to devote my time to doing these studies. I have saved all the material thus far and can’t say enough how happy I would be if I can continue where leaving off.”- Joe (MI)-November, 2018


  • “I give thanks to God for the help you offer me through these studies. I never thought I’d get a grade like this (98% onNacido para Triunfar – Spanish Born to Win). As a child I had no schooling. What I know I’ve learned here in prison, thanks to God. Why, I couldn’t even write my name! With the help of the Creator, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ I am just an infant in Christ Jesus, but my desire is to be a witness for Him of what He can make of nothing by His great mercy.” Joel (TX)-November, 2018


  • “I started this Bible study course in 1989 in Bell County Jail, 2nd floor, cell #227 when I was 17 years old. I’ve come in and out of this jail 8-9 times since 1989. Had I taken the Lord out of here with me, I never would have returned. Today I have completed the WPM Curriculum! I am 46 years old! This time when I leave I will bring Jesus out with me!! This is a big deal to me. This time is really different! I feel it! I know it! I am really proud and grateful for this accomplishment.” Mike (TX)-November, 2018


  • “This chapter’s title,Finishing Well from the courseJoseph: A Life of Virtue sums up my attitude. I have not done much with my life, but now since I have Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior to guide me, I imagine I will finish well, showing how He has made me a new man.” Charles (TX)-November, 2018


  • “Thank you very much for the postage paid Business Reply Mail. Otherwise it would have been very difficult for me to respond because of my indigent status. Your ministry has truly been a blessing and a positive way for me to stay active in Scripture and spiritual development. With sincere gratitude.” Rogelio (TX)-November, 2018


  • “Recently other inmates who aren’t very knowledgeable of the Bible have come up to me asking me questions about certain aspects of God’s Word. Thanks to these correspondence courses I’ve been able to help them find the answers to those questions in the Word. Praise God!” William (TX)-November, 2018


  • FromSummary of the Bible - “What is your favorite Bible story, and why is it your favorite? “Job. I have dealt with depression for many years. I read Job anytime I start to feel it creeping up on me. I blamed God for it for many years. Then I started reading the Bible, and have seen how Job reacted to losing all he had. I never had what Job did, and he never blamed God. I told God I was sorry for blaming Him, asked for forgiveness, and got it. Now He leads me where He wants.”Duane (PA)-August, 2018 


  • “I’m so gladWalkin’ the Walk was sent to me. I’ve been needing it for a long time. I think it was written just for me. This is a whole new different world I’m having to live in. This course helped a whole lot.”     Richard  


  • While studying chapter 6 ofJonah - the God of the Second Chance, God suddenly brought me face to face with the fact that I had confessed my sins to Him and He had forgiven me. But I was still blaming my accuser for my being in prison. I had forgiven him for falsehoods. But it was his fault I was behind bars! I was being deceived by Satan and I had fallen into his trap for my entire year here. Suddenly God allowed me to see how truly deceived I have been. I am in prison because of my crime. I pled guilty. I deserve to be here. It is not my accuser’s fault. It is my fault. If I had not fallen into his trap I would never have even thought of doing my crime. A crime, however brief, however immediately confessed, is still a crime. I know now, painfully well, that I must walk in the spirit every waking moment. And the instant my shield is lowered, Satan is there waiting. I am truly sorry for my sin, and I hope one day I am able to tell that to the person I hurt. This has been a painful awakening, but a necessary one. What a weight has been lifted. God still loves me!” - Leonard (MI)-August, 2018


  • “I was literally scared to startOvercoming Abuse. I felt like a young child who had been told by his parents to go to bed on a cold winter night, and thenI had to walk alone down a dark and spooky hallway to my room. And I wasn’t disappointed once I began the lesson. I have suffered virtually every form of abuse covered in it with each chapter hitting much too close to home, leaving me stopping and often gasping for breath. Dealing with this has been a long and gut-wrenching journey for me. Although I’ve worked with numerous psychologists over the years, I didn’t start to make progress until I realized it would take the power of God to heal me. And He is healing me step by step. This lesson was one more HUGE leap for me. For that, I thank you. I know that when I go home I will be ok, and that God has work that He wants me to do for Him. My job will be to open my heart and mind so He can lead me through the Holy Spirit to the path He has laid out for my life. I am so excited and ready to get on with it!” - Larry (OH)-July, 2018


  • “I walked out of my cell and down the run [corridor] andJonah: Meeting the God of the Second Chancewas lying on the ground. God is so good and is always there when I need Him. This lesson was exactly what I needed. I am being punished [disciplined] because He loves me and still has use for me. He sent the storm to rescue me from sin. I will stay faithful and know that my Lord is with me. I will stand firm and be strong and lay down my life so that I may have one. I need to study and memorize the Scriptures so I can speak God’s promises in prayer. It is a huge relief knowing that I am forgiven and may start over – a new life, one I will not take for granted.” Aspen (TX)-July, 2018


  • “I must walk with God or Satan will walk with me. I want God Himself to see the difference in my daily walk through this life.Lessons for Christian Living is helping me tremendously! It has brought to light some of my shortcomings and showed me areas in which I need to improve. Thank God for you and your ministry. I really appreciate your help in my growth.”CW (TX)-July, 2018


  • Men Who Met the Master has really helped me during a tremendous struggle in my life. Being incarcerated allows me plenty of opportunity to show my respects to God by being faithful and obedient around other men and women that have been looked down on. I anxiously await the next course.”Jeffery (TX)-June, 2018


  • “Just want to write a brief note to let you know how blessed I am to have studiedJonah: Meeting the God of the Second Chance and other Bible studies that you have sent. I have read the book of Jonah several times, but have never really understood it or looked at it the way I do now. Thank God for your ministry, for the courses, the volunteers, and for His Holy Spirit that teaches us all truths. God bless you always!”Elisa (TX)-June, 2018


  • “Never had I requested studies; neither was I enrolled in any program; never had I been in jail. This is my first time. But now I understand Psalm 139:16: ‘“Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.’” Osvaldo (TX)-June 2018(Saved taking while taking Nacido para Triunfar)


  • “It’s never too late to repent! He wants people like me who are lost and in trouble and locked up to be saved. And believe me, He saved me!” Robert (TX)-June, 2018 (Saved while takingBorn to Win)


  • “Instead of giving me my deserved punishment for sin, God chose to offer me a way out. Back in 2014 another prisoner noticed that I was very sad. He told me that your Bible studies had helped him greatly, and he gave me your address. Learning what God’s Word says has changed my life. I know now that it was God speaking through that man. I’m so thankful!”Juan (TX)-June, 2018


  • “I absolutely love your comments. They are so encouraging! I spend much time in God’s Word and in His presence. The things I learn I’m eager to share with other inmates. I’m four papers away from my associate’s degree, but honestly I’ve learned more with your studies than I have studying for this degree. It’s applicable, explanative, and so thorough. Thank you!”  La-Ferne (VA)-June, 2018


  • “Thank you so much for grading this and sending my results back. I am growing and growing every day with God! I was 12 years old when I got saved. When I was 18 years old I dedicated my life to Christ. Then I got into the wrong crowd and messed up my life. I am now fixing my life! I really love the verse John 3:16. The very best verse ever! The heavenly Father is with me forever and always. I have faith and Christ in my heart.” - Ashley (NY)-June, 2018


  • "While I was in the county jail, I had an inmate that was on the bunk under me who noticed me doing Bible study. He asked me what I got out of doing all the mail in Bible studies. I got the chance to tell him about Jesus' death on the cross and what it meant for him. After that day, he began reading the Bible and doing Bible studies. All glory to God."Darrell (TX)-April, 2018


  • "This prison term was only a stepping stone to the Cornerstone of my life." -Jeremy (TX)-April, 2018


  • “I just wanted to say thank you for praying for Montgomery Women’s Facility. There are a lot of girls here who are sober for the first time in months. Praise God! Thank you again for the Bible studies. They teach me better than any others I’ve done. God bless you all!” -- Michele (AL)-May, 2018


  • “I received yourBorn to Win study a month and a half ago. I am absolutely sure that Jesus has saved me. My journey with Jesus began when I got arrested. At the time, I felt like Joseph in the pit. But now I have received so much more than I have lost. I will continue on this journey until God molds me into what He wants me to be. I have a feeling that He has a very special purpose for me. I appreciate your time reading this and I look forward to receiving more studies from your ministry.” -- Michael (MI)-May, 2018


  • “I started doing these Bible studies while incarcerated and requested to continue to keep doing them after being released. I enjoy doing them so much that I started doing them with my husband at home. We get so much out of them that we are always looking forward to the next one.”- Heather (VA)-May, 2018


  • “I am writing to thank you for publishingWalkin’ the Walk! All I can say is Wow! I ‘checked’ into this jail a believer who let myself fall in a deep downward spiral of alcohol addiction. Two DUI’s and a child neglect charge later and here I sit without bond. But by God’s grace, this has been the most humbling experience, not to mention therapeutic! I tried several intervention classes on the outside, but absolutely nothing will ever come close to the treatment plan of 66 days one-on-one with Jesus Christ that I have been blessed with so far. I was not arrested, I was rescued! Romans 8:28 has been one of my very favorite scriptures, even more so now. Thank you again for sharing the wealth of knowledge that I needed reiterated.” -Miranda (VA)-January,2018


  • “By first appearances I am nothing more than a 37 year old female currently incarcerated and down on my luck. But I am writing to tell you that since I began your awesome Bible study, I have changed. I’m leading Bible studies in my cell, I’m studying diligently, and the Holy Spirit is molding me and shaping me. I am also anxiously anticipating my next lesson and certificate. So please keep them coming! I have a group of ladies information on the following page and cards who would like to begin their own courses.” –Mattie (TX)-April, 2018


In response to the question found in our 1 Peter course, “Have you had the opportunity to stand for Christ in a hostile situation?”

  • “A guy last month kicked in my locker and broke the lock taking everything inside and a lot of people expected me to fight the guy and didn’t understand how I could forgive him. Christ, in His suffering, did not sin or retaliate, but endured it. After catching the guy, the staff wanted me to file charges against him, but I told him I wouldn’t because I am a Christian and forgave him.” - Kenneth (OH)-April, 2018


  • “I’m currently serving time for 2 1/2 to 6 years. My reason for writing is to continue the rough road of becoming better as a person. I am 38 years old, lost everything and everyone. I’m not looking for money or to take advantage. I sincerely just want a chance. I know deep down God loves me and there is a reason why I am here today. Writing you for help may be the start of that reason. Thank you for your time and the service you provide!”--Stanley (PA)-March, 2018


  • “Can I send my tithes to Life’s Key? I have learned a lot from your school. You have helped to make me what I am today, and I want to continue to change. My greatest goals are to do what the world says can’t be done. With God, all things are possible.” - David (WV)-March, 2018


  • “I just want to take the time to write these few words to the person that commented on my course answers. When I read your response, it always touches my heart and I am so grateful for you all to bring happiness and joy within me. Sometimes I feel hopeless. All of my acquaintances have cut me off, but it was so amazing today as I was feeling down, and sitting on my bunk inside my cell, when I opened my Bible and started reading it. Then a few seconds later the officer came with some mail, and when I opened it, it was from you. I am feeling so blessed right now, so thank you all for being there for me!” - Everett (NY)-January, 2018


  • “I thank God for all of those who labor faithfully out of love for those who are behind bars. So many times I have been lifted, encouraged, and strengthened by your ministry.”Charles (TX)-December, 2017


  • “I really appreciate the time you give when you grade my exams, giving me your feedback on my answers. It really means a lot to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may the Lord bless each and every staff member.”Hector (TX)-December, 2017


  • “I just want to say how wonderful it has been reading and studying theBorn to Win course. The content was amazing! I feel closer to God than I ever have! I now know that I have to first believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and then start doing good works. I thought that I was saved through works alone. I want to let you know that I deeply appreciate what your ministry is doing and wanted to let all the men and women of your ministry know you brought this sinner to repentance!” Cortney (TX)-December, 2017


  • “Last month I enrolled my cellmate in the ECS studies. He is almost completely blind so when he received theBorn To Win study booklet I started to read it to him. While I was reading several other inmates wanted to join in so I had them write down the answers to the questions on a separate sheet of paper so we could discuss them. 2 of the men want to receive studies so we can all study together. Thank You for providing these courses so we can grow in our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”Steve (AZ)-December, 2017


  • “I just want to take the time to write these few words to the person that commented on my course answers. When I read your response, it always touches my heart and I am so grateful for you all to bring happiness and joy within me. Sometimes I feel hopeless. All of my acquaintances have cut me off, but it was so amazing today as I was feeling down, and sitting on my bunk inside my cell, when I opened my Bible and started reading it. Then a few seconds later the officer came with some mail, and when I opened it, it was from you. I am feeling so blessed right now, so thank you all for being there for me!”Everett (NY)-December, 2017


  • “I love the course Men Who Met the Master.At first I thought it may be dull because it wasn’t colorful with lots of pictures. But this one is WOW amazing. The others are awesome too, but so far this one is my favorite. I feel the scenes being re-enacted. It’s great!”Shannon (TX)-October, 2017


  • “I really liked Believer’s Battle with Temptation!I plan to use it to help others (and myself). I think of the trials I went through and my failure in them. I can see where my lack in perseverance has led me. I’ve always looked for different ways out instead of turning to God. Now I see how I should have used those times to build my faith.”Shawn (TX)-October, 2017


  • Jonah: Meeting the God of the Second Chance was really hard to put down. I have been a Jonah in many areas of my life; I want to be more like Isaiah. I sense a greater need for revival and I want to be a part. It has caused me to weep for lost loved ones and friends. It has stirred my spirit. I wish every pastor and preacher would take time just to read and pray through the content of this little book.”Dennis (TX)-October, 2017


  • “Just a note to let you know that you are such a blessing to me. I am learning so much from the studies I am doing from your ministry. It encourages me to study more so I can help people with the life changing word of God. I appreciate you so much!”Larry (MI)-September, 2017


  • "This ministry is helping many here at ACDC to better understand God's Word and walk in a more disciplined intimate walk with God. May God prosper you in all you do!"Stephan (SC)-September, 2017


  • "I was lost in the world but when God removed what I loved the most, I found what I needed the most was Jesus. I found Him in the midst of my mess and it became my mission in prison to seek and to lead others to the Savior. I figure if He saved me, He could save others also that are lost through a repentant heart." (OK)-September, 2017


  • “I’m enclosing this letter to thank your ministry for the following; Sending me all the copies of my small certificates, for being a consistent and encouraging ministry. I’ve been going through some personal things, and right when I find myself struggling, I get an encouraging letter in the mail from you guys. I know that’s one of God’s ways of speaking to me and letting me know He is right there with me. Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom.”Timothy (CA)- August, 2017


  • “Today I received my certificate for completing 48 credit units with GPA of 95.7. I have been studying my Bible diligently since 2010. I have taken many Bible studies, but I want you to know that the Emmaus School is at the top of the list. Taking these courses has been the most important and satisfying part of my imprisonment.” Lyman (TX)-July, 2017


  • “I really enjoyed Managing Anger God’s Way.I would use ‘Be angry and sin not’ as an excuse to be angry. Now I know I was wrong. Selfishness only serves self and alienates those we hold dear. It is something I have prayed about, so this study is an answer to my prayers. My pattern is to blow up and plot revenge. I will change it by usingManaging Anger God’s Way and reviewing it. I will also teach others using this study. This is what Bill Wilson, founder of AA, did to stay sober. He decided in order for him to stay sober, he had to help others to stay sober.”William (TX)-June, 2017


  • “Emmaus courses have helped] me tremendously. My love for God and my hunger for righteousness are beyond my understanding. When I was in the free world I got high every day. Now I am addicted to God and His Word. PTL! I have peace. How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to His Word. Amen, PTL! I could go on and on. I love God today.”Frank (TX)-June, 2017


  • “I am an inmate currently at Chesapeake Correctional Center. My sins have brought me from a life of great blessings to a life in jail. But I count it all joy as I go through these trials. I could be completely devastated after losing all my worldly blessings: my wife, my kids, my military career, my house, and respect and trust from all that knew me. But God saw it fit to redeem me. What a blessing! I am learning so much and thirst for God’s word. May God continue to bless your ministry and your staff.”Jesse (VA)-June, 2017


  • “I can’t tell you how pleased I was to get your card on my birthday. To be completely honest, I was really down in the dumps because of not being able to reach my wife and children on this special weekend. I felt so alone and hurt. Your card made all the difference to me, and I would very much like to start taking Bible lessons again. Thank you so much for remembering me. God bless you all.”Shawn (VA)-June, 2017


  • “Hello there my brothers and sisters. I hope this letter has found you all in good graces with our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. I wish to thank you all again for your love of the Lord, and for the helping of His church, and the helping of the lost sheep of the fold, and the sick ones in need of help, and so, so much more. I myself will be starting a ministry in and for our Lord if it be His will when I am released from jail. But until then, I do my ministry in here as best as my faith and the Lord wills me to do.”Scott (DE)-June, 2017


  • “A friend of mine told me about your prison outreach and I would like to sign up. I’ve been a Christian for over 20 years but I let sin into my life and ended up in prison. To be sure, I’m glad that God used prison to call me back to Him. I have been close to Him and been clean for almost two years! I’d love to complete some classes and learn more about what God has in store for me.” Steve (VA)-June, 2017


  • “I would like to give thanks to you for sending me these Bible studies. I give thanks to those who provide their time to correct them, also those that provide the funds to make them possible. Like the song goes, thank you for giving to the Lord. I am the life that was changed!”

Elaine (MI)-June, 2017


  • “I would simply like to take this opportunity to thank you, the whole ministry – all the workers, the preparers, the graders, the filing people, the shipping and receiving people of this ministry. I am so very blessed to be a part of these studies, to participate in this educational study of the Word of God.”James (TX)-June, 2017


  • “I want to say thatWalkin’ the Walk really touched me. It was on point in so many ways! At times while I was reading, I felt like it was God speaking directly to me. These Bible studies are truly a blessing, so encouraging, and I feel so much closer in my spiritual walk with God.Walkin’ the Walk has helped me not only in my spiritual education, but also because it focuses on my journey and the struggles that I face as a Christian in prison. Your commenters always answer me back. It makes it a lot more personal and makes me feel like you really care for your students’ spiritual growth.” Elizabeth (TX)-June, 2017


  • “I am a 44 year old man serving life without parole. I have been incarcerated 28 years with 24 of those years in isolation where I am now. I come from a truly terrible background. Even my birth circumstances were horrific. My whole life has truly been about survival. I’m alone in the world, no friends, no family, etc. I have often cried out to God, ‘Why was I even born if I was only to suffer every day of this horrible life?’ Over the past year, I have attempted suicide twice. This is my last cry. Is it so wrong for me to cry out for friendship, for love? I realize there is so much need in this evil world and I rank low on the totem pole, but if you could in some way assist me, I’d be grateful. If given a chance, I may surprise!”Danny (FL)-June, 2017


  • “I respectfully request any Bible correspondence courses you offer. I look forward to deepening my own relationship with Christ, as well as sharing His love and mercy with those around me. PS: a few weeks ago, my cellmate came to church with me for a second time. I am glad to say he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and has signed up for Bible studies with me. I just wanted to share the good news. God is good!”  William (PA)-May, 2017


  • “Emmaus Correspondence School is very important to me; it is helping me to grow. I need doctrinal education to equip the evangelical community. There are a lot of heretical views and cults taking over the faith-based Christian prison population. I need literature on Christian doctrine, apologetics, and church history to confront the growing threat of cults. It’s a spiritual battle ground. This is ground zero, the Red Zone, hostile. We who are Christians in prison need all the available knowledge at our disposal so that we can always give a ready answer for the hope that is in us. 90% of my Christian doctrine education has been given to me by ECS. I love you guys! Thank you so much. I need you; we, the Christians in prison, need you!” Chris (TX)-April, 2017


  • Lord’s Supper and Baptism has been my favorite course so far. I enjoyed every chapter and anticipated the next reading every time I put it down. It really hit home. So far on my journey I’ve hit a few snags. My biggest was not being able to be baptized. Some say it is not necessary for salvation, some say it is not by water anyway. Personally I’ve taken the matter up with my Holy Spirit and He (through scripture, heavy prayer and fellowship witnesses) told me that I’ve come to the point in my walk with Christ that I should strive to get it done.”Leonard (CO)-May, 2017


  • "Thank you for this courseManaging Anger God's Way. It has shown me that God is going to heal me and make me a good husband and father."Leland (SC), April, 2017


  •  “I wanted to say thatWalkin’ the Walk was one of the best courses I’ve done. I truly enjoyed doing it and it has definitely helped me. A lot of it hit home where the heart is and has nothing but truth. It is an amazing study.”Virginia (TX)-March, 2017


  • “I have been living a life with God some years now, but I had trouble understanding the Bible. A brother started a Bible study in here and then got moved. Only me and another brother remained. We didn’t know how to study the Bible, so we prayed for help. Then the brother found these Emmaus course books in the trash and we had our prayers answered by God! Thank you!”Oscar (TX)-March, 2017


  • “I want to thank you for the courseJonah. In chapter 4, I was a little confused on the message, but O.S. Hawkins explained it in a way which made it very clear. It was an awesome study. I am looking forward to future studies. Keep up the great work!”Thomas (TX)-March, 2017


  • “I want to say how much I appreciate your ministry and labor of love! I know it means a lot to many across the country who are incarcerated like me. May this small gift ($3.00) help in some way to further the work to the glory of God in Christ. I wish I could send more.”Nicholas (TX)-March, 2017


  • “A prison is like a rehab center to rectify the mistakes of life and fulfill the law’s physical and spiritual requirements. I now have a purpose to continue studying the Word of God and take the Gospel to those who are still lost in this world as I was, but thanks to God I’m well and thanks to you all for making ECS correspondence studies possible. I do not have words to show my gratitude, but I ask God to bless you all. I don’t have anything to pay with rather, but God will pay you for me.” Jorge (SC)-February, 2017


  • “I want to share with you a bit about the effectiveness of your bible study to share with your staff. First of all, I started the courses from discovering one laying on a table with no owner. I picked it up and read through it. Reading just a few pages, I knew it was something I needed to grow in my personal relationship with Jesus, so I requested my first lessons. Secondly, I began the coursework and received not only the certificates, but the personalized responses to my test sheets. This was uplifting and motivating in a way I can barely express properly. Third, receiving new books with lessons became exciting and has built my personal relationship with Jesus in such a way that others around me began asking for your enrollment information. Thank you to EVERYONE at Life’s Key and ECS Ministries for all your efforts and prayers. They truly make a difference in people’s lives, both in and out of jail or incarceration.  Chad (VA)-February, 2017


  • “Recently I wrote concerning my course studies – two I have not received. Honestly, I have been starving for my studies. Over the past 6 years I have come to depend on my studies to keep me stable mentally and spiritually.” Calvin (TX)-January, 2017


  • “It is not hard for you to imagine that as a Christian in prison my life should be very different from my neighbors as it is. I have learned it is not my job to judge them; it is my job to pray for them. As a result of that, I don’t have many friends, but I do have many “projects” here!!!” Lex (CO)-February, 2017


  • “I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to grade my exams. These Bible studies come in the mail just at the right time - every time. They help me out with my spiritual progression more than I can express. I’m looking at the possibility of never getting out again and I’m trying to stay strong in my faith, but in this environment it’s hard sometimes. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much you and these courses mean to me. Again, thank you for your time and feedback.” Christopher (CO)-January, 2017


  • “I loved the way you complimented me on my Bible studies. I do have a long way to go, to say the least. But no one has said anything that nice to me ever in my life. It really meant something for a man of God or a woman of God to tell me I am worth more than any-thing in the world. From my heart I want to say, God bless you!”Kevin (TX)-January, 2017


  • “After spending two years in county jail I was sent to state prison. I was new in the faith at that time and felt that my life was over. My cellie gave me a card to send in for a Bible study from Write-Way. One of the first pieces of mail I received wasBorn To Win. I did not realize then what a blessing this was. For the past eight years and 136 credits I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. In twenty months I will be released on parole. Thank you so much for helping me reach this point. Your ministry has helped to mold me – a second chance in this life”Joseph (TX)-January, 2017


  • “These correspondence courses have changed my life. I have learned how to forgive and what it means to forgive and not condone. I have learned to wake up each day and thank God for each breath I take. Before these studies I was miserable every day, add to that I am in prison. Now I am much happier.... I'm still in prison but now I have the love of the Lord and I know He has a plan for my life - all I needed was to be at peace with that!”Andrea (AZ)-December, 2016


  • “Thank you so very, very much for these wonderful Emmaus Study Books. They have renewed my faith and strengthened my love and relationship with God. You guys rock! Much love.”Eric (AZ)-November, 2016


  • Q: Study John 1:11-13. Have you been born again? Give reasons for your answer. A: “Because I believe and trust God's Word that if I receive Jesus Christ I'm saved. Yes, after opening my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and having faith in Him for my salvation, there was a shift in my desires. I wanted nothing to do with my old sinful ways and not only did I want to do good things in Jesus' name, I actually enjoyed doing them. So there was a total change of heart completely opposite of old. Also, the Scripture that I could not understand before I now saw clearly with understanding.” Terry (MD)-November, 2016


  • “I want to encourage everyone to keep up the great work. It’s amazing how God is using your ministry to transform the lives of us prisoners!” Charles (TX)-November, 2016


  • “Thank you!! I love and appreciate these lessons!” Amanda (TX)-November, 2016


  • “I want to thank you for allowing me to take this Bible study. It gives me something to look forward to, something to teach me by, and keeps me studying the Bible. I look forward to the next lesson.”Travis (TX)-November, 2016


  • “I do several Bible studies while I’m incarcerated. I find yours to be the most helpful and most intellectually stimulating one that I do! Thank you.”Paul (TX)-November, 2016


  • “I don’t think I ever wrote to you to thank all of you there for what you do, especially those who grade my studies and always give encouraging comments. I’ve learned a lot through the years and your studies have been a great blessing. I thank all of you involved.”Steven (TX)-November, 2016


  • “I am just writing to let all of you know how much I am blessed to have you show me the way with the Lord. I could not have done it without your help. You are a true blessing from God to help people like me out. And I pray to this day I continue to grow in faith with God’s love and His Word.”Adam (TX)-November, 2016


  • “Thank you for all the blessings that you bring me and to so many others. I see men in my dorm studying God’s Word with the help of your workbooks. We study together at times and never fail to pray for the volunteers at Write-Way. I’m learning so much.”John (TX)-November, 2016


  • “I am committed to continue my learning through your excellent lessons. I am so thankful for your mission. You are helping to fill a void in my life.”- Don (VA)-November, 2016


  • While doing time in the Cook County Jail of Illinois, back in 1996 of November. The Lord & Savior Jesus Christ saved me. As I awaited the outcome of my fate for the terrible crimes I committed, I came across a Bible study lesson from ECS that started my 18yr journey with ECS ministries. A ministry that helped me develop a solid understanding of the Word of God & it helped me to become more like my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ in the way I live & talk. I spent 20yrs straight in prison & each year ECS aided me spiritually & practically along the way. With the encouragement of the ECS courses my life was effected tremendously & I in turn was able to share my faith zealously with other male inmates who took up ECS courses. Now I'm out of prison & living with my lovely wife who I met & married while I was incarcerated. She was truly God sent. I did finish all my ECS studies while I was on the inside. Since I've been out, I've found myself reviewing some of the ECS booklets & I still get the awesome encouragement out of them on the outside that I received from them while I was in prison. Thanks ECS for visiting me, a former prisoner through your courses & helping me to see Jesus Christ for the Savior & Lord He only is.Tyrice Vance (IL)-November, 2016


  • “You have helped me gain the wisdom of God. You are my favorite correspondence course school Thank you!”Bobby (SC)- October, 2016


  • “I just received my 25 unit certificate. Thank you for showing and teaching me these last 23 months. I wanted to also share with you the parole board’s answer. Thanks be to our Lord and Savior, it is a three month program and then I will rejoin my wife, my church, and start witnessing to the lost sheep of my community how Christ has changed me into a new creature. Keep up the work of our Lord!”David (TX)-October, 2016


  • “I have only praise to all ECS ministries volunteers. I absolutely can’t wait to receive each new study of God’s Word. Through this incarceration God has given me great opportunity to really study His Word and know Him like never before. I’m also grateful to receive the returned lessons with instructors’ comments. I value them. I’m not alone in my perseverance.” Sandee (TX)-September, 2016


  • “I enjoyedMarkand cannot wait until I receive the next one! I very much appreciate your ministry and I learn so much through each lesson. The inspired Word of God is amazing and everyday my hunger for knowledge grows as my relationship with Jesus becomes stronger! What an amazing God we serve! Keep up the good work!”Sandra (TX)-July, 2016


  • “I don’t know who it was that graded my last test, but I wanted you to know what it meant to me to open the returned test and see that someone had actually written responses to my written answers. It brought tears to my eyes. While I have been incarcerated, I have written several churches, but never received any kind of reply. I just can’t express how awfully bad about myself that made me feel inside. Now I believe that there truly is a light somewhere for me at the end of all this. Thank you for being there for me.”Jeffery (TX)-July, 2016


  • “I don’t have the words to describe how much these lessons have helped me because I’ve had questions concerning some of these lessons. God answered my prayer by having you sendingLessons for Christian Living. Thank you so much. I truly thank God for your lessons. They have helped me tremendously in my walk with Jesus Christ here in prison. So many women, who don’t know Jesus for themselves, please look at the person who does have a relationship with Jesus Christ. They talk to you, come to you for prayer, or just need some encouragement to keep trusting in Jesus. I couldn’t have made it without the Bible studies.”Penny (TX)-July, 2016


  • “I received your correspondence back last night and felt extremely blessed. Thank you for your encouragement! My walk with Christ is long overdue. Somewhere along life’s path my faith was attacked and I never got back on track. As I study God’s word, I am learning that I have a lot of work to do in renewing my mind. My faith I feel is back, or should I say I know my faith is back in charge because God is working on me as I write this note. Pray for me that my journey continues to be pleasing to Him daily.” -Milton (VA)-July, 2016 


  • “I truly hope this finds you in good health and happiness. The notes that you make on my answer sheets always give me joy, so I thought I would write you a note and tell you a little about myself. My life has been a mess. I was a musician playing bars and wild parties for years. I had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. But God put me here to save my life and to get to know what He wants for me. I thank Him every day! Sometimes I feel so bad for the things that I’ve done and what He did for me. The pain and the suffering that He went through for me. It makes me want to cry! All that I can do now is seek His face and do His will. Sometimes I stumble and fall, but I get back up and keep trying to do better. Thank you for all your encouragement and inspiration. Your words brighten my day!” -Paul (VA)-July, 2016 


  • “I just wanted to say thank you for the birthday greeting. It made my day. I have been going through a lot of things and focusing on things I shouldn’t be focusing on. I’m trying to have a better relationship with the Father, but it’s hard when your ways are of the world. I’ve been through a lot in my time on earth and it seems like I’m in a nightmare that will never end. I just had to be honest and truthful. Thank you and God bless. I’m just glad somebody cares. Psalm 91: ‘He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.’” -Ramone (OH)-July, 2016


  • “I never understood the Bible.Born to Win has helped me very, very much. I do accept Jesus as my Savior.”Randy (TX)-July, 2016


  • “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who volunteers to do this for us. And I wanted you to know you are helping me change my life to be a better man and father. God bless you all.” (first course,Born to Win)Teddy (TX)-July, 2016


  • Doing Time with Jesus was by far the best lesson book. Keep them coming. I totally love this one. Great job you guys; give yourselves a pat on the back. Love you all.” Sherman (TX)-July, 2016


  • “First, let me start my letter by saying, Thank you, Jesus. I give him all the honor and praise. I have made parole for the month of July! I’m so happy right now I’ve let out tears of joy! “I want to thank the Write-Way team for helping me build up my Faith. These courses have so much spiritual food to help a babe grow into a mature Christian. It doesn’t stop there; this is my stepping stone to fight the good fight of faith. I have hope in Christ Jesus. He has made me new. He will provide for me on my spiritual journey.”Arnold (TX)-June, 2016


  • “I am so grateful for the service your ministry offers us inmates all around the world. The Bible studies are the only mail I receive, so I am always waiting for my next study. Doing the studies is the only real alone time we have to study with our Lord in this prison setup. I am hungry for more; can’t wait to see what the next one will have for us.” Scott (TX)-June, 2016


  • “Good day and many blessings. I feel compelled to thank you for keeping such good records. I’ve been incarcerated since May 6, 1995. I went to ORW in October of 1995. It did my soul well to see that in November of the same year, God was instructing and teaching me. It’s so easy for me to fault me rather than give God the glory for how He has been directing my steps all along. It is quite easy and heartfelt when I respond, ‘it’s been God, not me’ when folks ask me how I’ve managed 21 years in prison. I’m sorry I can’t seem to put it into words. However, God and the Holy Spirit know I’ve been blessed by your record keeping and I want to pass that blessing on to you.”Tina (Ohio)-May, 2016(Tina stopped taking courses in 1997; resumed May 2016). 


  • “Thank you very much for having faith in me. It just kills me inside how I treated people before and I’m so sorry for that. My grandmother raised me when I was growing up and passed away while I’ve been locked up. It was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with ever in my life. Now I’m worried about my grandfather passing away. I could not see my grandmother before she passed. I get out in 3 years, and I’ve been locked up 3 years. Being locked up shows me who my real friends are. I couldn’t even get a birthday card from my own family, but I got one from Life’s Key. I just wanted to say thank you. Please pray for me.” -Jonathan (Ohio) May, 2016 


  • “Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and effort that goes into preparing and going over these tests with someone like myself, and making sure I receive booklets. These study guides and exams give me hope and encouragement to keep going in such a dark and gloomy place. Thank you to all the volunteers and others responsible in this. May the Lord bless you all at ECS. Keep them coming!” -Eric (Virginia) May, 2016 


  • “I’m writing to tell you how much I appreciate the time you take for these bible lessons. I find peace and encouragement through these studies. Also the personal messages that you write to me are a blessing. There are times too often that I am alone in this world. But I know God is always with me. The problem that I have is being human. I’ve made so many mistakes and broken my relationships to the point that all I have is hope. Hope in God. Hope in a better future. So again, I say thank you for your bible studies.”Stephen (West Virginia) May, 2016 


  • “I thoroughly enjoyedWalkin’ the Walk as it touched me and my life in so many areas. It has enlightened me and I look forward to rereading several of these chapters from time to time to remind me of how I am to conduct myself as a Christian in prison.”  Lisa (TX)-May, 2016


  • “Thank you for helping me believe I can be a better person than what I am or what I was. I made a mistake in life. Or, to clarify, I have made several mistakes but the one that impacted me the most was I thought that no one cared about me. Then I started taking these Bible courses. And yes, even though I only took three Emmaus courses, I have come to find that Someone does love me, and since the beginning of time, always loved me. But I still don’t know why He loves me so much. It leaves me very puzzled as to why anyone would love someone like me, or any of us for that matter. If you can answer this question for me, that would be great! Thank you so much for everything you are doing.”   Patrick (TX)-May, 2015


  • Thank you for sending the courses again as well as the card to enroll brothers in the dorm. We appreciate helping our spiritual walk with Christ. I wish that there was something I could do to help you guys in your struggles as well. If you can think of anything that I can do from here besides praying continually let me know. May the peace of Christ dwell in your hearts and may the Father of us all answer your prayers for whatever needs you may have. We are all family and I do worry from time to time about your well-being.” KD (GA)-May, 2016


  • While I was in Henderson Detention Center, one of the guys made me readJonah. That course has taken away a lot of pain and anger I felt inside. My spiritual journey with God will never be the same. I would love it if you could sent a copy ofJonahto my wife and my sister to encourage them as well.Frederick (NV)-October, 2015


  • I have really enjoyed my time with you. As I send in my final courseJonah, I fell as though I am losing some very close friends that I have grown to love. I will especially miss the comments that encouraged me. May God continue to richly bless you. There will always be a warm spot in my heart for you.Ronnie (SC)-February, 2016


  • WDYSQ: How does the phrase "In those days there was no King in Israel: everyone did what was right in his own eyes," explain Israel's decline? What are the ramifications of this concept for society today? A: The book of Hosea 4:6 speaks of God's people being destroyed for lack of knowledge. When we don't follow the laws of God anything goes. Today, it's not the lack of knowledge. It's the type of knowledge the people want to hear.Carl (CA)-March, 2016


  • “Thank you for everything you do at Write-Way. It does my heart good to be able to give to this ministry, as I’ve done the lessons while incarcerated and graded lessons after my release. And now I go back into the prisons as a mentor. What a blessing! Keep up the good work and God bless!”Russell (TX)-March , 2016 a former student, former grader, and now an in-prison mentor visitor


  • “I wanted to personally thank all the teachers and instructors for the time you take to not only read and grade these exams, but for the insight that your responses give me. It gives me so much strength and encouragement to read your responses. It’s one of the highlights of getting the grade back. God bless all of you! All of us offenders feel this way!”  Kenneth (TX)-January, 2016


  • “I would like to thank all those who give of their time to grade, prepare, and mail lessons to those of us behind bars. These Bible studies have been a light in a dark place, helping to bring me ever closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please continue on the path that God has called you to, knowing that I am a life that was, and still is, being changed through your obedience to the Holy Spirit. May God bless you richly and give you peace.”  Joshua (TX)-January, 2016  


  • “I’ve always been a very reclusive person. My focus has always been mostly on myself. But since I’ve been studying ECS courses, a dramatic change has occurred in my personality. Several others have noticed this and commented on it. The reason is because the courses have given me a better knowledge of Christ and His example of love which I have tried to follow. Because of my change, others have asked me about doing the courses. I’ve included a list of men who want to get started. Please give them the same opportunity you gave me. May God bless you!”Galen (AZ)-December, 2015


  • “I am a female corrections officer. At any given time, I try to share the Lord’s words and teachings to the inmates as well as young officers open to learning more about the Bible. I recently came acrossWhat The Bible Teaches. I had never seen it before. What a joy! I learned so many new things about the Bible. I would like to order a few of these booklets for friends and family as well as give a few to officers…and we need more for the inmates!”Pam (AZ), December, 2015


  • “I sincerely thank you for the copy of Dick Hopkins’ bookLooking For Diamonds In A Coal Bin. What a joy it is to read more of Dick’s wisdom and insight into the faith (especially with prisoners in mind). I first met Dick in 1995. I know the ECS courses were a real godsend in my spiritual formation when I rededicated my life to Christ 20 years ago this past March. Please be encouraged that the work you are doing brings much glory to God in the highest!”Dana (CA)-August, 2015 


  • “Walkin’ The Walkhas been the most inspirational and informative course I have come across. I am a former school teacher and would like to create lesson plans for a group study. I will present my idea to the unit chaplain.”Timothy (TX)-January, 2016 


  • Doing Time with Jesus is one of the very best Bible studies yet! Every chapter, every word needs to be taught at every prison. How great to know you answered my prayer. I wanted to know how to stay out of prison, how to do God’s will, and how to feel good going to a church once I get out. Thank you so very, very much!”Donna (TX)-October, 2015


  • “Please pray for me as I enter into the Texas Department of Corrections for the first time and may be there for a long, long time [life]. I know God can and will use me in there as He has in the county jail. I have been so honored to have led 16 men back to Christ or to Christ for the first time! Praise His name! I have been using the ECS Bible courses to lead others in Bible study every day for the last eight months. Most of the men signed up for the course as well. Most have already been transferred or gone home, but I know the seeds were planted in their lives.”Bradley (TX)-October, 2015


  • “I am saved, in a large part thanks to these studies. I was made aware of what Jesus Christ had done for humans. I sought and an enrollment card came into my possession. Now there is no condemnation to we who are in Jesus Christ.”Wolfgang (CO)-September, 2015


  • “I have been enrolled in several Bible correspondence courses and Bible college as well. Out of all of the blessings provided to me through Jesus to study the word of God, this lesson,Doing Time With Jesus has been such an amazing blessing. It has answers to the practical problems that I have been struggling with. Several times I have broken down in tears with one revelation or another. It has given me some clear answers to many of the problems I am facing in my life. I just wanted to thank you for providing it.” -Jason (Virginia)-October, 2015


  • “ECS courses are wonderful! They are extremely informative and fun to do. I want to thank your organization for your mission to help individuals learn the Good News. I think it’s fantastic that somebody actually takes time to grade the exams, write responses, and show encouragement. It shows caring and love.” -John (Pennsylvania)-August, 2015


  • The minute I get to know my new address after release, God willing, it will be sent to you, for these studies have being of great blessing to me and I am willing to finish it from home.”Abraham (NJ)-July 2015


  • "May God bless everyone in the ministry. Someone said that one man's garbage is another man's treasure. I foundWalkin' the Walk in the trash can. I thank God! I'm having so much fun with our heavenly Father by reading and taking this test. Can you please send me some more gifts from God?"Ray (TX)-August, 2015


  •  “I write these words to express my appreciation for all that you do for us – the work and dedication you have to make it possible for these studies to reach our hands without cost, and to give us the Word of Almighty God. I appreciate with my whole heart the trouble which you take to make this happen. I wish there will always be people who will give you donations so you can continue helping people like me (who unfortunately, as you see, have fallen into a situation so shameful as I find myself) to be able to know something as wonderful as the Word of the Living God. Thank you for the attention you give to us. I send you a loving hug and a strong handshake. May the peace of Christ live today and always in your homes and work.” Rodrigo (TX)-June, 2015


  • “Mr. Turley, I am one of the recent graduates of the 2015 inaugural class at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at the Darrington Unit. I have been incarcerated for twenty years. Currently, I am in transition to my new unit of assignment: Coffield in Tennessee Colony as a Field Minister to help change prison culture and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. God truly has done an awesome work at Darrington. He continues to. God will do the same at Coffield and other units as well. Truly, I believe that God will use the most unlikeliest of people (prisoners) to impact our morally decaying country. A revival like the first and second Great Awakening will come out of here and sweep through society.


In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I took ECS courses. They helped me get a foundation concerning the Word of God. A house built on the right foundation is important to grow a fruitful Christian. The basics and the essentials of Christian doctrine was what your courses contributed to my growth in Christ. This is important for all Christians to have. One must be able to intelligently articulate what they believe and know what it is they believe. Christianity is a faith of reason and coherence. Our faith is supported by history, and evidence. Thank you for the ECS courses because they give one a foundational support from the Word of God. Please keep me and the other Field Ministers in prayer as we go out. Also, please pray for me as draw near the time for release.”

Tracy (Texas)-June, 2015


  • “I just want to say thank you for all of your time and effort when it comes to the ECS Bible studies. Thank you for offering them to prisoners free of charge. I learn a lot from the lessons. I am grateful for them!”Bryant (Ohio)-May, 2015 


  • “Thank you for the lessons. Soon, if it be in our Master’s will, I’ll have a gift of a few stamps for you. It’s not much from the view of mega budgets, but the Lord once took a little bread and a few fish and fed thousands. You provide postage-paid envelopes. That has often been my only means of participating. May his blessings continue to be poured on your ministry; may your generosity be rewarded with the uncountable souls in heaven because of your obedience; may your wisdom in stewardship be multiplied ten million times ten million.”Doug (Virginia)- May, 2015


  • “I have enjoyed several Bible study courses over the years. However,Plant My Feet On Higher Ground has really opened my eyes, and more importantly, my heart to God’s Word.” Mark (TX)-April, 2015


  • “To all the instructors who take their time to grade all the tests: you display God’s love in the grading and in the Scripture you share. I lift you up in prayer.”Gene (TX)-April, 2015


  • Walkin’ The Walk is a great study booklet. It has really helped me understand how I can grow as a Christian, even in here. Thank you!”Bryan (TX)-April, 2015


  • “You were kind enough to send Bible studies while I was in prison. This helped me to become a grateful Believer and someone who strives toward a greater love and relationship with the Lord. I never forget your ministry and I would like to contribute 5 dollars a month and take up Bible study with you again.”Joseph- February, 2015


  • Christ Loved The Church has answered so many questions that I have avoided asking for the sake of sounding judgmental. Mr. MacDonald has, with the Word of God, revealed wonderfully the Scriptural Church that Christ loved! Excellent study!”Michael (TX)-January, 2015


  • “I want to thank you all for your time, efforts, care, love, and the desire to see prisoners grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s been a blessing to partake in your bible study and I plan on taking my booklets with me when I leave prison. I have enjoyed this study and look forward to starting my life over, being led by the Holy Spirit to bring glory to our Father in heaven.Chris (OH)-December, 2014


  • “When I first got here, there were only 3 people doing ECS courses. Now almost the whole pod is doing your courses. I have tried to further the reach of your studies. I have preached to the other inmates about needing to learn and study the word of God. And through your courses they get to see God and hear His message. Thank you so very much, and may God bless you all in all you do for Him.” Carl (WV)-December, 2014


  • “WOW, I really have enjoyed this course and feel so much more rounded in the knowledge of theSummary of the Bible. I already know how much it will help me in the near future when looking for guidance through studies, group studies, helping others, personal growth and much more. I will read this again to obtain as much as possible. It’s going to be put to use right away for I’m going to be in-between facilities and won’t be able to carry a Bible, so I will meditate on what I have learned and studied.”Gene (CO)-December, 2014


  • I wanted to thank you for all of the correspondence materials that I have received thus far. It has been life changing, and I can now enjoy the fullness of God’s grace. I have been blessed to witness God’s miraculous powers of physical and spiritual healings while I have been incarcerated. In fact, God’s hand touched a Muslim and a Jewish brother’s heart in such a way that they are now new converts to Christ. Without your courses, I would never have been

able to know and share the word in depth the way I have been able to do. I give thanks to our Lord for you and the daily guidance of the Holy Spirit, making this all possible. I pray that I

can give back to your ministry for being such a wonderful help.”John (PA)-December, 2014


  • “It is a lot to digest, but I’m willing to apply these principles of“Proverbs for Life” to my life. Some things I presently practice, and realize the benefits of self-control are paramount to my walk with the Lord. In retrospect, I was missing a lot of these principles and I believe that was the beginning of my downfall to backsliding. Being here and getting ECS lessons has given me a better understanding on what I’m supposed to be studying in my Christian walk. Thank you!” Matthew (PA)-November, 2014


  • Men Who Met the Master was a great study. I am currently working on the new studies that you sent. They are very informative. God bless you for helping me to get closer to God. I am a changed man and will stay this way from now on. I didn’t realize how foolish I was. I can see no other way other than Christ’s way. It brings much joy to what was a sad, hopeless life.” Carroll (Virginia)-November, 2014


  • Q: Write a paragraph about how you see yourself in relationship to your family and unsaved friends.
    A: “Changed. I'm not the same Raymond when I left. I did a complete 180. My conversation changed me. I'm thinking more clearly than I have in my whole 31 years”.Raymond (CA)-November, 2014

  • "Man, O' man! A good Christian friend of mine here at the Allred unit [TX] let me read the booklet ya'll sent himThe Letter to the Romans by William MacDonald. I'm so very impressed. So many free Bible studies for us prisoners GET IT WRONG. So many Christian TV and Radio personalities GET IT WRONG. Seems to me from this booklet you fellows GOT IT RIGHT! Thank you, Lord. Can I please be a part of your NT Bible study? I sure would like to be."Bobby (TX)-October, 2014


  • “God bless you! Thank you so very much for being a part of my life. You don’t know what you have done! Your lessons and God’s word have changed my life in so many ways. I am so, so gratefully thankful for the ministry. It has helped me in my relationship with God, my family, and my wife. I just want to say thank God. Please keep doing the work of God because you are changing people’s lives that are true believers of the word of Christ Jesus, and I am! Thank you for the Bible and everything else. It has made a difference in my life today and I’m very pleased with where I am. Again, thank you so much. I couldn’t have made a better choice but to join this school and ask for your studies. My wife and I both love what you have done in our lives together.”Larry (VA)-October, 2014


  • “May God continue to bless you. I have a friend that is taking your correspondence courses. He told me how the courses are really enriching his life. I do see the change in him. I would like to make that change myself. Is it possible you could send me your study course? It would truly be a blessing. I’m a baby in the faith and want to feed on all the spiritual milk I can get. I am always hungry for the word of God. I need to have that hunger satisfied.”Calvin (PA)-October, 2014


  • “I would like to personally thank you for your words of encouragement. The Bible tells us to encourage one another, yet we often overlook this command. You have no idea how much those encouraging words mean to someone on the inside! We struggle with all the same things Christians on the outside face, yet in here everything seems to always be in the extremes. The spiritual battle we face in here is beyond what most can even imagine. I thank the Lord for you and others like you, who God has placed in their hearts to help those in prison!” -Randy (PA)-September, 2014


  • “I first met Him as a child who went to Sunday School many years ago. As life went on, I fell away from Him. My wife passed away, my house burned down, the state took my children, and I ended up in jail where I began to ask God for help. And here it is…you!! In the form of correspondence, the Lord is allowing me once again to get to know Him.” – Joseph (WV)-June, 2014


  • “I’ve been staying in the Word. I appreciate your checking up on me because that means a lot. (‘You’ve been missed!’ post-card sent after no exam for 90 days). It seems like my family and friends have turned their backs on me, but I don’t blame them. I was not a saint when I was in the world. Therefore, your Bible study courses and prayers help me cope with everyday situations and to stay focused in the Word. I’m using this time down and turning my will to the Lord Jesus Christ.”Reynaldo (TX)-January, 2014


  • “I wanted to express my gratitude for the responses that you send me. I have saved all of them! Each and every lesson I send I can’t wait for the feedback. It encourages me so much and gives me joy to hear your responses. Thanks for your diligence in keeping us students striving for more.” Kenneth (TX)-June, 2014


  • “I would like to thank ECS for what I consider to be the best Bible studies that I know of. I’ve seen the good that comes from your studies first hand and experienced it in my own life.”Jeff (TX)-January 2014


  • "I am so proud to have completed the 60 Units of Study that your school provides. It took me roughly five years to do so, but I believe that with Christ, everything happens right on time. These studies have educated me so much in the word of Christ, making me a better person as a result. I love you all and appreciate everything you've done for me and everyone else who has completed all your courses.” Angel (FL)-February, 2014


  • “I have learned so much while doing these ECS correspondence studies not only from the lessons but also from my instructor. He has been a real inspiration to me since he was assigned to grade my lessons. He also should be recognized for his work in the ministry. Many, many lessons ago, I wanted to stop doing them and I fought this for a while. I would do them just to do them. I did not care if I passed or not. But my instructor would always put words of encouragement (such as “I know you can do better”) on my returned lessons. That is what kept me going and that is why I now have a certificate for 108 units. I thank God for ECS Ministries and all who are involved in it including your families. Through these courses, my life has changed. Because of that change, I can teach others about God and do it with confidence. May almighty God bless you all!”Michael (TX)-January, 2013


  • “This is my last lesson! What do I do from here? Of course, I am staying focus in the Word and been about my Fathers business. But at the same time, if there some else you’ll offer, I would love to do. I want to thank God and I thank you’ll for helping me on my way to a mighty woman of God. God Bless!”Inez (GA)-November, 2012


  • "Thank you for answering my questions. It means a lot that you take the time to write us (inmates) back and answer questions. The ECS staff is very caring. I pray that the Lord blesses each and every person on the ECS team; also that the Lord will continue to reach out to inmates through ECS who want to learn about the Lord and his word. It is a special thing you are offering inmates - please keep it up!” Patrick (FL)-May, 2013


  • “Incarceration is a hard thing to handle with missing family and not being able to see them. The worst enemy is your mind…no way to relieve the depression. I was shown the way by a man who spreads the honest words of faith. Mr. Steinberg brings joy and happiness when he arrives. He is 93 years old and still digs deep inside our lives to change them in the way of God. Once I started to do right, I felt joy, even happiness. Thank you Mr. Steinberg, you have changed my life.”Zack (VA)-March, 2013


  • “I am writing to say, thank you for the Student Bible Dictionary. With this and all your ECS Studies as well as the Bible Concordance, I feel as if you've armed me with my own army against Satan. I have more freedom now, inside this institution, than I've ever had on the outside of these walls. I was lost, but I'm now happy and proud to say, I have a purpose in life, and that is, to serve the Lord. For various reasons, I’ve seen many in here turn away from the Word of God. But I can honestly say, God as my witness, you have another soul for God. I will never let go of this feeling I have. No alcohol, drug, or any other sin could take its place. You have not only helped to save one, but possibly two! Prior to my incarceration, my best friend stated, "Prayers never worked for her." Obviously she must have seen a change in me and was joyful (and expressed a desire to study with me when I return). So, thanks to the Lord, and all of you; I'll be equipped with my little army. :>))). When I leave here on May 22nd, I'll be prepared for trials and temptations with Psalm 119:11, Hebrews 4:12 & Thessalonians 5:22 in my heart. These 310 days weren't made for punishment alone, but Jesus brought me here to be closer to Him, through you! You really don't know how much you all have done for me. You will always be on my prayer list.”Melvin (PA)


  • “Thank you for your encouragement and for taking the time to make these studies more personal. I am always eager to read your comments. Miss Grace (grader), your special touch does not go unnoticed. You bring a smile to my heart!”   Lester (NV)-December, 2012


  • “Thank you to the volunteers who give their time to us in prison while giving us incentive to live a life of meaning. The courses keep me busy while bringing morality and ethics into my life. Thanks for bringing me to God.”  Ivan (NV)-December, 2012


  • “I just want to thank you all so much for sending me these Bible Courses. I do appreciate it, and it's helping me a great deal. I understand the Bible and about Jesus/God more and opened my eyes up to things. I'll be praying for you all and please pray for me that He will bless me and my family to be right with Him... Once again thank y'all.”  Christa (TN)-January, 2014


  • “I was wondering if I could be sent a bunch of enrollments cards. I will pass them out and slide them under cell doors. The devil has not been able to hinder me from soul winning. These courses are great for people in here.”  Donald (CO)-September, 2013


  • “You provided all the materials at no cost to me, as well as certificates for completion. The studies you sent gave me a better understanding of God's Word and His plan for my life. I am now on parole and in a position to give back and assist in your mission. The appreciation by prisoners like myself probably never gets expressed, but what you do for us is a blessing. I visited your website and am amazed to see how much you spent on my Christian education. I would like to commit to a monthly donation for $35 to cover the cost of another needy soul like me, (He sent a $200 check with this letter.) Thank you for all you do. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”Mark (CA)-May, 2013


  • “I am truly thankful for the privilege to have these resources in jail. When I was booked for jail, I expected the worst. I’d never been to jail before and I held the same stereotype in my mind as most anyone else. What I came into was quite surprising: Bible studies twice per day and several brothers in Christ regardless of race, ethnicity or background. Praise God!”David (AZ)-May, 2012


  • “I thank God that there are ministries such as this one. It was one like this that started my path to God. I was heavily involved in gangs while I was incarcerated and I ended up in a S.H.U. (security housing unit). While I was at that unit, a chaplain was walking around passing booklets out and the one he slide into my cell was a correspondence course from Emmaus. It sat in my cell for about a year before I even read it. But I did and it opened my eyes. Never think what you are doing isn’t working. I was an inmate that people never thought would EVER get out, let alone turn my life to God. It WORKS!!!”Donnie (IA)-July, 2012 (former inmate)


  • “I’m out of prison now, thank God! I’m writing this letter to thank your ministry, staff, and volunteers. Thank you so much for your prayers, love, kindness, and Bible studies. Your kindness truly humbles me.”Mark (TX)-November, 2012 (former inmate)


  • “I was incarcerated at FCI- Dublin in Dublin, California. I was receiving my correspondence studies through ECS- Prison Ministry of Northern California. I don't have their address anymore. (I looked at one of my certificates to see who sent them to me.) I hope that somehow I will be able to continue my studies. Studying the Word through these courses was such a blessing to me in my captivity. I became hungry for the Word and God is revealing to me what it is He wants for me! I have a found a good home church that I attend weekly but I long to study more of His Word in depth.

"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!"" (Isaiah 52:7). Truly, ECS Ministries brought me the Good News in a dark and lonely place! They proclaimed the Light of the World to me and helped me to meet my Lord who never leaves me lonely! Thank you! May God's grace and peace be upon you!”Ronda Hoffmaster (CA)-July, 2012 (former inmate)


  • “I have been inspired to write a note of encouragement and refreshing to you for your work in the Lord’s service. God allowed me to be saved in prison and to take the ECS correspondence courses. I have used the courses and study books to lead people to Christ, lead a Bible study and start a prayer warriors group in here. The courses have helped my walk and growth. I have been passing on the knowledge I have learned to others. I see the importance of helping new believers read and pray daily. I just want you to know that I appreciate your ministry and the kingdom is being built by your good deeds. God bless you my friend and we shall meet with the Lord in God’s time. Thank you and if you see a long haired biker type evangelizing somewhere, that will be me. You can know you had a part of my growing up. Peace be with you.”Marc (CO)-April, 2012


  • We were able to see my son Jamie Hess, who I had e-mailed you about! He was at Boone County Jail in Belvidere, Illinois! He was so full of the LOVE of the Lord & seemed at PEACE for the first time in a long time! He will be 40 on Oct. 4th. All he could talk about in our 1/2 hr. visit was his love of the ECS BIBLE Ministry! He has, I believe 32 credits at last count! I thank God for ECS & all of you who do this great work for the LORD! I was able to talk on the phone to Dave Ganze briefly, & to thank him for his help with Jamie! I am encouraged! God bless you & your staff! You do a mighty work for the Lord reaching those that all others would give up on, but JESUS would be right beside you & yes I am sure He is!Ann (TN)-September, 2012


  • The work you are doing with the men in prison is so important and is bearing much fruit.

I appreciate so much how you spent time with my grandson several years ago. He has an apartment and is working full time. He has changed his life style completely and realizes what a fool he was to get involved in drugs. He told me “I’m 35 years old and have wasted my life – I’m never going back there again” You have played such a big part in this change, by leading him to the Lord and the studies you sent him. Thank you so much and may God continue to meet all you’re needs. Melba (CO)-November, 2012


  • “I have never been in prison, but my son is. He was saved in prison. I want him to readHow To Succeed On The Streets.It is s a great study guide. Anyone can apply this to their lives. I was having a bad day. I started working on this book. It was a wakeup call! God knew I needed these lessons.”Velva (TX)


  • “Thank you for all the assistance, loving and uplifting words you all have shared. You have served as wonderful examples and I’m both thankful and blessed to have you here for support. It has not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated. I’m reminded of a Scripture, “When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.” (Psalm 27:10). In light of that Scripture, it’s not hard to see that he has done just that through all of you. My current situation is not easy to endure, more so emotionally than anything. In these moments you begin to realize that though you’ve tried, it’s impossible to support yourself or save oneself. Just as with Job and Abraham, my faith gets tested. I honestly wish I had more to offer than mere words, but no doubt, you shall be rewarded in heaven.” Patrick (TX)-April, 2011


  • “Like the woman at the well, I really lived a sinful life before the ECS lessons. Your comments made me think. Consider this a letter of thanks, because if it wasn’t for you, I would still be a very lost soul! I’m here shedding tears just thinking about it”.S.A. (KY)-October, 2011


  • “First of all, I would like to thank all the people involved in providing and grading all the courses that have been sent to me. The studies have helped me so much in getting to know the One that has created me out of His love. None of us would be here if it wasn’t for the love of God. When I review my graded exams, I smile at some of the comments. They give me much inspiration to keep going.” Aaron (TX)-April, 2011


  • “Thank you for all your kindness and hard work. You have helped me in more ways than you will ever know. God is above all in my life now and will be. You guys are doing great things for us inmates and touching a lot of lives and saving people and bringing them home to God. My family is being touched by the things I’m doing and they are getting involved in church and reading the Bible. Thank you again for all you do!”Courtney (TX), August, 2012


  • I want to thank you for sending these correspondence courses. I know it is very expensive for printing and shipping of the books. Also the time you spend grading each individually. Thanks you so much for your kindness, your generosity and for you work.William (CO)-September, 2011


  • “I appreciate the blessing to be a part of ECS Ministries. The courses have been a great challenge that has enabled me to grow in the knowledge and power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I recognize the conditioning it is adding to help me become more like Christ. I don't take this opportunity for granted because I know it’s a privilege to seek the things of God. I am not saying this to bring glory to myself or a pat on the back. I appreciate this because I know whom I serve, and what was given to me through ECS is a golden opportunity to transform my mind in Jesus.”  J.B. (FL)-August, 2011


  • I truly thank God for your ministries. If it weren’t for your ministries I would not have the knowledge of God and Jesus. I really believe that what you do will change people’s lives. I hope to one day be able to give back to your ministries. And I hope that God will bless me to be able to start a ministry of my own. Please keep me in your prayers, as I will pray for you all.  Thomas (CO)-June, 2011


  • My son, Steven is currently incarcerated at High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs, NV, and is taking your Emmaus Bible Courses. Thank you. They have helped Steven greatly to grow in the Lord. Although he became saved 2 years ago, he had no discipleship and fell away. This Emmaus course has changed him quite drastically in the course of a very few months.Marilou (NV)-Nov 2011


  • A mother writes: "I would like to thank you for your ministry work in our prisons. I never thought I'd have anything to do with this area as I have led a faithful, decent life. However, our son was recently incarcerated and yes, I prayed for God to help and protect him. I am grateful that his heart was open to your Bible studies. Someone by the name of Gus marked his lessons and gave simple but encouraging remarks. A man we may never meet has been an inspirational servant of God. I may never be able to thank this man face to face, but perhaps through me you can let your team know that the mother of an inmate is so thankful that you helped my son on his path with Jesus and salvation. This truly is a new beginning for us all. Blessings and gratitude."G (Canada)


  • I remember when I was doing a 30 year sentence I studied this very courseBorn To Win. The seeds that were planted did not grow, although watered until blooming in 1978. I began your course while in the Cook County Jail in Chicago. I continued for a time in prison. I was saved in 77 and paroled in 78 and have been working in prison ministry ever since. I have operated halfway houses in Peoria Ill and Huntsville Al and now am in Panama City serving all of the prisons in the Panhandle, teaching others what I have learned over the years and leading men to Christ. I thank this ministry for what it did for me while in prison.Michael (FL)-June, 2012


  • I want to thank you so much for all you have done for my fiancé John Erickson. He is currently in Rock County Jail in Janesville, WI. One of your pastors reached out to him and Praise GOD!! He was saved in there and found Christian brothers to bond with. Your visits and studies have been priceless to him and so to me for he shares all he learns. We will be married as soon as he gets out and he is already my husband and me his wife in our hearts. He is already the covenant husband that I am learning about in God's Word and I pray that I can please him and God by being the covenant wife. Your ministry means so much to us both. Thank you, Praise God that you took up this mantle that you were lead into by God. Thank you again.Jonie Marie *Erickson (WI)-October, 2011

*soon to be :D


  • The ECS Bible Study courses have impacted my life in such ways I can only describe as quite unimaginable. They provide me with experiences of fulfillment, inspiration, wisdom, and indescribable emotion. Hearing my name at mail call and seeing your ministry logo on an envelope means the absolute world to me. I feel as if I don't have to be or feel so alone within the cold confines of these walls in which I currently reside. Warmth, love and the Lord feel always available, inspiring me with hope, determination and a yielding self-will to the Lord. It provides such a filling of pure love to such a withering of the heart. The courses are well used in edifying and nourishing others.  Mrs. SF (CO)-May, 2011


  • “My friends, I’ve really been enjoying your Bible studies and I’m quick to recommend you to others who I’ve spoken with about Christ. Keep up the good work!”Ernest (TX), June, 2014


  • Emmaus brothers, please receive a cordial greeting in Christ Jesus from your brother in Christ. As always I thank God and you all that I can learn more of the Word of God through these courses. Every course is a great help and I save them all so at times I can again study them anew. I remember you all in my prayers and ask God to continue to bless the ministry and your personal lives and your families. God bless you all.Juan (SC)-September, 2012


  • “Thanks for all the ECS courses I’ve received over the last few years. They have aided me immensely in my walk with the Lord. I was recently baptized at Wildwood Correctional Center after receiving Jesus Christ as my personal Savior!”Mike (AK)-November, 2013 


  • “I thank God for my instructor. God has done a wonderful thing by putting it into your hearts to help inmates like me come to know and study our Creator. The love and time all of you put in to making God’s Word available to us is amazing. May God bless you and your families.”Lorenzo (NV)-February, 2012


  • “I see a lot of people touched by Emmaus studies. You should know as you do our Father’s work that you are winning a lot of ground in the name of Jesus!” Dan (AZ)


  • “I saw one of your studies and thought it was good. I’m 35 and serving a 35-year sentence here at Angola State Prison. I knew a little about the Bible before I came to jail, but I would really like to become a Christian.”Randall(working onBorn To Win)(LA)-February, 2012


  • "Summary of The Bible" andBible Prophecy" were very informative, as well as challenging. Each course is greatly appreciated, and a help in my continuing walk with Jesus. Your Studies open my mind and teach so many great truths. I thank God for using you all as a vessel for spreading His Word.”Angel (FL)-October, 2013 


  • "Please pass on to the author ofReady To Give An Answer that it has to be one of the most informative and enjoyable studies that I have taken to date, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies. I would like to see more studies of this nature. Thank you for taking the time to write this very enlightening study."David (TN)-December, 2013


  • “I just finishedManaging Anger God's Way and this study has released me in such a powerful way. I see the difference in my attitude and my response already! It has shown me things about myself I was not aware of. I am a changed man, I have a new heart. I have let my anger take so much from me and it has taken its toll. I cannot say enough about this study and how God has used it in my life. I will never get rid of this booklet.”John (AZ)-August, 2013


  • Managing Anger God’s Way really helped – each chapter I do is exactly what I’m going through at the moment. But please pray for me. God… please soften my heart.”Ruth (TX)-October, 2013


  • “I think every Christian should readManaging Anger God’s Way. I intend to save this course and re-read it when I lose focus and allow my anger to disrupt God’s purpose in my life.”Robert (WA)-December, 2013


  • “I have always loved the book of Romans, but I never really understood what it wassaying. The Letter to the Romans has opened up the book to me in many ways and I have held on to its truths. I now better understand the will of God for my life. I find myself meditating often on the things I have learned in this study and I share it with others as well. I’m glad I took the time to really do this study and not just breeze through it.”Erica (TX)-June, 2014


  • “Through ECS courses, I have learned to be humble before the Lord. I ask God to help me serve every day because, through your courses, I learned what the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary meant. There He showed His great love for me and took away the heavy burden of sin. Jesus spared me from the Father’s wrath. Thanks for everything and God bless!”Manual (NJ)-June, 2014


  • "I was a Sunni Muslim for 33 years. Three and a half years ago I began Emmaus Bible Study courses with the intent to find faults with Christianity. Instead of finding faults I found the truth and became born again 27 months ago. I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior whom died for my sins. I am saved and sure of it. I have eternal life. I love, trust and rely on Jesus Christ. Amen."Steven (CT)-March, 2012


  • “It has been a while since I completed your correspondence Bible study courses and wanted to write and tell you how I’m doing. The answer is great! I’ve moved units and like this unit a whole lot better. I finished college and now have a degree in general liberal arts. I now work as a cook and have an on the job certification in that field. I’m still doing the Emmaus Correspondence School studies [out of Dubuque, IA] and am now at 85 units of study. I’ve come a long way. My relationship with family and friends has become closer. But most importantly, my relationship with Christ has become closer. I love Jesus and thank Him for everything He’s done for me. I couldn’t have done my prison time without Him. I also see parole in May of next year, so keep me in your prayers. Thank you for all the help you’ve given me.”Jonathan (TX)-August, 2013


  • “I want to let you know how grateful I am for ECS. I received a letter from you about two months ago informing me of the past times I had requested the lessons and they had been sent, but I had failed to complete the first lesson. You expressed concern and assured me that you were praying for me. Your compassion for the state of my soul gave me the motivation needed to pursue Christ and accept him as my Lord and Savior. I recently received my Bible for the completion of the first three courses and it is beautiful. Thank you for caring and showing me that God did also”Dushawn (GA)-February, 2013(5th time in- currently serving 10 yrs. for armed robbery).  


  • “I am writing this letter on behalf of another offender. I have completed the Write-Way program. I recommend these courses to everyone who is looking for a correspondence Bible course because the truth is taught in well-written, easy to understand material. I recommended Write-Way to James and I am asking for your patience. He has received ‘0’ Biblical instruction. When I first met him I was surprised to find someone who didn’t know Noah, Daniel, or almost any other Bible character. His reading skills are low but improving. He is beginning to grasp the meaning of what the sentence is saying. The Lord is using your material to open James’ eyes to his need for salvation. It is slowly coming. Thank you for what you are doing. The program helped me in my walk with the Lord and I have seen it work in the lives of others here at this unit.”John (TX)-June, 2013


  • “I have made parole, yet in my heart I feel and desire to continue to study under Write-Way and receive my certificate of completion. I have enclosed $10.00. I know it isn’t much; it is the 10% of what the State gave me when I was released. But I promise that when I get a job I will help you guys more with your wonderful ministry. In fact, Write-Way, in providing me with ECS study courses, has helped answer many of my questions. I began in the Denton County Jail 20 months ago and I plan to complete the curriculum. I love all of you in Christ very much.”Chris (TX)-June, 2013


  • “I have received the Lord Jesus Christ while studying the courses. I considered myself ignorant of the things of God. Thanks to these courses, little by little, I am learning new things.” George (TX)-February, 2012  


  • “Thank you so much for the studies. I want you to know that my lost free world daughter and son-in-law were saved two weeks ago. I wrote them and prayed for them. They went to church and were converted. I am rejoicing! My daughter and her husband are now in the fold!”  Juan (TX)-December, 2012


  • “I was born in Cabe Verde Islands. My Christian mother worked very hard to import me to the USA for a better life. However, since my childhood, I have lived a sinful life style in every kind of way. You name it, I did it. I’ve been in and out of jail so many times while bringing shame on my family. But, I have repented and wanted to thank ECS for putting me on the right path for salvation. I truly have been spiritually born again ‘to win!’ My mother couldn’t believe her ears when I told her I was studying the Bible and taking courses. She was glad my eyes finally were opened. I am going to continue taking the ECS courses when I’m released because I am sure the devil is going to tempt me. Thank you and God bless!”Juary (NJ)-October, 2013


  • “I’m very encouraged you sent my first exam back. I’m glad I did well. I’m trying so hard to learn and listen to God. I know I have a calling on my life. I love my certificate. It feels good when you accomplish something. Okay, I’m your student, so please teach me. I’m seeking a higher education from the Lord.”Stephanie (TX)-November, 2013


  • “The jails are ripe for laborers. I’m grateful to God for choosing me to share the good news of Jesus Christ in this dark place.”Tyrece (IL)-November, 2012


  • “ECS has been a huge aid in my comprehension of God’s Word. I still possess every study since the beginning and refer to them often.”Ralph (CA) September, 2013


  • “I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for helping me grow spiritually through the years. There were many dark and dreary days along the way, and had it not been for your ministry, there’s no doubt I would have been a casualty. However, the courses you provided gave me a solid foundation to build on. So when those tough times came I was able to remain grounded, rooted on God’s word and His promise to ‘never leave us or forsake us.’ Thank you.”Ben (TX)-February, 2012


  • “I have done several correspondence courses over the years and this one is by far the best The ECS program starts with the basics and walks you through to a more in-depth knowledge of the Bible. I am now in Seminary and I have used some of my courses with you all in my Seminary studies, I really enjoy Emmaus. A true blessing".Michael (FL) –March, 2013


  • “We’ve been on lockdown for five weeks – another chapter in my life. I still want to continue my correspondence courses. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane enough to bear another day!”Melvin (TX)-May, 2013


  • The ECS courses are by far the best way I have found to study the Bible. The fifty or so courses I have already completed have increased my Bible knowledge ten-fold! I look forward to each course.Drenell (NV)-March, 2013


  • I began to read the Bible as best I could. The first time I had trouble and I couldn’t understand it. But I kept on reading it and I still read it today. The ECS ministry has shaped a loving God for me. It keeps me grounded in my new faith. God pulled me through prison and is guiding me through life on His terms, not mine. Saying, “Thank you”, isn’t enough.Eli (CA)-March, 2011


  • “I want to take the time to thank you for correcting my tests. I'm loving every bit of these studies. They have helped me to help others in this Jail, such as questions about the Bible. I believe its through these courses I've been doing that helped me to spread what I learn to a new comer. Every time a new person comes to my pod, I ask him if he believes in Jesus. What I'm trying to tell you is I never was the type to talk to people about the Bible. Now I believe the Holy Spirit pushes me to talk to people about Christ, which I like doing. I never thought I would be doing that, but I don't question God's work, I just do it out of Faith and believe, hoping I can save someone who doesn't know our Savior.”
James (FL)-March, 2009


  • “I have been taking ECS courses for several months, and two new Christians close to my bunk that I have led to the Lord have expressed a real interest in taking them. Please enroll them in the program.”Dennis (FL)-January, 2010


  • “Thank you, all the teachers who have helped me to complete the ECS courses. Thank you for verifying my work with so many certificates. I’m happy that I’ve come this far. You and your correspondence school have richly blessed me to gain knowledge that I didn’t have. I’ll pray that God continue to bless your ministry. Thank you kindly for teaching me how to live for Christ Jesus.” Norman (TX)-March, 2011


  • “I used to argue & fight not only with myself about God not really existing, but I tried to convince others as well. I have done about all things possible in rebellion. I thought I was so cool. Now I am the first to admit how much of an idiot I was to believe I could go through life on my own. With Jesus Christ as my Savior & Lord, I can actually say I feel happy. Thank you for allowing me to gain knowledge through your courses. I really want to finish the studies and one day have a church to praise God and do His will and work.”Francisco (AZ)-Feb, 2011


  • “I am a six time world champion fighter, a personal trainer, a father and a husband. I have lived the life of a pro athlete and know that sin has led me here. After readingBornTo Win and seeing how my life has been, I asked God to be my Savior and walk me through this journey. I want to study all of your courses. My goal is to eventually fund/open my own inner city church that creates a physical and spiritual community. I think this is His way of telling me to do my part and He will do His. I no longer have an excuse.”Jeff (CO)-November, 2011


  • Lessons For Christian Living has taken the dull, general knowledge I had of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and honed it to a hair-splitting keen edge allowing me a more intimate under-standing of the Lord in my life and situation.”Eric (TX)-February, 2013


  • Proverbs For Life is filled with positive words from God on how to live a life with adversity. Despite a place that can be cold and evil at times, God has brought joy into my life by doing in me here what I failed to do in the world. He’s given me brothers who love me unconditionally and I in return love them no matter what. I live and endure things through Jesus I would never have lived outside these walls. I’m growing in Christ daily. I have everything!”Alfredo (TX)-April, 2014


  • “I was super excited to receive`Born to Win. Though a Christian before I began the course, I know a lot more about the stories. I am truly grateful to you all and to God for well…everything. My life is now and fully devoted to our Lord and Savior. I was blind; my eyes have been opened. I was wandering in darkness for 28 years. Jesus came and found me. He showed me the way out!”Anthony (CO)-May, 2013


  • “I would like to thank you for your dedication to us prisoners. This course has really been rehabilitation for me. I feel so good after reading and doing the program booklets. I’m really rehabilitating myself through the help of Write-Way Ministries.Doing Time With Jesus taught me what to expect when I am released and how to avoid it all. Wow! I love it so!”Willie (TX)-June, 2013


  • Born To Winreally opened my eyes to what kind of person I truly was. I knew I needed to change. As your courses took me through the Bible, I could feel the joy and love changing inside me. At the same time, I was seeing things from God’s point and what He was expecting from me.”Robert (OK)-December, 2012


  • “I have taken many courses during my stay in TDCJ. I want you to know thatBorn To Win has touched me and given me the best understanding, as though these lessons were meant for me. Thank you for the opportunity to grow more in Christ.”Herman (TX)-January, 2014


  • “To whom this may concern. I didn’t believe in Jesus until I got thisBorn To Win Bible study. It has really opened my eyes and because of your Bible study I have been saved and just wanted to thank you and that I am looking forward in the next course soon. Thank you again and God bless.”Brandon (CA)-November, 2013


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed your courseThe Messianic Psalms. I have been enlightened first of all that these Psalms had been designated as such and secondly that Jesus quoted from these Psalms. It is as if a light has been turned on in my head and I am grateful.”Neal (TX)-May, 2013


  • Kings of Israel is a great study---I learned very much. Until this course, I had no idea of the depth of sin and idolatry Israel was led into by the evil kings. What a warning this is for us!Larry (PA)-August, 2013


  • “I was very pleased withHow To Succeed On The Streets because it touched base on everything wrong with my life today. I pray the Lord will deliver me from this life of sin. He will be my shield against the devil himself as well as the gods of immoral sex, money, family neglect, violence and intoxication. I pray for my family, myself, the church that the Lord will be with us to resist all of them while we patiently wait for His return”.Brian (CO), July, 2014


  • "I just want to tell you guys that I have done a few other Bible studies, butBornTo Win is by far the best one. I have learned so much in this one study- I can't wait to receive more and learn more. Thank you! Also I have a few friends to request Bible studies for, please."Barbara (TX)- March, 2012


  • “Your courses have all but single-handedly changed my life. I have learned so much though the ECS courses about my own purpose in life that I have stepped out of my comfort zone of defiance. Against the wishes of my attorney, and facing a trial that we would clearly win, I have confessed to my crime and will face the consequences. I simply could not go into a court that God created, swear on His name and lie, even if it meant freedom. I believe the call to repentance came straight through Write-Way. My life truly has been irreversibly changed.”Ron (TX)-August, 2011


  • “When I first started, I was a non-believer doing the courses to impress the parole board. As I did them, questions concerning God, the Bible, and religion in general were being answered. I could feel a definite tugging in my heart to accept Jesus as my personal Savior, which could only have been the Holy Spirit urging me to do the right thing. It was like aheavy weightlifted off my shoulders when I called out to Jesus. I no longer do the courses for the parole board but because I truly enjoy them. I no longer lie awake at night unable to let some minor thing go, nor do I hold grudges. The benefits are far too numerous to mention. Thank you for providing the life-changing opportunity.”Richard (CA)-April, 2012


  • “Thank you for all you do in sending me the ECS studies. It has really opened my eyes that allowed me to open my heart and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The lessons are showing me the way and helping me understand exactly what the message of the whole Bible is...Jesus Christ.”Anthony (AZ)-January, 2014


  • “I’ve learned a lot through these courses. I have learned how to love and trust our Lord. I am going home but I would like to continue to take the courses. Perhaps, I can involve my spouse as well?”Quinton (VA)-December, 2013


  • "I've believed in God all my life, but through the Emmaus Bible Correspondence courses, it has opened a whole new world to me, to God's Word and love for His children. My mom was a Christian who taught us to believe, but I just wouldn't listen. I guess it took prison to bring me closer to God, so I know He has a purpose in life for me. Amen"- T.L. (FL)-February, 2013


  • I just wanted to write and thank you for the letter that you sent me with my last Bible study it came at a good time cuz my faith has been tested lately. I just wanted to testify my faith to you and thank you and your organization for teaching me about the Lord. This whole thing happened when I wrote you from an address that my celly brought with him from Leavenworth Kansas amazing isn’t it?Gary (CO)-January, 2012


  • "I am plagued with uncertainty and inconsistency. People here enjoy taking your peace. Prayer life is insufficient to deal with it. I am confused. Please pray. These lessons are my sanity".JD (FL)-January, 2012


  • “I’m doing great! I may be in prison, but God’s peace follows me wherever I go. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to write this letter to express my appreciation for everything God used in the Boone County Jail Ministry for in my life. …. Know that everyone involved has made an impact in my growth as a Christian. Thank you so much for your selflessness while serving others and be sure to keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working.”  Blare (IL)-Nov, 2010


  • “I would like to take this time out to thank you for caring for those that are in jails and prisons. I know that spreading God’s Word is an important task that’s not easy. I was one of those prisoners that you all reached. Currently I am no longer in jail but if I don’t get my life together soon I may be back in jail. That is the purpose of this letter. I need help!! I want to become closer to God. Your studies taught me a lot and I want to continue to learn. I’m not sure if you send studies to people not incarcerated but I pray that you will. I know that God will allow you and I to go forward. I love Jesus but I need a relationship with Him. Your studies bring me closer by giving me an understanding.” N.B. (KY)-Jan, 2011


  • “Upon starting this journey of taking ECS courses, I didn’t know what would be in store for me, yet I was open. Your lessons have truly been a blessing. They’ve inspired, educated, enriched, and enlightened me beyond anything imagined. Your curriculum is excellent. Many of our youth and young adults need to be reached. I’m alone in my cell 24 hours a day with only one and one-half hours a week on the yard. I spend almost all my waking hours reading God’s Word or Christian books and praying. I love Jesus above all else and seek to become a minister and teacher of the Gospel. My goal is to reach and teach those who are lost, as I once was. And, one day I would like to be more involved in your ministry.”David (CA)


  • God bless you both, I thank you for the beautiful Birthday card, your acknowledgment was a blessing, you are a gift from God, from the very beginning of our correspondence to the present I am so grateful. Here we are "inmates" recognize as a number, so to be acknowledged as a person of interest, is more than just commonalty it feels good, your faithfulness is surely unto the Lord, as your expression of Love visit even the prisoner. Through your faithfulness, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, your promise and integrity, I have with your encouragement completed my 99th unit of study. Instructor Searcy has been a wonderful blessing as well, his correspondence is always personal, positive and encouraging, he reminds me of you in respect to your faithfulness to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yours and brother Searcy's labor and Aunt D's Labor and all those who labor through Emmaus, I commend you all, God has blessed you that you may be a blessing even unto us. Instructor Joseph Thank you again for your continuous acknowledgment, Love, compassion and awareness to all those in need not just I, but all those whom God sends you. I have 23 more months to go on a 15 year sentence. Yes, I'm almost done. Isn't that wonderful? God is almost done with me here. I can't wait to see what else He has for me. I'm looking forward to serving the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit in all I do. I don't know what brother Searcy will send me for my 100th unit of study, but I am excited and hungry for the continuing studies and very thankful for them. If you remember I started back in January 2007. I'm glad that the Emmaus road of study has been long, diligent and most important available. Thanks to faithful representatives such as yourself. God bless you and God bless all who represent Emmaus and God bless the church all around the world. From your brother in Christ Jesus with love -SincerelyDon (FL)-March, 2012


  • “I now know so much more than I did just two months ago. There are so many answers and understanding I have gotten from your courses. With the blessing from God, I would love to keep on. The ECS study courses are more to my liking and more challenging (than others).”Theodore (MD)-April, 2011


  • I am a jailer and not allowed to give out information publicly. I was making my rounds and an inmate let me see two of his ECS courses. I am a Christian and welcome and love to read anything helpful toward my spiritual growth. These courses are outstanding. How can I receive these courses? These would be great for my fellow church members as well.Guide to Christian Growth is the course I am reading now. I will return the course and thank the inmate for letting me view his books!Nola (NC)- January, 2012


  • I wanted to send you this short note, that you might remain encouraged. I was released from prison a little over a year ago. I completed ECS studies while in prison. Since my released, I am enrolled in seminary, have become an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, am an Associate Minister of Grace Memorial Baptist Church, and now I grade the very bible studies (through John Plasterer) that I used to complete when I was in prison. God is able to do all things!!! Prayerfully, I will be able to support the ministry in a more effective way in the near future. Until then, I'll keep you in my prayers. Stay encouraged!Walter (MD)-January, 2012


  • “Thank you so much for your ministry. I have enjoyed reading the courses and learning more about the Bible. Thanks for your time you put into sending the books and grading the papers and comments. It is nice to know that someone else out there loves us like Jesus does.”Mark (CT)-Feb, 2011


  • “Please start these two guys on your courses. They asked me to have you send them courses. I told them the reason I stopped trying to help people was because I felt like I was feeding the Word to swine, but they seemed like good guys and want to learn about God’s word. I want to thank ECS for helping me to get on the right track. I started working these courses and I cannot stop. I feel better about life even though I am in prison. I am still blessed and I thank God for His Word and love for me. Thank you as well.”Jerome (ME)-Aug, 2010


  • We have a group Bible study every day at 3:00 pm and we use the material you make available. I thank you and so do the other men.”Barry (AZ)-April, 2012 


  • “I have learned a lot more about the Bible thanks to ECS Ministries. Being incarcerated has given me a lot of time to learn and get closer to God. Without that knowledge of Him I would not be able to stand this terrible place, but God has given me a lot of reasons to show me why I needed this place. I have that hope that with Him in Heaven I will have no more tears, pain, evil and darkness or death. I am now thankful for all my trials, and I count them all JOY for they are getting me closer to God.”Gary (CA)-Sept, 2011


  • “Thank you for sharing love to many in need in the prison system. Believe me, your work has changed someone’s life and I hope to do it right from here on. Keep me in prayer as I will do for you.”Moses (AZ)- February, 2012


  • I do wish to thank you for these Bible study courses. They are very helpful and very inspirational to me and to others. They helped me get closer to God. These courses have helped me lead three to Christ in here, in prison. God bless you for I am blessed.”DH (KY)-Aug, 2010


  • “I have been incarcerated for 4 years. During this time Emmaus has been a part of my life. Emmaus has become part of my family. I cannot thank you enough. A special thanks to those who have corrected my studies and have been an inspiration to me through their comments.” John (NH)-Jan, 2011


  • “The testimony I would like to give is: Never give up. No matter what you have, the last move is prayer. I first learned of ECS Prison Ministry was after I was falsely arrested for rape charges. I spent 20 months in jail on a no bail warrant fighting this case. I was facing 20 years in prison on a charge that would surely get me killed if I went to prison, so I saw myself as fighting for my life. I went from a working class citizen to being an inmate in a maximum security jail with people facing life. I didn’t know what to do. It was like the whole world was against me. No one believed I was innocent. I happened to findMen Who Met the Master. From that course, I learned about Emmaus study courses. So I wrote ECS and they began to send me study courses and I began to read the Bible. Then I learned that this was not my fight but God’s fight and how the truth will set you free. So I let God have His way in my life. At the trial I told the truth and the truth set me free. I was declared innocent. But I also found God. Two days after I got out of custody, I found a church home and now I am off and running with God.”Jeffrey (CA)-Feb, 2011


  • “For some of us, our families have turned away and we depend solely on God’s Word for hope, power, inspiration and most of all, His love. The ECS courses help inspire and fill our hearts on a daily basis. As Christ said, ‘You did come to visit me in prison.’”Albert (AZ)-Dec, 2009


  • “The amazing thing about the ECS Study courses is that I have been taking them for the past six years and during that time some serious issues have befallen me and your courses have been right there to see me through them. I thank you for your continued guidance. I do not want to be religious. I want to be an authentic Christian. I want to grow in my faith, not so much by what I say, but how I live my life. I want my life to be a testimony for Jesus Christ. I want my life, what I have left, to be a fragrance pleasing to God. My first term in Leavenworth, the only reason I went to church was to pass the time. My second term in California I was a real Christian hater. I had a short third term, and now on my fourth I have really found Christ. But I got a lot of emotional baggage. I crave fellowship from brothers but I don’t do well in personal relationships. I’m big, and most people who see me think of me as an angry old man. My face is deadpan but it is all a veneer from years in prison. Maybe the reason I don’t “feel” God’s love is because I haven’t dealt fully with my anger. I know God loves me, faith and the Bible tells me so, but I don’t feel it like I want to.”William (CA)-February, 2011


  • “I would like to thank you for the opportunity to take these Bible courses. They are really a blessing to me. Just to be able to learn all I can about my Lord and Savior really brings honor to me. Jesus is my life and my desire is to grow in Christ so I may be like Christ. I pray that God may bless your ministry in all that you do.”Tony (MS)-June, 2010 


  • “Thanks for your wonderful Bible Studies! They are a true pleasure and I truly appreciate them. May God continue to bless your staff and shine His light over all. I hope my words show some of the fruit of your labors. Keep sowing, for you will reap so much!”  John (NV)-January, 2012


  • “After I mail these exams, I am going home. Please continue to help me with my new decision to live my life for the Lord. These Bible courses have been my inspiration for changing my whole life. I was living for Satan and was a sinner who was lost until I got arrested and another inmate helped me get started with your courses. Thank you so much.”Eric (GA)-Aug 2010


  • “I’m in a place where it is very easy to get lost into temptation and evil. Sometimes I fall into these traps and stray away from God. Here’s where your courses come into play. Your lessons help me to avoid these traps and keep me fascinated as I find new things out about my Father. This keeps me focused, strengthens my relationship with God and helps me in my every day battles. Thanks for this wonderful, intriguing, and most needed program.”  Javier (AZ)-March, 2011


  • “These Bible studies are truly a blessing. I can't express to you how much my knowledge of the Bible increased and how my faith in God grew from things that I learned through these studies. Only through Christ did I find peace and that's really hard to find in a jail cell. ECS helped me find my way to accepting Christ and all the blessings He has to offer. My salvation and joy in Christ has led me to go back into the prison system and share our loving God with others since I have been in the same hopeless pit that they are in. I am going to refer them to the ECS courses. The studies helped me so much to really believe in the promises of God. I know that others may benefit from them also. Thank you so much and may God bless you.Amy (MS)-October, 2013


  • “I wanted to write you this so you know who I am. I am James and have been in this correctional center more than 22 years now. But I’ve been in prison almost for 24 years in this coming April. I’ve been saved and born again on Mother’s Day in 1985. I used to take this Bible correspondence course many years ago. Perhaps 20 years ago, I really can’t remember. Anyway, I don’t recall how far I’ve come through, but perhaps just some few courses. For a reason I stopped or you stopped. Years passed by and by. I did something stupid that resulted me in segregation now. I found your “Born To Win” correspondence course in a library cart where library books are kept in for us inmates to read. I took it because I needed to go through the Word of God again. I was a fool thinking I was too good to be a Christian. I was but I was sleepy and lazy. I was led astray by myself. Now I am awake and up for He has my attention. I’ve come clean before Him. I thank Him for never leaving and forsaking me. Praise the Lord! Now I am interested to taking your courses for I will be here for a while. I trust my Lord with all my heart. Perhaps I am here to learn ABC’s over again to be used by Him once I am getting out of segregation. Consider this is my time with my Lord alone so I will value every minute to spend with Him!”James (CO)


  • "I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for your time, study, help and encouragement in learning, understanding, living and sharing God's Word. I now have a deeper understanding that Jesus is the Perfect One, the only one who can satisfy my soul.  


I have developed my very own personal relationship with my Lord and Savior seeking to be humble and obedient and repenting of any sins. God's Word has made a tremendous difference in my life and attitude. He is making me wise through His Word and I practice being holy and showing loving kindness to even those who do me wrong, because that's what Jesus would do. The more I give myself to God, the more He gives himself to me!  


I present this as evidence that my desire is to re-build my entire life from the foundation up, although, I cannot do nor change anything to erase the poor choices of yesterday, as much as I would like to, I do have choices concerning the way I choose to live my life today. I have equipped myself with facts, knowledge and wisdom, as well as taking steps into the right direction that will enable me to make smart decisions in my future. I have an attitude of gratitude for life and place value on it. 


Experience has taught me that life is a series of lessons. Each one I solve, another lesson awaits me, taking the last one's place, which in turn, gives me the opportunity to do good. The battle is either won or lost in my mind, whichever one gets my attention most"wins". However, I have God in my life and on my side, apart from Him, I can never do my best, but with Him, I can become the best I am! My "hope" is knowing I'm victorious in God's eyes and that has become my strength today".Donna (FL)-   August, 2010


  • “I want my character to be developed even more by Christ. I want these Biblical truths to influence my life. I love this stuff (ECS courses). I want and need it more and more each day to help me be more and more obedient to the Father in my life. I am so thrilled to be alive now. There is no greater influence in the world than what God is doing in my life!”Juan (CA)


  • “Thank you for reaching out to the prisons and women in need of encouragement. ECS is such a blessing to a lot of women here at Broward Correctional Institution, including myself. I give God all the glory for ECS. Your ministry is an inspiration to us all. I pray that God continues to supply all of your personal and ministry needs and give you overflow that you can’t contain it!”Migdalia (FL)-January, 2010


  • “Never in my life have I really accomplished much and the ECS certificates help remind me of my growth and who I am in Jesus Christ.”Josh (CO)-August, 2010


  • “I got a photo album full of certificates. I am not an ‘A’ student but I try. I would never dream that I could do this, but I know that deep inside my heart God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are helping me as my teachers and tutors.”Ray (CA)-August, 2010 


  • “Thanks to ECS for giving me the chance to have a much better understanding of Jesus Christ our Lord. Through your courses, I have become a devoted believer in Christ and no longer practice under Al-Islam. Today I am a loving Christian.” Praise God.Hareef (NJ)-October, 2009


  • “These courses have helped my growth and helped me spend my time keeping my focus on God. The responses I have received back with my corrected exams are encouraging. God has had me on this journey for a purpose.”  Tom (CA)-August, 2010


  • “ECS is my favorite study of all the correspondence courses offered. It has guided me through the Bible like no other influence has been able to. I’ve had a hard time with school in the past but I am now motivated to study with my newfound life in Christ. I find myself excited by what I am learning in these studies. I can speak to others with confidence about God like I never have been before.”John (AK)-October, 2009


  • “If I am set free from this prison my next parole meeting May 1st, as my physical body passes through these prison gates, I will always remember my spirit was set free long before when I picked up a Bible in my prison cell and an ECS Bible Study Course application fell out. I kneeled and prayed to Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sins and direct me to His Kingdom. That day I was set free and the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me through each and every study you have sent. Thank you and God bless you.”Jack (CO)-June 2010


  • “Thank you for letting me be a part of your studies. I’d like to let you know a little about me. I’m 39 as of yesterday. I’m divorced, 10 years in prison, hopefully home in a year or two. I have 5 great kids, Kirsten 18, Michael 18, Ashley 15, Stephen 12 and Jared 10. I have been a believer since November 29, 2008. I was a Muslim for 7 years or so, and a nothing before that. I am trying to be a sponge, leaning as much as possible, sharing my joy with whoever will listen to me. Thank you so much for allowing me into your life, even if it’s just grading my test. It’s nice to know that somewhere in the world; there are people who haven’t given up on me. May God bless you and grant you His peace.”  Richard (CO)-June, 2010


  • “I was raised in a Christian home and consider myself well versed in the Word of God. But, there is always room to learn and grow. I have learned even more about God’s Word and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through your study program. ECS courses are the most profitable and enjoyable studies I have ever worked. Thank you for all you do and keep up your wonderful work.”Robert D. (TX)-October, 2009


  • “The ECS Bible Studies give me hope, reassurance, and most of all: love. Since I started them, I’ve come a long way in the guidance of God in my life. I have a better outlook on things and Jesus has changed my life. I was a very bad guy at one time: stealing, drinking, robbing, etc. I no longer want that sinful lifestyle. But the love of God is what I need and want. There are so many lost kids in our world today who are growing up like I did. I’m 38 years old and grateful to be alive with Jesus. Thank you so much for the studies. Keep them coming!”Charles (TX)-September, 2009


  • Jose Nunez (CA) came from the streets. Never heard about Jesus Christ other than cursing. He has completed 11 ECS courses in a prison at French Camp, CA. The people correcting his materials are excited at what Christ is doing in his life. As a gang leader he has quite a few gang members studying the ECS courses also. "Stay away from ungodly and foolish people.” Jose recognizes that the Lord has kept him safe through his gang life and troubles. He is writing that when he gets out of prison the Lord will be by his side forever. If Jose sins he says, "I immediately feel guilty and I pray cuz I don't feel good.” He reports that the best medicine for depression and fear is turning to the Lord.December, 2009 


  • Since starting to do the Emmaus Study Courses I have my life over to Jesus Christ. I was baptized on the 4th of July 2009, at the prison chapel and I have been filled with the Holy Spirit of God. My life has turned around 180 degrees. I served Satan for 50 years and now I am born again and a true child of God. Thank you ECS.Mark (CA)-September, 2010


  • "I really enjoy the Bible Study lessons a lot. My parents abandoned me at age 3. I was sexually abused when I was 8, 12 and 13. I don't know how to trust God. Please help me. Please tell me what I need to pray to get some relief. I am depressed and I want to be happy and have some peace. Please help!"Sharon (TN)-January, 2014


  • “I have been taking ECS courses for many years. Thank you for your time and love so that we may feel as part of God’s church. I have been blessed with the freedom of Christ!Dave (CA)-February, 2014


  • “I would like to get involved in your Bible study program. I’m looking for a way to change my ways and I’ve seen several inmates doing the study that you have to offer. I see the commitment they have and I’ve noticed how their knowledge of the Bible has improved. I would like to know more and renew my faith.”Leonel (TX)-December, 2011


  • “I have had a change in my life. The Lord is blessing me and has given answers to my prayers. In this place where I am, 19-20 of us believers study, worship and pray to God daily. We meet every day at 5 PM. I have received the Lord Jesus as my Savior and in these moments I am using the time to prepare myself in the living Word of Christ Jesus so that when I get out of this place I will look for where to meet and work like a real soldier of Christ, seeking souls for Him. The decision that I made is a very clear decision of submitting myself by faith in Christ Jesus and letting Him direct my life while I live in this world. Personally I am participating three times a week in the sermons in this small congregation. Receive many blessings on part to all the ECS personnel.” Jose (GA)-September, 2013


  • “I have to thank you (repeats 5X’s)! I am learning about God and Christ, thanks to the Emmaus studies. I want to leave the desert strong. I am asking for a sword to carry in to the world waiting outside.” Pedro (in Spanish) (TX)-December, 2011

  • “I’m hungry for my next course. I depend on ECS courses to feed on. I’m so blessed by them and forever thankful. ECS has been my inspiration for Bible correspondence courses. They are part of my rehabilitation.”Robert (MA)-Dec, 2009


  • “I have been doing this study for about 2 years. First, I want to say thank you. I feel you have helped me with my walk with Christ. I really like the way y’all write little comments on the questions. It just makes it seem better to know that someone is really grading them.Richard (GA)-February, 2011


  • “I like to thank you all at Set Free Prison Ministries. If not for your study Bible courses I fear false teachers could have led me astray. Countless times I’ve referred back many times to my study courses from your ministry. I pray and encourage many that have started these courses to see it through and allow the Holy Sprit to speak to them. I have been looking for a Bible study courses to do in place of this one I’ve finished but no one provides courses like yours.”Ed (CO)-Dec, 2009


  • “You have my thanks for the mission you have devoted yourselves to! I have been the recipient of the blessings resulting from your efforts, as have many of the brothers on my housing unit that have worked through the studies independently after I completed them. For several of them (Roman Catholics and members of churches that don’t stress systematic study of the Word), it has been their first exposure to the Word outside of basic homilies taken from a passage in one of the gospels. For them also: Thank you!”Paul (WI)


  • “I want to thank Emmaus very much in helping me find the Lord, understanding what He wants me to do with my new life, and most of all, in giving me the strength to have and know the Lord. Emmaus is the only program that I got in this prison. I’ve been through a lot in my life and never thought that God cared or even existed until I started studying the Bible. Now I leave here with God walking hand in hand with me as we leave together. Thank you very much!”Maria (AZ)


  • “I give credit to the volunteers at Set Free Prison Ministries and the guidance they gave me when they corrected my tests while I was incarcerated. They were and are a blessing. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for these volunteers. I now attend church with many of the volunteers and know how much they really care about others, even though they are rarely given any credit or thanks. I thank you all. Please continue to do the Lord’s work and know that you are making a difference! The Lord has done miracles in my life and has changed me from the hateful, spiteful, wretched man that I was into a new creature—and some of you were tools that He used. Again thank you all.”Ron (CO)


  • “I just wanted to thank your ministry for strengthening my walk with the Lord. I started my prison sentence in Ft. Worth, TX in 2002 and was released this past October (2008). I was so lost at the beginning of my time. One day, to guarantee hearing my name at mail call, I signed up for your correspondence courses. Wow! They changed my life forever. Thank God! Now I’m home in Dubuque. I’ve made a great friend there & cannot wait to give back the same way you and your ministry gave! I just want to thank you and praise the Lord for the life I now have filled with hope!”Mickie (IA)-February, 2009


  • “I have only recently come to trust in the Lord. Your courses were of immense help. As I continue to become more familiar with scripture I find myself getting more excited with Christianity. I almost dread completing all of your courses because I look so forward to receiving them.”Tom (CANADA)-March, 2010 


  • “I have truly enjoyed the Bible study lessons that you have been sending me. They have helped me a lot with my every day walk with my Lord Savior, Jesus Christ. I would love for you to pray for deliverance from my present situation. Also that our God and Father would give my family members which I have hurt, a forgiving heart toward me. Thank you.”Forrest (MS)


  • “God bless all of you at ECS Ministries for seeing me through the darkest hours of my life while I have been locked away these past three years. You will never know fully what your ministry has meant to me.”John (TX)-September, 2010


  • “I am never happier than when I am doing these courses! I learn something new every day. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.”Brandi (CANADA)


  • “How blessed I am to receive these lessons from ECS. They have been a great help in my growth as a Christian. I particularly have been learning a great deal from the New Testament courses. I was in need of some “solid food.” These courses came just at the right time. Thanks for responding with encouragement and Scripture verses.” Michael (AZ)-July, 2010


  • “I appreciate the postage paid envelopes. Things are very expensive in here. Your financial sacrifices are being used exquisitely and beneficial to many. The courses serve as an aide for witnessing. There are many here who have confessed Jesus. I will include some new sign-ups on the reverse of this letter. Thanks you for the blessings you have bestowed upon me: prayer, Bible studies, certificates and the study Bible.” James (AZ)-July, 2010


  • This course has literally saved my life. I was extremely depressed and suicidal when I came back to jail. I let my son down and was looking at 50 years in jail. These courses brought God back into my life and re-energized my spirit and walk with the Lord. I now look at this time in jail as a divine blessing, because I will now get some un-interrupted time to grow with God. Thank you Emmaus!!!!


With your help I have gained knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of God’s Word that I have been sharing with fellow inmates. I also have set a goal in my life to serve others by sharing the Word of God with them. Most important I will be serving Jesus Christ.


If I am set free from this prison at my next parole, as my physical body passes through these prison gates, I will always remember my spirit was set free long before when I picked up a Bible in my prison cell and an ECS Bible Study Course application fell out and I kneeled and prayed to Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sins and direct me to His Kingdom. That day I was set free and the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me through each and every study you’ve sent. Thank you and God bless you.Joshua (CO)


  • “Thank you for sending me this certificate, it means more to me than my High School diploma because I am studying the Word of God that helps me learn to live right.”  John (CA)


  • This is my first time in prison and my eyes have been opened to 43 years of sin and waste of life. I will never be the man I was nor will I ever return to prison. I intend to fulfill these promises to my wife and grown children. I must continue my studies and relationship with God. I do not know where my wife and I will live or what my future holds. I am learning to leave it in His hands. My release date is November, 2010. I deeply thank you for the ECS studies. These are tools that are helping to change my life. I enjoyed theGospel of John. Regardless of what you send next, I will soak it up like a sponge. Thank you so much for your ministry in my life.”Paul (AZ)-Jan 2010


  • “I receivedThe Holy Spirit at Work a couple days before Christmas. I had been looking and hoping to receive a letter, or if nothing else, a Christmas card. I did not receive a card or a letter from any of my family after sending each and every one of them a card. Recently, I’d been feeling down and out, hurt with pain you would not believe…the thoughts that were going through my head were not good. Anyway, low and behold, what do I get in the mail?The Holy Spirit at Work from Write-Way Ministries and a completion certificate from another lesson with a 98% score. So this is what I did during Christmas, studying the lesson pertaining to the Holy Spirit. Thank you for sending this course. I hate to think of what might have been if you had not sent it when you did. Sometimes the pain of life is so very, very painful that a person would do anything to make that pain go away.Devin (TX)-January, 2011 


  • “I have been working with an inmate and am amazed how he, being 18 years old, has been absorbed by the Bible. Finally got him aBorn To Win. I think I’ve created a monster. (lol) He can’t seem to get enough of the Bible and to see the joy he is getting out of it is very refreshing! I’ve seen a tremendous change in his attitude and involvement in his Bible studies. He has had a rough start to life and I hope this will turn him around……”(IL)-January, 2013


  • I have really enjoyedLessons For Christian Living. Please send this course to a friend of mine. I know he will enjoy it.Renee (TN)-March, 2014


  • Daniel has meant so much to me. In the last six weeks I have undergone some of the hardest trials of anytime I have been in prison. I got three major disciplinary cases in two weeks. “God saw that I was ignoring Him. He takes His children He loves and chastises them when they turn from Him. Psalm 23 says, ‘Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.’ David knew that the ‘rod’ was a weapon and could be used as an attention getter! I carried two ECS Bible studies,Hebrews andDaniel with me for four years, ignoring them. But God did not let me throw them away. I believe He knew there would come a time when this child of His would need them. Pray for me.”David (TX)-April, 2013


  • “I just want to say God bless all of you who are behind this. I’m a seventeen year old boy who’s finding his way to God and getting to know Him better. Thank you for sending meBorn To Win. It opened my eyes about life. I’m an excellent study person and my favorite subject is math. But I love these Bible courses more than math! I would love to complete more courses. Say a prayer for me.”Raymond (TX)-March, 2013


  • “First off, thank you for bringing this course to me. I have just started theBorn to Win booklet. I can honestly say that I am a saved man, (it only took 3 years) I have prayed the salvation prayer many times. But I really believe now and have let Christ into my heart. I can thank you for this. At the beginning of book you said I could ask any question, well I sure do have plenty. We all sin every day and we are forgiven when we ask for forgiveness right? Well as I grow in faith will I sin less? I would think to find myself unworthy if I continue to repeat the same sins day after day. I am really just trying to learn and be righteous but, thank you for your help. I highly appreciate your time.”John (CO)-September, 2012  


  • Managing Anger God’s Way was so important to me that I did not want to rush through it. Do you have more courses like it? Anger is something that has plagued me all my life. I never knew of any appropriate ways of dealing with anger. I would cope by internalizing and then having it come out in variety of ways including rage and violence. I hope and pray to do better.”(IA)-October, 2013


  • “The topic of the sanctification work of Holy Spirit inWalkin’ the Walkis exactly what I needed to read. Recently, I had some women come here from my hometown who knew me before I had the Lord in my life. They were expecting me to be the same. Of course, I am changed and I let them know I now have God in my life. I’m not who I once was.”(IA)-October, 2013


  • "As always, thank you a million times for the courses.God's Word Is Truth was a very informative and awe inspiring read. I look forward to the next course Sincerely, Your Brother In Christ,Angel (FL)-May, 2013


  • “I had to write to say thatWalkin’ the Walk is so impressive. The fact that a former incarcerated man wrote the book was so touching. I believe this course should be the very first one every incarcerated person should start out with in their studies because the author can directly relate to the reader all the things one has to deal with in the prison environment.Walkin’ the Walkreinforces how important what we do, say and act shows others how sincere we are about our walk with God. I wish I had this book back when I started in the county because the issues the author writes about are so very true. God has blessed the author and I pray he continues his journey to inspire all those incarcerated to remind us we are not alone. Others before us have come out better in the end by God’s grace. This book deeply touched me more than I can ever express.”Terry (NJ)-February, 2013


  • “I began this sentence in 1984. The prison commissary would not sell me tobacco because I was only 17 years old. I am now 46. I have taken 100’s of Bible study courses over the years so I can relate to the “brick wall” analogy. It was not until a year ago that I sincerely read the Bible for the third time and understood what I was reading. With that said and my extensive knowledge of doing time, I like to think of myself a connoisseur of Bible studies (even though I can’t spell!). This study [Walkin’the Walk] is by far the most comprehensive study I’ve ever done and I know God is in the works and my heart rejoices.”Danny( TX)-August, 2013


  • “Why did it take me two years and 48 credits to get to this excellent, practical book? (Walkin’ The Walk) Can copies of it be sent to every chaplain in the state for general distribution? It was very relevant to difficulties facing incarcerated believers at all levels of maturity. I really wanted to include a page of the book for your reference, but it was so good I had to pass it on so others could read it.”Seth (TX)-June, 2012


  • Walkin’ the Walk was the most exciting study yet! I enjoyed it a lot and it gave me information about a lot of things. I was granted parole! Could I please finish these studies at home?” [Yes!]Brenda (TX)-December, 2012


  • Walkin’ the Walk is a very powerful lesson. It really goes into step by step detail to help me make efforts with prayer to follow the Spirit and ‘walk the walk.’ And yes, I’m now just barely standing!Patrick (TX)-March, 2013


  • “I have been up and down like the waves of the ocean. People in my family have been sick or even dying. So I just wanted to quit; but I cannot do it. I have been holding on to theWalkin’ The Walk booklet. It was a very good lesson. It tells me not to let my discouragement cause me to surrender my studies because I have the greatest weapon and that is prayer and hope. Page 76 in this booklet has been very helpful.”Manuel (TX)-June, 2013

  • "Oh, I praise and I thank God almighty for this correspondence course. It has helped me to grow stronger in the Lord and to better understand God’s Word. As tears of joy rundown my face, I will always be grateful for what the Lord has done for me through this course (Walkin’ The Walk). It has changed me forever to be closer to my God. May the Lord reward those who are involved in the minis-tries with awesome spirited blessings!"Miguel (TX)-June, 2012


  • “A year and a half ago, I did a personal reading and study of Ecclesiastes. As I now reflect on my notes and compare them to what I have learned from your courseEcclesiastes: Is There Meaning To Life? Wow…what a tremendous difference! I am truly blessed by your wonderful ministry.”Jeff (NV)-June, 2012


  • “I am taking five different religious correspondence courses. The ECS courseGospel of John is the best that I have experienced. I got more out of these lessons than any other readings or teachings. Thank you so much!”James (NV)-April, 2012 


  • “I think if it had not been forWalkin’ the Walk I wouldn't have fully devoted my time to studying and understanding the Bible. These courses have been a major influence and stepping stone in building my spiritual education."Christopher (TX)-October, 2012


  • “Since I started the lesson fromBorn To Win, I have been baptized here in prison and have joined the choir. Thank you for leading me there. This has really, really helped me on the path to the Lord!”Danica (NV)-Oct 2011


  • Thank you for the amazing courseWhat the Bible Teaches. After numerous setbacks, I got on my knees and asked God to forgive me and come back into my life. The first step I took in prison was to renounce my affiliation with the Mexican mafia. That was a huge decision because now I will always have a price on my head but I don’t care because I have Jesus in my life. I have led a few others to the Lord and we have a Bible study. I have much to be thankful for!Mario (AZ)-February, 2012


  • How has this lesson helped you?(What The Bible Teaches)“It taught me a bunch of stuff. I really didn’t know too much and the stuff I did know it expanded on. I like this stuff and I thank you guys for taking time out of your day to look over them. It really means a lot.” Michael (TX)-April, 2012


  • “I will continue to re-readWin the Battle for Your Mind for its jewels.”Edwin (NY)-June, 2011


  • “This course,Summary of the Bible, has been a refreshment of the whole Bible. It is a very good companion that keeps me in track of the times and order of events. This one should be a desk reference to pastors and ministers to help them spark their sermons and teaching material in general. Thank you for the comprehensive overview of this course.”Rafael (TX)-April, 2011


  • “I must confess, before completingReady To Give An Answer, I did have lingering doubts regarding the existence of God but no more. This course is the most convincing literature I ever had the opportunity to examine or research. I’m so convinced to the point where I can now say emphatically that I’ve been transformed all the way from being a skeptic-agnostic into a genuine true believer. I would like to thank everyone at ECS Ministries for making this most inspiring Bible study course available at a time when I so desperately needed it.”John (NV)-March, 2012


  • “I recently came uponThe Letters to the Thessalonians. I read it and cross-referenced the Scripture and found that everything aligned with the Word of God. It’s a real blessing to find Scripture that is taught the way it was intended to originally. So I am interested in finding out how to get into your Bible study course. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my walk with God right and stay on track.”Daniel (TX)-April, 2011


  • “I readBible Prophecy over and over again. I gained much light with the help of the Holy Spirit. I can never thank you enough for your ministry. I ascribe the Bible knowledge God has given me directly to your program. God bless you.”Daniel (CO)- Mar 2011


  • Study to Show Yourself Approved was very challenging because submitting to the word of God without my own views or thoughts is difficult. Biblical hermeneutics is about understanding God’s inspired word through the Holy Spirit. Thanks you for this wonderful course.”Wendell (NJ)-Nov 2010


  • “I have been taking your courses and really enjoying learning more about the Lord. I know now for sure after takingBorn To Win that I am saved. Thank you for helping me with this .”Jeffrey (AZ)-Nov, 2010


  •   "I have experienced a deeper relationship with Jesus as a result of this study (The Bible-What's In It For You? )Meltonie (FL)-Nov, 2010


  • “I have learned a lot fromBorn To Win. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. Amen.”Vincent (NE)-Oct, 2011


  • "I just wanted to thank you for this chance to doBorn To Win. This is day one and my studies are already hitting on some key things I need to work on. The stories are very inspirational...I can see that this is the beginning of a great journey and I'm glad to share it with you guys."Joshua (SC)-March, 2014


  • “I have lived my life thinking I knew about Jesus and God. My thoughts and whole life has changed since I have been reading the Bible and doing your courses and this lesson inThe Christian Life.”Ron (CA)-June, 2010


  • FromWalkin’ the Walkexam #8---Q: How have you seen God use your present situation in a way you had not anticipated? A: When I was free, I was in prison. Now that I'm in prison, I am truly free!James (CA)-June, 2014


  • "First Corinthians has helped me to clearly see the problems I have had in my local church on the compound. It has showed me a way to deal with my struggles through Prayer and in Faith in our Lord Jesus. I now understand, and I can feel the bitterness fading away in these last five days it took to do this study. God is really working in me, and I've felt joy these last few days, that had been missing from my heart now for a while".James (FL)-Feb, 2009


  • “I was truly inspired by this study of Jonah. Just reading the introduction had me so spiritually excited and enthused that I had to re-read it several times. It has been one of the best courses I’ve done thus far. I especially enjoyed the comparisons between a man’s pilgrimage and God’s providence.”Dennis (PA)-Sept, 2010


  • “I enjoyed How To Succeed On the Streets. It showed me how to deal with my coming freedom. I’m 50 years old and I’ve spent the last 16 years in prison. It will be a shock for me outside. I know that Jesus has a better plan for my life. I’m looking forward to going to church and showing that Christ can and does change men.”Steven (TX)-Sept, 2010 


  • “I really appreciate this course,Born To Win, that is bringing me back to some of the elementary teaching and principles. I have known the Lord for about 10 years but I have allowed myself and things in this world to separate me from Him. But it feels good to feel His love and be in love with Him again. Please pray for me to be bold in faith to minister to others in this place. My cellmate would like to start lessons also so can you send him the Born To Win booklet?”John (CO) Dec, 2010


  • Ready to Give an Answer was great because I had earlier had a discussion with another inmate who challenged me on this stuff. I didn’t have all the answers, but I am much better equipped now which is what this is basically all about.”Jeff (CANADA)-Sept 2010


  • The Christian Life Exam. 3 Q4 - Communion: “There was an announcement displaying communion on the bulletin board. Someone asked what communion means. I felt terribly bad because I was unable to give an answer of any sort. Communion was one of the points in the Chapter 3 Exam. I now know the actual meaning of communion. I hope that I run into that individual again so I can tell him. This study has influenced me in many ways and has given me peace of mind and understanding of a few things I did not previously know".Angel (FL)-Jan 2009


  • "Lessons for Christian Living touched on many struggles I've been having lately, it hit the target a bulls-eye, it was perfect, God Bless Emmaus Correspondence School and all the volunteers.Michael (FL)-Dec, 2009


  • “I just received my 48 unit certificate. In looking back over all my ECS books, I find that I have learned so much! I thank you for all the time spent with me. I’m looking forward to many more lessons.”Jim (TX)-Jan 2010


  • “Thanks for the great study inLuke and for your letter of encouragement. It is nice to hear from you because in this place so little encouragement is given when so much is needed. I have grown so much from your courses that my life has been changed and I am able to put God’s truths into practice.”Mark (WI)-Mar, 2010


  • “I have definitely seen Proverbs 16:7 happening to me (‘When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies be at peace with him’). Thank you so much forProverbs for Life and this verse as it helps me understand what is happening.”Jeff (CANADA)-Dec, 2010


  • Here is a comment form an inmate to the "What Do You Say?" question on exam #6 inThe Bible Tells Me So Have you been born again? Explain your answer: “Yes, yes, yes. I have been born again! Through this course I realized I was not a born again Christian. I was able to REPENT from my sins and settled the fact that I needed to ask Jesus to forgive me. I thought that I had repented. Through this wonderful course I’ve been able to realize that I had never repented. I do now see that I have a different mindset like the apostle Paul.”Chesley (AK)-Oct, 2010


  • “I have really enjoyed the studyThe Gospel of John. It was eye-opening even to the things that I knew. It was like going to church and getting fresh baked bread of life right out of the oven.”F.B. (KY)-May, 2008 


  • “Like Solomon inEcclesiastes, I spent too many years “searching under the sun.” God blessed by sharing His Son and His Word with me. My life is full and alive with Jesus in me.”Gavin (CA)-June, 2010


  • “I have been incarcerated on and off for a great portion of my life spending almost 25 years behind bars and walls of stone and concrete. I never believed since I was a child being forced into religion. One day here at the detention center, someone told me, ‘Brother, look at you. You look terrible. Why don’t you fill out one of these green cards and be patient because you will receive something that will help you.’ Well, I did and I am in the beginning stages of the lessons. I truly cannot believe what is happening to me! I’m feeling like I’m being transformed, molded, and set free, even while I am incarcerated. I used to laugh inside my head seeing these guys run to church and Bible studies. Since I’ve been learning through the ECS courses and believing whatall that is written (in God’s Word) is true, I am another person who attends church and Bible studies. This is no joking matter. I may have lost everything that I have or own or whatever, but I found Jesus and He found me, and I find myself quite often asking for His mercy and forgiveness for my sins. Thank you for everything that I have been searching a whole lifetime for.”Joe (TX)


  • Course Request: Give one answer to prayer which has thrilled you: “There have been many but the one that thrilled me is the one when I asked our Lord Jesus Christ to come into my heart and save me and make me a better person…there’s no prayer more awesome than that…”B. Hernandez (CA) -October, 2009


  • Thank you for providing me with the wonderful course materials that I have been studying these past months while a prisoner in jail. I cannot calculate the full blessing that it has been to me in my walk as a new Christian. The personal attention that was paid in going over my tests and the encouraging comments that were made during the grading process were of very great importance to me in my decision to continue on with the courses. Someday, those who have been so kind in their help of others will understand the great extent of the blessing they have been to others, and they will stand amazed at the benefit they have been to the lives of those they were so kind to help and encourage. I will be leaving jail in mid April and don’t know where I will be going so I ask that you suspend my courses for the time being. I hope to continue the courses when I once again have a permanent address. Again, many thanks to all for the tremendous help you have been to me as I began my walk as a Christian. I should mention that I was privileged to lead one other person to Christ during my time here in jail. Robert (CO)


  •  I would like to express how touched I was, and the more interest your Emmaus study course pulled out of me. It was a rather enjoyable experience. I saw in the years past other people doing Bible study courses. I had always believed I was doing the same thing when I read my Bible and Our Daily Bread messages, etc. Little did I know how much this course would have the effect it did. I've been overwhelmed.WH (KY)


  • As I finish this last chapter in the series of books, I’m saddened by my many months coming to an end. I’ve eagerly awaited every book and with great anticipation, anxiously awaiting my results, scores, and comments on every lesson. I know it’s the Word that I enjoyed the most. God revealed His Word to me through the Holy Spirit. Daily feeding me with everlasting nourishment in His word for my spirit. I have begun a never-ending journey with my Lord to humbly serve and continue spreading the Good News of the gospel. If our physical lives do not cross in this life, I know I will see you in my Father’s Kingdom.James (CO)

  • “I am being released on 10-31-08. I would still like to keep in contact and still benefit from this study. These studies, especially by William MacDonald, are such a blessing and I don’t want them to end because I am out of prison.”Eric (AZ)


  • “Thank you so much! This course has been enjoyable, challenging, and an enlightenment to my faith. I can’t wait for the next course to arrive. I have handed out several enrollment cards and enjoyed discussion with others about the book and exams. There are several of us receiving them in my pod. I prayed for an end to my adversities, and His answer was to shield me behind a locked door! I am not looking back!”  Robert (TX)


  • “Thank you for your ministry. My son, Eric Matthews (FCI Seagoville)sent me all his old Bible studies with your group, and also the notes of encouragement written by a Miss Marty. I really appreciate her kindness to my son. Thank you so much.”Dee Matthews (TX)


  • “I really want to thank you very much for having this wonderful program that teaches us about the Bible, our Lord Jesus Christ, and many important subjects. The ECS courses have opened my eyes to see things in a very different manner. That alone is priceless.”Jim (AZ)


  • “I have good news: I will be going home, and I would like to continue my studies at home. I truly believe this is a sign from our Heavenly Father to do His will. Praise God! He has blessed me with His Truth and I am so happy to finally know the Truth and how much He does love me.”  Javier (TX)


  • “I am 42 years old and am currently serving a four year sentence in TDCJ. Since my incarceration, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was given the ECS Bible study and I can’t help but feel that this opportunity was sent to me by divine occurrence. I even feel blessed that I have been sent to prison. That in itself made me take a look at the Godless life that I had been living. This experience has opened my eyes to Jesus Christ and what we should do as Christians so that we may walk in the light and enter into the kingdom of heaven.”Jon Paul (TX)


  • “In 1996, at 33 years old, I had just about everything a young brother could have in the hood. After 6 years in the ‘game’ however, I started feeling empty (something was missing). One evening I spoke with God and hold Him I wanted out of the game, but I didn’t know how to get out. I grew up with a Christian belief system. I believed that Jesus was God and that He died on the cross for my sins. I knew Him as a Savior, but not as my Lord. He saved me from 8 gunshots at close range; He saved me from dying in a fire, and He done this and much more even while I was yet a sinner. After praying, asking God for help out of the game, 3 days later I was in the county jail facing 350 years. Though I didn’t kill, rape or steal from anyone. I thought my life was over. Within days of being in the county jail I begin crying and calling out for God’s help and mercy. I asked God if this was His way of taking me out of the game. I call you for help and you give me life in prison. I asked God to give me a sign if He was hearing me – if He would help me (again). Than I asked Him to allow me to open up His Word, and the first scripture that He allowed me to see, I would take this as His answer to me. So I open my Bible and through the blurry of tears I read, ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ (Jer. 29:11). 12 years later, I’m still believing and holding on to these very words God spoke to me in the county Jail. I didn’t get life in prison – I got life in Jesus Christ. Praise God.”  James (WI)


  • "ECS has helped save me from a bad life here on earth and has shown me a better one now and for eternity. Thanks you!"John (AK)-Dec, 2009


  • “I want to thank you so much for your courses. I know for a fact that the Lord brought your courses into my life. Through your courses I began to learn about who God was and who I was in Christ… A love for God’s Word began to grow inside of me that I finally enrolled in college. I completed my first year and now I’m beginning my sophomore year. I am on a dual major. I’m striving for a BA in addition counseling and a BA in pastoral care… I thank you for each word of encouragement that you, Norm, and your instructors have given me, and I am so thankful that the Lord put you in my life.”Venus (IL)


  • “I’m 28 years old. I gave up my religion back in 2000. Now it is 2009 and I am serving a three-year prison sentence. When I first came here, my roommate asked if I was into the Bible and if I believe in God. I said I did but I didn’t know much. He told me he would sign me up for ECS Bible study courses. He said the courses would keep me busy and, at the same time, I would learn more about our Lord. So he signed me up. Long story short…I just want to thank you for all you do for people locked behind bars. To tell you the truth, when I am studying, I don’t feel like I’m locked up and when I am finished, I feel good. I have dropped to my knees and asked God for forgiveness for all of my sins. I realized I can’t do this alone. I need Him in my life.”Johnny Lopez (AZ)-Aug, 2009


  • “Thanks to the ECS studies I’m involved in. I can truly say, ‘I’m saved’…not because of the work I do in them, but because they’ve helped to convict my heart and open my eyes to His truth. I thank all of you that take part in the making, distributing, and grading (and any other part I don’t know about). Because of the knowledge I’ve gained, I feel better equipped to go out and spread the Word of our Lord. I’ve even started to testify and witness to my family. I thank you for giving me (and countless others) the confidence and ability to not only spread the Gospel, but to get closer to Him above.”Eddie (AZ) 


  • “I have been working on your Bible study for a while now. Every study book is brimming, chock-full of great wealth of information. The explanations given for each subject are very clear and all-inclusive. I am highly blessed with your Bible studies. I have read Scripture since I was 19 years old, and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 21. Here I am at 43 and God never ceases to amaze me. I cannot tell you how much your study means to me. Thank you.”Lorenzo (TX)


  • I want to thank you for offering these Bible study courses to us inmates. I’m aware that you all must be spending a great deal of time grading and mailing and such. Those courses are truly a blessing to me. I find it rather unnerving when I have none to study, as I spend the vast majority of my time in these studies. And, more importantly, I’m finding direction in my relationship with God and understanding where I went wrong – I wasn’t putting my faith in Him. I send these books to my mother as I get done with them and she is likewise studying them. It had been many years since I last heard my mother tell me she was proud of me, but she now says it every time I send her one of my certificates and when we talk about my Bible studies. I just can’t thank you all enough for bringing the Lord back into my life. God bless each and every one of you.  Matthew (CO)


  • “I want you to know how grateful I am for this correspondence course that you offer. I have learned so much from these books, especiallyMen Who Met the Master. I rededicated my life to the Lord about three months ago. And I couldn’t be happier. I have a very close relationship with the Lord today. My whole life revolves around God. He has shown me that we were put on this earth to spread His Word. And I do this on a daily basis. The Lord has helped me start a Bible study on our block. It consists of five men, but we’ve had up to seven. I can’t begin to tell you how much we’ve grown spiritually. God has truly blessed me in speaking of His Word. Last night we were discussing some encouraging things from chapter five ofMen Who Met the Master. One thing that really stuck out with me was, “Others tell their sins to men instead of bringing them to Christ!” I feel this is very true. Because when you really think about it: Whom are we sinning against, man or God? Thank you again.”Joe M. (PA)


  • Here is a comment form an inmate to the "What Do You Say?" question on exam #7 inBorn to Win Have you considered what God thinks about you: "What God thinks of me? WOW! This girl has problems... But she is one of my chosen ones. I will live in her and all will see it. I will guide her to reach people for Me. I have great plans for this precious girl!"Jane (OR)


  • “I have examined other religions. Judaism still follows the law. Catholicism has many rituals and idols. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in the deity of Jesus. Yet, they all claim to follow the Bible.Born To Win has opened my eyes to the true gospel. This course has helped me see that Christ is all I need for salvation.”Terrance (GA)-Aug, 2010


  • “I have been reading the Bible for just over 5 years (serious daily reading) and although I have moments of clarity in understanding the scripture I have not had so many in one week. The study guide forLuke is written plainly and is easy to understand. It doesn’t talk down to the student and it brings the Gospel to life. I think at least this was the biggest plus for me. It gets high marks for keeping everything in context. A lot of studies fail on such an important issue which leaves the students confused and disrupts the continuity of Christ’s teachings.”Roger (MS)-July, 2010 


  • "Please let me say that this courseRightly Dividing The Word Of Truth has been of immense value to me. As I read each chapter I find myself saying "This is the exact answer I was seeking" over and over again. God had His hand in seeing that I got these books.” B.S (FL)-Dec, 2011


  • “I love what Jesus is doing through ECS courses. Others are being led to the Lord because ofBorn to Win.  I think this is the best Bible course I ever took!”  Harry (FL)-Aug, 2010


  • “I’ve tried other Bible courses, but none has intrigued, inspired, or taught me like yours. Proverbs for Life was very inspiring. How much I’ve changed and grown through my Christian journey. I love doing your studies and I thank you for sending them!”Allen (TX)-May, 2010


  • Biblical Stewardship has been very good for me spiritually because I have had some bad experiences with religion in the past. My grandmother gave away most of her money in the 1980s to televangelists who used the funds for wasteful purposes. It left me very bitter toward religion and upset me a great deal. This lesson helped me realize that it wasn’t God’s fault but a greedy representative. Nor was it God or the church that was in the wrong, but the representative who was the one at fault and he will have to answer to God for his dishonesty and also to man according to 2 Corinthians 8:20-21 (as it was taught to me in this lesson). This course and the whole ECS program has changed my life.John (AK)-Oct, 2009


  • “I really loved theBorn to Win course and can hardly wait for the next one. I especially liked lesson 4. It hit home for me. I guess I never made the connection before between myself and the prodigal son. It brought tears to my eyes.James (NC)

  • Plant My Feet On Higher Ground is very good. God’s Word will make straight the crooked and put light in darkness. There is no escaping God’s truth. Please pass on my compliments to the writer if possible. All praise be to God. All Christians should read this book!”Kevin (AK)-Mar, 2010


  • “I wanted to thank you personally with all of my heart for this particular study:God’s Blueprint For Your Marriage. I was married on December 5, 2006 and I filed for divorce on July 14, 2007. I wondered why my marriage failed. This Bible study has opened my eyes and now I know why it failed. It was because there was no trust, communication or godly foundation. Now by the grace of God, I am thankful to admit that my ex-wife and I are back together working slow and allowing God to get us on the right path to marry again and stay married. I will keep this book because it has opened me up so much. Again, thank you so much. God bless you always for this true blessing.”Robert (CO)-Mar, 2010


  • “I’m excited in doing these study courses! It helps me out. It takes my time to learn about Jesus instead of doing things that have no meaning. My time flies when I’m reading the Bible or doing the study courses. I’m glad I found that bookletBorn to Win, if not I would of not been studying the Bible or learning more of the good news. So please keep sending me study courses. I would be pleased doing them, because it’s one more step in knowing Jesus Christ our Savior. Thank you again! God bless you.”Julio (CO)-Apr, 2010


  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and interest in us inmates! I can’t express to you and your staff howBorn To Winhas made me feel about my walk with our Lord and Savior. My prayers are even different! It’s not about just me anymore, I’m so thankful to our Lord. So much truth was revealed to me. I’m on fire for the desire to learn more. I can’t wait for the next course. This is exactly what I have been looking for!”Jermaine (AZ)-March, 2011


  • ECS played a major role in God saving me. I've spent over 20 years in prison. Over the years I came across your course,Born To Win, but I just tossed it. My mom said to me, “Alfred, don't play with God!” God used my mom that day. She hung up and I realized that I was going to die that I was going to die behind bars. My greatest fear is that I would be alone when I died. I kept thinking what my mom had said, “Don't play with God!” In my cell that night I don't know exactly what I said but I cried for mercy and Jesus heard me and saved me. That was the beginning of a beautiful prayer life and relationship with Jesus. I don't know the hour I got saved, but it was in January 2009 when my friend in jail, Jason Priest, gave me a card for a study with ECS. Little did I know that it would be Born To Win . As I did these courses things happened. 20 months ago, the courts were going to through me away,
    never to see the free world again. Today by the grace of God I'll be going home to my parents
    after 20 years. ECS has helped me mature and build a firm foundation. I'm in tears with love for God and you all.Edwin Nunez (CA)-August, 2010


  • Basic Bible Doctrine is great! This Christian life is all new to me and my family but I know it is the right thing to do. Seeing me move in that direction has grabbed my family’s attention! You have been a great blessing!”Celestino (TX)-May, 2010


  • “The stories in theBorn To Win course are so illustrative; the Holy Spirit placed me right in the scene. You cannot send me enough courses because there is nothing to do here but idle your mind. I would rather be baptized in His Word than listen to what is glamorized here.”EJ (TX)-Dec, 2009


  • “Your courses have been a life changing experience for me and I am beyond grateful. I will be released soon and I’m hoping to continue when I get out.”  Barbara (MA)- Jan, 2010


  • I’m excited in doing these study courses! It helps me out. It takes my time to learn about Jesus instead of doing things that have no meaning. My time flies by when I’m reading the Bible or doing the study courses. I’m glad I found that bookletBorn To Win. If not I would have not been studying the Bible or learning more of the good news. So please keep sending me study courses. I would be pleased on doing them because it’s one more step in knowing Jesus Christ our Savior.” Julio (CO)-Nov, 2009


  • What the Bible Teaches is one of the best courses I’ve done so far. The lessons reveal a lot of stuff that was still not clicking in my head. Plus, as I read the Bible, I am now starting to understand it better. It gives me strength to persevere. I may be in jail, but as long as I have Jesus Christ in my heart, everything is good, because God is good!”Herb (HI)-Nov, 2010


  • “I want to thank you for your ministry. Thanks for helping inmates to grow in Christ. I have been a saved sinner for 15 years and have been in prison a little over 15 years. I am a student of God’s Word and a faithful witness for Christ. The only peace and happiness a man can have is through Christ. Thanks for the great studyProverbs For Life. I always read a Proverb a day along with my other bible reading. Please pray that God will help me to be His salt and light in this darkened and tasteless place I live in. Thank you for your time and I look forward to the next course.”Brian (CO)


  • How To Succeed On The Streets had some very powerful messages for me. Some of the steps I have already begun or completed. Other steps I want to become involved with but my fear is still strong. I know accountability is critical for me in my Christian walk. I pray often that God will bring the right people into my life where I can be open and truthful to them and trust it will not be abused.”Lyn (CO)


  • “Before takingBorn To Win, I had no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I had so many unanswered questions, but through this course, my questions are being answered and I am

beginning to understand Jesus Christ as a man, a Son, and our Father. He lived a deliberate life

and He lived it knowing that He had to give up His life to save my soul from eternal damnation.

How can anyone not love Him for that. Wow! I understand more as I keep reading more and it

makes me love Jesus Christ that much more.”Frank (CA)-May, 2011


  • “I was assigned to clean up an empty dorm. In the trash I found a copy of a bookBorn To Win. The cover was all dirty and ripped up. On my lunch break, I read the testimony of Steve Thompson and wow…this book is for me! I am the last of 11 children. I’m 35 years old and been a loser all my life. I never killed anyone, but I did lose contact with 10 brothers and sisters due to drug and alcohol use that led me to getting locked up five times in prison. In a lot of ways this guy, Steve, is just like me. So, I gave the book a try and man, let me tell you, I am so very happy I did! I understood everything I read inBorn To Win. It opened my eyes wide open to what I could not understand in the Bible. I thank Jesus Christ so much for this book I found in the trash. I love my Lord for saving Steve and I. Please send me the exam because this book didn’t have one in it. It had all the instructions and your address. Praise the Lord!”Luis (FL)-Dec, 2009


  • Christopher checked the box inBorn to Win statingI here and now receive the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. “I feel good inside. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.Christopher (AZ)


  • “ThisDoing Time With Jesus lesson has been a phenomenal awakening for me. I had (at the time I received the course) been having problems with these very issues. This lesson helped me understand and answered some questions I had.”Mark (TX)-Sept, 2009   


  • “I was released from prison 5 years ago and was in the process of completing these courses. I loved these studies and they help me to grow closer to God and learning about the depth of His love. I was wondering if there is anyway you could track to see the last book I was on and what it would take to start again. I cannot express how grateful I am to you all for sending these courses to me free of charge during that time. I believe that God allowed me to go to prison to get to know Him personally and to HAVE to give myself completely to Him. My life is so much better today because I released all of me to Him. Thank you for all you. In His grip!”Terri Medine 


  • “I was truly blessed from the study,I’ll Take the High Road. God put it in my heart to start a prayer circle. It has gone from two people to almost twenty in two months.”Robert H. (TX)-Oct, 2009 


  • “I am currently in prison. I have been a firm believer in the Lord for a good part of my life, but I always seem to go astray. I have gotten on my knees and begged the Lord to take control of my life. I have turned myself completely over to Him. I know that whatever happens with my current situation is Gods will and I will accept that. The problem I am having now and have always had is understanding the Bible. I have always had a hard time learning much of anything. I have found the Bible extra difficult for me. I want and need to understand the Bible. I was given your information and was told that you might be able to help me in this matter. I was also given the first bookBorn to Win to look over, and I believe with your help I may further understand what I desperately need to understand. I AM A LOST AND BROKEN MAN. Thank you for your help in this matter.”Shane (NH)


  • “Thank you forSense and Nonsense About Prayer andThe Lord’s Supper and Baptism. The courses have blessed my life. It is such an encouragement to know and love the Lord and be able to communicate with Him directly through prayer.”W. P. (MO)


  • “Hebrews is one of my favorite books and I really enjoyed reading your courseHebrews course. I am thankful to you for your time grading it.”Walter (TX)-Sept, 2009


  • “Locked-away and left to rot I blamed the world for the time I got. Mad at life, I’d curse then

cry… ‘How could you, God? Why, oh why?’ My days were marked by fits of rage as I fought and kicked against my cage. My nights were marred by fit-full dreams as I plotted future, vengeful schemes.

Then one day I let God in when I found a book calledBorn To Win. Unsure at first, I had my doubts – ‘til I cracked the book to check it out. I read each chapter one-by-one and my walk with Jesus had begun. He took my hand and lifted me from the bowels of hell and set me free! Now His word I study every day from the books ECS sends my way. And, like the Bereans before me, too – I search to prove each word is true. Each night upon my bed I thank the Lord for my Daily Bread, for the blood that Jesus shed for me, and for His work on Calvary. And now that I’m hip to Satan’s lies, I will my faith not compromise. I’m no longer bound to sin – for God has spoken... ‘I’m Born to Win!’ Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, Emmaus!”Travis (CO) 


“I plan to useSummary of the Bible as a tool to help younger newborn Christians around me learn more about the Bible. Good news! On August 15, I led a fellow inmate to Christ. He’s doingThe Greatest Man Alive. It feels great to win a soul for Christ!”Reynaldo (TX)


  • “I would like to take the time to let you know how much these courses have blessed me. I thank God that you exist. I have learned how to read, study, memorize, meditate, pray, endure, forgive, be thankful, be humble, and most of all how God loved me enough to give freely His grace. I pray that God continues to bless your organization, so that the helpful teaching God supplies through you will bless many others. I also want to thank every person who took the time to grade each and every one of my lessons. Thanks for the postage you spent mailing me these lessons and the postage you spent receiving them from me.”  Michael (CO)


  • “Our OSP religious services clerk asked me to e-mail you & request these materials.He said we need to hand these out. He also said that he has personally done many of them & they are good.I'm following his directions.No one would know better if they are helpful than a prison resident who has used them.Thank you for offering these resources.”Chaplain Amadene Welton Bean (OR)


  • “As Chaplain Liaison Officer for the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office, I'd like to thank you for the material you have sent to our jail. The Inmates have told me how easy your studies are for them to understand. As soon as they finish them they are eager to send them in. They appreciate the postage paid envelopes.”  Deputy Ky (WI)-October, 2011


  • "You all are doing such a work that could make many others wonder, 'Why?' I found that attitude prevailing at the prison units, coming from the wardens on down. They see offenders as beneath them and nearly worthless, treating them accordingly. I believe the mission field in prisons is even greater with the employees than with the incarcerated. So then, you are the one who needs to be thanked for your somewhat rare view of the great worth of God's children, including those who just happen to be locked away. Praise God for that very demanding and endless work that you all have undertaken all these many years now. I am very glad to hear that your students are so many; it speaks of the hunger that is there."Fred (TX)-May, 2013


  • “Your courses are very helpful. I just completed theGospel of John. It took me a little more time to complete than usual. It was just a little more challenging, which I did enjoy because it gave me the opportunity to spend more time to fellowship with the Lord and His Word.”K.J. (KY)


  • How to Succeed On the Streets” is a very good study for me since I am slated for release in a couple of weeks. There is a lot of great advice here! I particularly enjoyed the section on getting a mentor on my release. Today, I am not afraid to ask for help. I have God on my side to help me through the difficult moments.”Frank (CANADA)


  • “I have truly benefited fromGuide to Christian Growth. I was once a mere baby in Christ, very immature, and a very disobedient child of God, husband, and father. With the guidance and aid of this lesson, it has put me on notice of what the Lord expects from me.”Jimmy (TX)-April, 2011


  • “What is happening to me through your courses is nothing short of a miracle. The beautiful thing is that I am aware of spiritual growth following each course completed yet I am still a babe in Christ.Lessons for Christian Living has been my lifeline to growth.”Todd (TX)


  • “I have just finished theBorn to Win course and it has been very hard to put it down. It was truly a blessing to learn a great amount about Jesus Christ, sin, and other things I need to know. I will be looking forward to the next course!”Frank (TX)


  • “I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to ECS Ministries. My story seems unlikely. I’m a former navy pilot, a 55-year-old US Naval Academy graduate. I’m a publisher of technical papers, company founder, paid consultant in the oil and gas industry, patent holder, and incarcerated cocaine addict. I’ve found a new, lifelong trust, freedom, and faith through our Lord and Savior. Thank you for what you do.”Joseph (TX)


    • “I have heard good things from inmates over my 16 years in the prison system about your courses. May God continue to guide and provide for that which you do.”  Chaplain John Auvenshine (AZ)-Feb, 2010


    • I minister to a friend’s son who is incarcerated in Indiana. He told me that ECS courses are head and shoulders above any of the other resources offered to inmates. With the amount of time on his hands, it is great to know these courses are available to him.”Mark (IN)-March, 2012


    • “I am donating because my husband is one of the inmates who found CHRIST JESUS because of your ministry. I am very grateful for all that you do for him. He finds new strength to endure his journey in the federal prison system by doing your lessons and reading his bible each day. MAY GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU AND WHAT YOU DO FOR ALL OF THE INMATES” (Alice)- April 2012


  • “Thank you. And God bless you, so, so much! I just got my first credit certificate forBorn To Win.You made my day when I saw the red ink on all my answers and that you really responded back to me. I was crying! Crying, because someone does care to write me and lift me up to encourage me.”Gilbert (TX)


  • “Please send me some more courses. I got this one (Born To Win) from my cellmate. He had it under his mattress for about a month or so. He never messed with it, so I asked him for it. I have turned my life to God so He could save me from my past. I’m ready to change.”Paul (TX)


  • “I had reached my lowest point. I was severely depressed, racked with guilt over my crimes. At this time, I was transferred to a new cellblock that had a lot of religious reading material in it. One of the books I kept picking up was calledBorn To Win. After a few days of picking it up and putting it down, I began to read the testimony of Steve Thompson. I realized that I could be forgiven! I began to pray again. The chaplain confirmed that I was forgiven when I confessed my sins and asked the Lord Jesus to become the Lord of my life. I was off and running and have never looked back. Whatever comes, I face it knowing that the Lord will be with me every day of my life. And, I have a little blue book (Born To Win) still to remind me of how it happened.”Bill B. (IN)


  • “You have planted a seed in my life and I pray that, unlike other seeds which have dried up and blown away, this will become a part of my life that will produce fruit. Don’t be discouraged; your work is paying off.”  Timothy (TX)


  • “I thank you so much for sponsoring these studies for me this past few years. I have had the opportunity to become involved in many studies and it seems that as the others came and went, it has been the ECS courses that have had the greatest impact upon my study of the Scriptures. May God bless your organization greatly!”Gregory S. (CA)


  • “I can’t begin to tell you what a pleasure it has been to read and answer the courseHow To Succeed On The Streets. It is very enjoyable to read such an awesome course. As a parole violator and coming up again for parole review, this course could not have come at a better time. It really teaches and gives guidelines on how a parolee can succeed in society. I will be the first to admit that had I known the rules and information in this course when I was out on parole, I wouldn’t be here today back in prison. But God has His ways and plans. I just thank Him for His love, grace, and mercy by allowing me another chance to return to society with my kids and family. I thank Him for being in the right place to receive the information and details from this course and it’s teaching on how to succeed and stay out of prison. As I continue to value my faith and trust in God, I pray that He continues to bless your ministry.”Richard M. (CA)


  • Written after studying the courseGod is There. “Praise the Lord I have been released. On the envelope is my new home address. My mother has seen the change in me. I told her that I have been doing your courses and that I have accepted Jesus as my Savior. I told her the Holy Spirit is changing me day to day. I am not the same person anymore. I am a new creation. I thank the Lord for ECS Ministries. My Mother is interested in doing your courses in Spanish. She wants to learn more about Jesus, can you help her? May God richly bless your ministry! Let’s win the lost souls of this world in Jesus Name. I am a musician and I will be joining the worship team at my church. I want God to use me for the furtherance of the Gospel.”  Angel (CA)-Aug, 2009


  • “I just read “The ECS Inside Connection” for September and wanted to give you a postscript to Angel’s story…just this week we have received the completedNacido Para Triunfar from his mother. Dorcas corrected it so I am not sure just what “Mom” had to say but it is a delight to have the English/Spanish ability to reach out to her in her heart language for Jesus. They live around the Salton Sea, south of Palm Springs area so we are hoping to be able to drive down there and connect with them one of these days if the Lord puts it into our calendar.”Jeanne Crabb (PC-CA)-Oct, 2009


  • Ready To Give An Answer is an excellent study of the Scriptures and is exactly what we need. It is great that you all are updating your studies. The Scriptures teach us to study to show ourselves approved unto God and these studies help us to realize this!”Jeffrey B. (CA)


  • “I have just completedReady To Give An Answer and I must tell you that out of all of the courses I’ve done over the past five years, this has been the most interesting one so far. I learned a lot about theories and facts about evolution or creation. I loved the course. It was a true course of ‘education’ and I hope you can send me more like it.”Benny O. (CA)


  • “I was baptized as a child and really did not understand what kind of public statement I was making. Thank God for these Bible Studies. For so long I have searched and wondered what baptism really meant.Lessons For Christian Living just put it in plain English that is easy to understand. I have even heard this topic preached from the pulpit I’m sure more than once and never truly understood. Thank you. May all glory go to God!”Patrick (CANADA)


  • “Thank you for the wonderful courseWin the Battle for Your Mind. The study really spoke to me and cut me deep. I took my time and observed closely Mr. Strauss was teaching---looking up every verse and making notes. The Lord used this study to convict me in several areas. He also used it to heal some deep emotional scars for me. It has taken me 24 years in prison and several years studying your materials to actually see that God loves me. Today I feel more alive than ever before. Today I feel free.”Larry S. (PA)


  • Jerusalem’s Gates was an awesome study. ECS is such a vital part of my daily walk. Prison is a dark and horrible place. ECS courses provide such a wonderful light and spiritual escape from this place. Thank you. You are a blessing!Jeff Mason (NV)-March, 2012


  • “This lesson (Molding the Mind) from the bookWin The Battle For Your Mind has taken me to a new level of understanding. It gave me some practical steps to strengthening my spiritual life. I have also overcome my stubbornness regarding memorizing Scripture. Wow, what a blessing this study was!”Terrance H. (TX)


  • Galatians is challenging and enjoyable. I am learning a lot! I like the way each verse is explained in detail. Often, when I read by myself, I miss things or don’t understand them.”Joy (United Kingdom)


  • From the Course:What the Bible Teaches (Chapter 8:What Do You Say?) Have you been saved? If so, write about how you received Christ.


  • “I believed I was saved already when I beganBorn To Win. However, a short way into it I became aware that I was still lost. I realized I had not fully surrendered and accepted Christ as my Savior. At the moment I knew for sure I earnestly prayed for forgiveness of my sins and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I have struggles at times but continue to strive for a closer relationship with Him.”Sheldon (AK)


  • “When I was in jail, I received a workbook calledBorn To Win. I read it, filled out the exams, and sent it to the chaplain for grading. Three days later, I got out of jail. I never even got my scores back but that’s okay. I went home and my boyfriend readBorn To Win and was saved!!! He wrote out the answers on a piece of paper. The reason I am writing this: Can we send our exams to you? We need this and don’t mind paying. Please correct and send us the next workbook. We are learning to trust the Lord.”Lisa J. (WA)


  • “Just to let you know I really enjoyed completingReady To Give An Answer and I learned many things. I can hardly wait to find out what the next course you will be sending. You truly are and have been forover five years now a big, big part of my life here in prison and I thank you for all that you are doing.”Glen T. (TX)


  • “I’m currently incarcerated in Norton Correctional Facility. I was given a porter’s job inn here and one of my duties was taking trash out. Five weeks ago, I found eight books in the trashcan and picked them out. To make a long story short, for the last three weeks all I have been doing is reading the Bible and working on the questions in these books. So far, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’m learning what God wants for me and how to treat people in my life. I honestly pray for the person who threw the courses away. I have decided to give my life with all my problems to God. I really want Him to help me live the way I’m supposed to as a believer in Jesus Christ.”Michael G. (KS)


  • “I wasn’t sure if I had been saved. I had professed my repentance of sin and accepted Christ as my Savior. However, my actions did not reflect this. Now I have no doubt I’m saved.Born To Win is a true gift from God. Thank you so much and keep sending courses.”John H. (FL)


  • “I am 35 years old. My goal in life is to be the best father to my four beautiful kids and be the best husband. I received my first ever in life a little certificate with my name on it that said 97% for Born To Win. I said to myself, ‘I did that’ and cried. I always knew I had it in me, but I was a special education student and dropped out of high school years ago. I have been in and out of prison all my life. Thanks t that little certificate, I know that the good Lord loves me and I want to go all the way. You helped put a new heart in me and a smile on my face. My wife and kids are proud of me and I have God in my life. I thank you so much ECS Ministries!”John M. (CA)


  • “The Emmaus courses are the best out there for prisoners. They have made a big difference in my life (and I’m sure thousands of others). Your personal care only adds to the effectiveness of these studies.”Michael B. (AK)


  • “The first courses, Born To Win andThe Greatest Man Alive have opened my heart and eyes and I am begging God to come into my life and work through me in the way He wants to. I can freely say I am a sinner and am asking for God to please come into my life and change me for Him. I want to have Jesus come into my life. Please pray that God will come into my life through these Bible study courses.”Tammy P.


  • From Lesson 7 WDYS (Guide to Christian Growth): What Christian books have been the most helpful to you? Answer: “The Emmaus courses have been so helpful to me. They helped me be strong by the words of the faith and the good teaching I have been following. They help show me the true way to serve God. They help me use the true teaching in the right way. I trust those who instructed me. The Holy Scriptures are able to make me wise. That wisdom led to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”Mike (AK)


  • From Lesson 7 WDYS (Lessons For Christian Living): How has this lesson helped you in facing temptation to sin?? Answer. “The whole process has been draining. So much information, I’m so amazed. I still struggle in a lot of areas. These lessons are helping me so it is hard to say in just this lesson. I’m learning so much about God’s armor. Thank you and all the people at ECS for these lessons.”Odell S. (AK)


  • “I just wanted to write a brief letter to let you know thatDoing Time With Jesus was great. I can really relate to those lessons. It is a very scary past to remember so many times I should have been dead. On the positive side, it is so wonderful to be back following the Lord. He is such a loving Father. He shall be my Shepard and I shall be His sheep. I can’t afford to get lost again.”Rick M.


  • “These courses what I have been taking through ECS Ministries have been very insightful and rewarding. Every course I’m always learning something new or I find myself going ‘Oh, that is why that is.’ I had 7 generations of Methodist ministers on my father’s side of the family. I didn’t realize there was so much to know! Now I feel like I am actually grasping Christianity and the knowledge my forefathers knew.”Forrest W. (IL)


  • “I want to thank you for this very blessed courseProverbs For Life. It has blessed me with some wisdom and understanding about the Word of God that I did not know. It has showed me how to live a better life that brings glory to God. I know that I want to live for Him. I want to be a soldier of Christ.”Melvin S. (CO)


  • “I have received the study courseBorn To Win and it is wonderful. I thank you all for creating an opportunity for people like me (people who have sinned, got locked up, then became a Christian). I have been struggling with my faith for three years now. I’ve noticed that each time I am not surrounded with Christian things, like books, I fall down. Going through your courses will help me like a crutch until I can become stronger. Once again, thank you.”Brian M. (PA)


  • “I am actually sitting here in shear amazement, and quite frankly, a little numb! I have just finished chapters 6,7, and 8 in the courseWhat the Bible Teaches. My eyes are virtually welling up with tears because I was unsure and unclear about salvation. Satan tries to attack us every way he can to cause us to doubt. But praise God for this day, Amen, because this study has cleared things up for me.”Boyd (GA)-Dec, 2010


  • “Over three years ago, a former student gave me this course,Basic Bible Doctrines. It was a tremendous and joyful review of doctrine and study helps after having been away so very long from dedicated study with my Lord. As I finishBasic Bible Doctrines, I am already feeling a void and loss that I plan to fill with daily Bible study, prayer, and review of other courses that I still have. I have a photographic memory, but either I’m out of film or having a recall malfunction. Thanks be to Jesus for your help!”Kenneth (TX)


  • “I’m writing a short letter to let you know what a great blessingGod Is There has been to me. I was sitting in a room and noticed some books and magazines sitting around. I ran across this course and it was just what I needed. My spirit has been troubled by my old nature. It has been a very intense battle day and night. By doingGod Is There, it has shed light on what I had been going through. It also has brought me peace and joy. Just as Jesus has promised, all we have to do is trust and believe in Him.”Vincent R. (PA)


  • Born To Win has taught me much more about the Bible and given me a better understanding of it. My cellmate handed meBorn To Win and told me it was for me. I said, ‘Gee thanks (sarcastically). What good is this book going to do for me? Look at it, it has a picture of a man in jail on it. Is this some sick joke?’ He said no and told me to read it. So, I did and now I find myself thanking him for giving it to me. It is a great course. I’ve read the Bible before, but put it down again. Your book has helped me to pick up the Bible again. It helped me to change my life for the better and also to encourage people to pick up the Bible and follow it just like my cellmate did for me. Pease send me more of your lessons.”Scott S. (FL)


  • I’ll Take the High Road has made me wise to the disasters of loving the world. It has made me aware of how much I need more spiritual armor.”Georgia (TX)


  • “Your ministry brought me to Christ. Since then, there is only joy in my heart, even in the middle of this life of sorrow in jail. I am very impressed with the quality of your courses and their strong Bible oriented teaching.”Francisco (NJ)


  • “Most correspondence courses seem to fall into two categories. They are either, as Paul would say, milk or solid food. As for the ‘solid food’ group, ECS courses are plainly the best. They are clear, easy to digest while also in depth and full of insight. The commentaries are excellent and well worth keeping as references. Fortunately, for me, prison was a good pride buster.”Mark (NJ)

  • You have given me so much in instruction, help, encouragement, inspiration and education. But most of all you have blessed me with a closer walk with Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior, Redeemer and truly best Friend. Although I’ve never met any of you in person, I feel like I know all your God gifted spirits. You all have wonderful souls. I need to convey just how much I appreciate all you’ve done to help me. Thank you forever and forever.Christopher (CO)-January, 2010


  • “TheLetters to James course has helped me to see sin for what it really is. Now I have a totally different perspective of the way I should treat my brother or sister in Christ. I am trying to live my life daily through Christ, and trying to obey Him with a pure heart and mind. I want to bring the Good News to those who want to be saved. Thank you for your ministry. I really enjoy your studies and I feel filled when I do them. God bless each of you.”Margaret (TX)


  • “Thank you again for ministering to me during my times in prison. You’ll never know what an impact on my life it has finally made. I daily lift you up in prayer as well as those who are yet in prison. May God’s protection always be upon you.”Mickey (TN)


  • “Every time I receive one of your courses, I feel God working His love through you to me! Even as these lessons (fromLessons For Christian Living) teaches how the life of a Christian should be understood; I particularly enjoyed the chapter on being buried by baptism that really opened my eyes. And I realize that even though we are saved, Satan attacks the new reborn spirit even harder that the old sinful spirit.”Byron W. (NJ)


  • “Before I became a Christian I was lost and insecure. When I started this Bible study it opened my eyes to the Lord and His works and standards. I now have something to look forward to. Before the Lord came into my life I was hopeless. But now I see the light and inspiration in His work. I can truly say this Bible study has changed my life for the good. It took me over two years to complete 16 units in the Bible study, but it was worth every minute of it. Through lock downs, riots and every day survival in prison, the Lord gave me a better direction through ECS ministry. I thank you at ECS Prison Ministry from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you all!”Ron (CA)-Apr 2010


  • From the coursePersonal Evangelism What Do You Say question “Give one example from your experience when you overcame fear to witness for Christ: “Here in prison a worshiper of the dead and Satan was talking and I volunteered the facts that Jesus was risen from the dead and he also brought others back from the dead. The guy I witnessed those simple facts to is now a grateful Christian. Thank you Jesus.Tracy (CA)


  • From the courseGuide to Christian Growth What Do You Say question: “Write a thought about God which has come to you in a time of private or public worship.” “The thoughts that come to my mind are: One day because of God's mercy, I will be in His glorious presence and away from this crooked, wicked world. I look forward to Jesus' return when all will see Him coming and His saints will be lifted up. Then all that denied Him will know that He is God. I also pray that people will realize Who He is before that day and willingly bow down and receive Him, because on that day when He returns it will be too late and they will be made to bow down to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Name above all names.”Barnell Wilson (OR)-October, 2011


  • Men Who Met the Master was a great study for me because I’ve recognized that a lot of my ways of thinking are wrong. I was exactly like Judas, feeling sorry fro myself when the truth slapped me in the face. I never thought what he went through, I’d go through. I always thought of myself as Peter. Nope, I was like Judas: a cheat, shameful, and a betrayer. What really struck me was Judas’ title of ‘the son of perdition’ that means the son of waste. What a reality check! I ask Jesus right now to forgive me and I ask him to help me to forgive myself.”Monday Peralta (AZ)-Aug 2009


  • “The two courses that you sent me (Greatest Man Alive & especiallyGod Is There) were the best and easiest for understanding God’s purpose. They covered everything including creation, people, situations, etc. Either that or God’s spirit is opening my heart or something. I don’t know, but I could not understand a lot of this work and the Bible beforehand. I’ve always liked history, but the history of the Bible blows me away! Thanks.”Mark (Canada)


  • Men Who Met the Master gave me more of an understanding of the Scriptures than I had been acquainted with over the past several years. I would highly recommend theses studies to anyone searching for more meaning behind the stories and people of Jesus’ time.”James (Texas)


  • “I really enjoyed the courseBorn To Win. I learned a lot and for sure it opened my eyes to: 1) the time I have wasted; and 2) how sin has separated me from my own family. I guess if sin separated man in the beginning from his Creator, certainly it will separate man from his family. And this certainly has happened to me. I’m really reaching out to you, not only for consolation, but for you to share with me more about Jesus our Lord.”Donald (Texas)


  • “I am a young evangelist. I have been spiritually growing and looking for every way to sharpen my knowledge on doctrine. I have pursued Bible studies, and quite frankly, a lot have been milk. Not that they haven’t helped, but now I’m off the bottle looking for some meat. A fellow brother in Christ gave me a course he read that he found to be of significance and very knowledgeable. It isFirst Corinthians by William MacDonald. I can’t put it down and find it to be some good meat I can sink my teeth into. I wish to enroll with ECS. God bless your ministry.”Joseph (Texas)


  • “Lesson Six ofLessons For Christian Living was very powerful and makes you look at your life much deeper. I sure enjoy these courses. I just can’t get enough of them. I spend hours in my cell just working on them. Since others know what I am doing, they come into my cell and ask questions. There are twelve guys in this unit and all through the unit you can feel the peace of Christ. All the swearing of a few weeks ago has toned down. I chat with a couple others who are also doing the lessons. This brings more guys around just to talk about God and the courses we are doing. That is how I got introduced to the courses as well.”William (Canada)


  • “Hi! How are you? I am doing good, I guess. It took me a while to finish this last course, but I got it done. I am writing because I am going home in a couple weeks. I would like to keep doing these courses after I go home. My grandfather is a preacher and is more than willing to help me. I will be living with him. He was so proud at how well I did on the last three courses. He got my certificates enlarged to 8X10 inches and framed them for me!”Mark (Canada)


  • On a short questionnaire to be filled in after completing the courseBorn To Win, an inmate-student checked off the following option:During the study of these lessons, I have received the Lord Jesus by faith.Here are his comments: “I am extremely grateful for the course. Because during the study of these lessons, I have realized my sins and repented. Now, I am walking by faith with the Lord Jesus. Thanks!”Frank S. (Florida)


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the booklet,Born to Win, and now I eagerly await my next one,What the Bible Teaches. I put my Mom and sisters down to receive this lesson also, so that by God’s grace, not only will we have an emotional relationship, we’ll have a spiritual one.”Elizabeth (North Carolina)


  • “The parable of the leper spoke deeply to me, for I feel like “the leper” of today’s society. Thanks to the Emmaus courses and Bible studies, I am a different person than when I first was incarcerated. I get released this coming June and know that I can trust in my Savior for all that I need.”Michael C. (California)


  • “I am donating because my husband is one of the inmates who has found CHRIST JESUS because of your ministry. I am very grateful for all that you do for him. He finds new strength to endure his journey in the federal prison system by doing your lessons and reading his bible each day. MAY GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU AND WHAT YOU DO FOR ALL OF THE INMATES.” Alice (MO)-April, 2012

  • This letter is my attempt to express my heartfelt gratitude towards your ministry. I cannot say enough good things about the Emmaus courses I recently completed. Those Bible studies were truly life –changing and edifying in my continued growth both in mind and spirit.

Yesterday evening, the Chaplin called me into his office and presented to me the Schofield Study Bible sent by your organization. What a fine edition! I must say, I am very impressed by such a classy choice by the good folks at Set Free Prison Ministries. This Bible will be with me for many years, even after I am released from prison, and will prove to be a reliable and helpful reference for all of life’s questions. The Bible, as nice a gift as it is, pales in comparison to the overall benefit of my increased knowledge of the word afforded me by completing the Emmaus courses through Set Free Prison Ministries.

Throughout my course work, I have been a proponent of the free correspondence courses you have provided for prisoners. In church tomorrow, I have the Chaplin's permission to stand before the congregation and show the men the completion certification and study Bible I earned. I will offer the green starter cards that are included with each study. Hopefully, if the Lord wills, your ministry will be deluged with requests for your courses and my brothers will benefit as I have. GOD bless you all.David (CO)-January, 2010 


  • “Before completingBorn to Win, I was not sure about my faith in Christ. I now know that I am saved. I received Christ during the first course I was studying.”Kenneth


  • Plant My Feet On Higher Ground has helped with assurance of salvation. How I’ve been using my faith is exactly how God would have me use it.”William


  • “What is happening to me through your courses is nothing short of a miracle. The beautiful thing is that I am aware of spiritual growth following each course completed yet I am still a babe in Christ.Lessons for Christian Living has been my life-line to growth.”Todd


  • “These courses are the best out there for prisoners. They have made a big difference in my life and I am sure they have helped thousands of others too. Your personal care in grading and replying to my questions adds to the effectiveness of these studies.”Michael (Alaska)


  • “I want to thank you for these study booklets. They really bring me closer to Jesus. I have been in prison for three years, trying to stay out of trouble; but now with these booklets I have something to think about. Since coming here I have not gotten into trouble, and I try to do the right thing. Every night I pray for forgiveness . . . I still have 11 years left, and I know the class doesn’t last that long, but I am going to enjoy every last day of my sentence with Jesus in my life.”Willie (Florida)


  • FromThe Letter of James: What is your motive in studying this course? Answer: “To learn as much as I possibly can learn about my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, cause when I studied on my own in the past, I really didn't understand and this course is helping me understand BETTER.”Bobby (Washington)


  • I have seen guys who were portrayed as bad, heartless, vicious criminals be converted into nice, loving, glad to lend a hand to someone in need after accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. That’s sign that God has given them a heart of love.Lessons For Christian Living is a wonderful course. It is a great idea one had in getting it started to help inmates like myself. It has helped me grow stronger in knowledge about God’s word. It helps me read my Bible more because every time a lesson comes I get my Bible and go to work. It brings me happiness while I am doing the lessons because I am closer to God at the time.Willie R (MS)


  • “I was incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas and in that time I was introduced to your prison ministry. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and generosity that you gave to me during those hard times. Words can never express the way I feel when I look back at those three years when I felt that no one in society cared. I realize that you were there to stand in the gap for me with prayer and consistency. You treated me with respect and dignity, and helped me find the true Christ. I do apologize for taking so long to write, but while going through the boxes I found the certificates that I received from you. Just looking at them I was inspired to write and let you know how much I appreciate you. I pray that you stay encouraged and continue to support men and women incarcerated all over this country.”Ralph G. (Kansas)


  • “I am donating because my husband is one of the inmates who found CHRIST JESUS because of your ministry. I am very grateful for all that you do for him. He finds new strength to endure his journey in the federal prison system by doing your lessons and reading his bible each day. MAY GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU AND WHAT YOU DO FOR ALL OF THE INMATES.”Alice (MO)-April, 2012


  • Where do you expect to spend eternity? Why?


I once had a seat reserved in Hell, I’m sure of it. But my Master went ahead and canceled that, He booked me for a first class flight with Him to absolute joy and immortality. He calls the place Heaven. And check this, He charged me nothing! He said it was His pleasure. What a Friend! What a Master! After accepting the offer, I volunteered to serve Him. Best choice ever! Check Him out, name’s Jesus Christ! Which one is the picture of you—the self-righteous older brother or the repentant prodigal?


  • I am worse than both. I sit in my cell and cry if I dare to think of God’s love and forgiveness. All I can say is God’s love is powerful! If I think on it too long, I find myself sobbing. It breaks my pride, my front, my heart. I owe Jesus a debt. A debt I can never repay. He forgave me. Me! I must serve Him, understand?John D. (Oregon)


  • Your ministry totally changed my life, and I am so grateful to you. You kept me supplied with Bible Studies for four whole years, without any cost to me. I still have them all in a big box. I’m still serving my Lord. My wife gave her heart to Him soon after I got out of prison, as did my two daughters ---one of whom is studying worship music at Hillsboro College in Australia and the other is a missionary in India. Your ministry to prisoners has borne much fruit! Enclosed is a donation to continue your efforts.Paul (California)


God Is There

When I’m lonely, I drench my bed with tears.

I feel a touch and hear a voice, I’m all ears.


No need to cry son ‘cause I’m always here.

Just have faith instead of fear.


You are my sheep, I will not go far

I am always near.


The touch you felt was me wiping your tears.

The voice that’s talking is Mine you hear.

The pain you felt I made disappear.

I told you son, I’ll always be here.

No matter what the situation is,

Call on Me. I’ll give you peace and cheer.


As long as I’m here, you’ll see things clear

And when you wonder how, when, and where,

Just remember that GOD IS THERE!!


“Thank you ECS. This is for your courseGod Is There.”  Leon (GA)-May, 2013


Written after completing “You Can Live forever”


His promise is true, that you can live forever, and have eternal life with Jesus in heaven.


In mansions everywhere, and walk on streets of gold, Built with His own hands, His promise He foretold.


Does this sound exciting? Or maybe you think it’s a joke. It may sound mysterious, but please believe that it’s serious.


You see your soul is at stake here. You must truly believe, that Hell is very real, so don’t ever be deceived.


But if you will believe in Jesus, and be born again, He will be faithful to forgive every one of your sins!

So you will be able to escape, the torments of Hell. Then you can live forever, and never grow old.

Boyd (GA)-Dec, 2010

Choose Again

Deciding to stand tall against the backdrop of a broken life;

Taking pensive steps forward,

a precarious balance across the jagged blade of a double-edged knife.


Choosing to stop making excuses and start living life out loud;

Finding out who I am,

instead of how I can fit into a crowd.


It’s time to be a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend.

It’s time to see the pain I’ve caused with my choices and how

They were means to a self-destructive end.


It’s time to choose again.


To allow the simple things to make me smile and to be enough;

To be beautiful from the inside out.

If I need polishing, it’s because I’m still a diamond in the rough.


I won’t stand by any longer and watch my dreams slip away.Andrea (CANADA)


Born To Win


Locked-away and left to rot. I blamed the world for the time I got.

Mad at life. I’d curse then cry…how could you God? Why? Oh why?

My days were marked by fits of rage as I fought and kicked against my cage.

My nights were marred by fit full dreams as I plotted future, vengeful schemes.


Then finally one day I let God in when I found a book calledBorn To Win

Unsure at first; I had my doubts. Till I cracked the book to check it out.

I read each chapter one-by-one. My walk with Jesus had begun.

He took my hand and lifted me from the bowels of hell and set me free!


Now His Word I study every day from the books Emmaus sends my way.

And like the Berean’s before me, I search to prove each word is true.

In my cell I sit upon my bed and thank the Lord for my daily bread.


For the blood that Jesus shed for me and for His work on Calvary

And now that I’m hip to Satan’s lies, I will my faith not compromise.

I’m no longer bound to death and sin, for now I know---I’m Born to Win!Wayne (SC)-Dec, 2018


Here’s the Backstory:


I’ve been visiting Anderson County Detention Center for eight years and we’ve been sending in the Emmaus courses for four years. For two years I’ve also been doing a devotional on Wednesday lunch at a local drug rehab facility that is actually housed in a portion of a church that was begun by former drug addicts. I see two brothers. One is in the church rehab for his drug addiction (Marty) and the other is in jail awaiting trial for murder (Wayne).


For a couple weeks I had been passing greetings like the usual “tell my brother that I love him” type of thing back and forth between the brothers. One day at rehab, Marty excitedly handed me this paper Wayne had sent him indicating how much Wayne has changed. At that point, Marty had no idea what Emmaus was; whatBorn To Win was, or that I had anything to do with Emmaus. Reading this at the lunch table just blew me away!!!


So, that night I go to the jail to visit Wayne. It turns out that theBorn To Wincourse was left in the cell by a former inmate.But Wayne read the course and through it received Christ. Pages of the course now hang on the walls of the cell.


Wayne says that he is not a good writer so he had another inmate, like a scribe of the Apostle Paul, write down the words of the poem. The man, a former drug addict, is a believer who was with the group of men who started the church where Marty is in rehab.


Both Marty and Wayne are doing well spiritually. To talk to these two men and see their smiles, one would never know that they had recently been living rough lives except for their current physical circumstances. Marty also completed Born To Win with the encouragement of another brother in rehab who has continued doing Emmaus courses since leaving the county jail.


For me this reveals the greater story of how God works this incredible web of intersecting lives to accomplish His greater purpose on behalf of frail people. We are truly a chosen people. Thank you for being part of that and this story!!!---Lou Rittweger (SC)-Dec, 2018


Inner Struggle Prayer


I’m calling on you Father, are you even there?

This lost soul needs to know you still care.

I’m hoping and praying it’s not too late.

For even someone like me to enter heaven’s gate.


Or is this my quest, is this my fate,

To roll in this man-made hell before I disintegrate?

Or actually burn by flame while watching my own flesh deteriorate?


Is this your will? Is this my quest?

How much longer must I be put through this test?

So, I am now on my knees with my head tilted to the skies.

I hope you see through my tears, knowing I’m not in disguise.


I need you now Father. I’m begging for your help.

I’m not only praying for myself, I also pray for everyone else.

Or is it possible that I am actually the seed of the devil?

Should I be praying on a whole different level?


These are some feelings I know I can’t hide.

Would I even notice the angels You send to protect and be by my side?

I hate feeling like this. I no longer want to hurt.

Because when sad, I treat everyone else like dirt.


I’m calling on you heavenly Father to help once again,

By ending this plea for serenity, in Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!!!Francisco Lopez (AZ)

  • “I cannot tell you how many times I have started this course. I would then get out and never continue, try to do things on my own and eventually fail.


Last June when I found myself in here yet again and saw God’s faithful servant, your husband (Sidney Temple), still bringing the books to Phinizy Road, I decided right then and there that I was not going to enroll again and I didn’t. Why waste your time and money, right?


But I had a roommate named Carrie (who was later found dead in her bathroom from an overdose after her release)-but anyway she always asked me to help her with her lessons. Grudgingly, I did but not without complaint until one day in September 2004 I told Carrie that I might as well enroll since I was doing her lessons anyway. So I enrolled.


As I started doing these lessons, for me, the Holy Spirit of God came upon me so strong I thought I might be losing my mind which was a good thing because I needed a newmind and a new heart! That is when I reached out to God with everything I had left (which was not much I might add).  


Shortly thereafter, I found out that instead of going back to prison, I had to spend two years in here. So I decided to use this time wisely and get to know God. I have tried Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, church-you name it I’ve tried it-but I never could “get it.” As much as I wanted to know God, Satan always won out.


It’s been fifteen months and I finally finished this course. God has opened up my mind and my heart and I am at peace.


Well, I didn’t mean to be so long-winded but if you, Mr. Temple, or ECS Ministries ever wonder if these courses do any good in places like this, I am here to tell you that they do. You just never know when it might save someone’s life but God knows and I am grateful that He picked me to save!


I look forward to meeting you when I leave here next year. Maybe I can volunteer in the ministry and give back the gifts I have received.  


May God bless each and every one of you always! Keep up the good work. With love and tremendous gratitude.”Cindy S. (GA)


  • “October 6 was the day that God pulled me out of the miry clay and stood my feet on a rock. After being saved, my thirst for God’s Word was unquenchable.Doing Time With Jesus was my first encounter with ECS Ministries. How appropriate since my fate I knew was to either spend the rest of my days on this earth in a prison or go to Missouri’s death row. Regardless of my worldly circumstances, where or how much time I would do, I knew I wanted to do all my time with Jesus Christ as my guide.


I began to do the studies and as I grew in His grace and knowledge, so did my passion for God’s Word. The ECS studies combined with the wonderful personal comments of the instructors assured me that could and would indeed carry onto completion those good works He had begun in me.  


After almost two years and much prayerful study of God’s Word, I was sent to Potosi Correctional Center. Randy Gruber (PC-Missouri) taught a Bible Study there. God answered my prayers by allowing me to later become a volunteer instructor. This led to me becoming a paid employee of the very ministry that was essential in my growth as a child of the King.


Since then, God has blessed me every day. Being a part of His work brings with it a sense of fulfillment compared to no other. As we work to provide God’s truth to others, it also contributes to our own growth a great deal, making all that we do a two-fold blessing.  


This work for the Lord has bestowed on me riches and reward that could never be measured in monetary value. The joy, sense of purpose, and quality of life God has given to me goes beyond any worldly expression. No one brings a plan together better than God Himself.


Being on death row, my only regret is that someday I may have to leave this work and all those faithful brothers affiliated with it. The good news is we will all be reunited in glory with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I like to think I’ll never really leave this wonderful work God is doing here. I’ll just be changing offices.”D.S. (Missouri


  • "Dear brothers I want to thank all of those who help in the Emmaus School deeply for all your great teaching which you have provided for me all this time. It has been the greatest and most beautiful gift that can be given to a person; this teaching and gift of salvation from our God and Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. The moment for me to return home has arrived. Though I go deported to my country Mexico, I go happy and thankful to God and our Lord Jesus, as what seemed hard to go through, they have made it like nothing and as all know "with God there is nothing impossible." I will always be grateful for everything I learned from God and Christ Jesus through your courses and from your teaching. Brothers may God bless you for me in great abundance for giving us the best any person can give of life which is your time and effort for others.
    Well dear brothers of Emmaus School, I will excuse myself for the moment from you all, even though I never had the opportunity to meet you all, I know without any doubt that one day we will all be together with our Lord Jesus and that is our hope, Amen. May God and our Lord bless you all always. I thank you very much for all I learned because of you all. Pray for me so that when I am home I will speak to everyone as I should about our Savior Jesus Christ. Your brother on Christ,Jose (SC) Dec, 2010


  • “When I think back over the years I’ve spent with ECS, I realize I was first a teenager, having gone to every facility in the state. ECS was right here with me every step of the way. When I look back over all those years and think about the many years I spent in and out of incarceration, I can see how the Lord blessed me with ECS. I’ve lost many family members and friends, and some foes, but ECS has remained right with me.


Every time I got incarcerated, ECS would somehow find me and send me a Bible course. Needless to say, I never quite finished my courses with ECS over all those years. But, now for the first time, I am getting ready to. If you don’t mind, please rush me my next course. What is happening with me concerning ECS is a testimony in itself. I have a vision that if I finally finish the courses with ECS, I’ll be making history with my term of incarceration to never, ever come back to jail again. And the proof would be that I completed my correspondence courses with ECS. This is a theme of my lifetime because I believe if I ever finish all my courses with the school, it is God’s sign of where I was, Who was with me, and Who bought me out!Chester (New Jersey)


  • Thank you so much for your studies you have sent to my son. It has helped him get through this test in life. Seeing him at boot camp graduation, I saw such a change in his attitude. For that I am thankful to both ECS and always the Lord. I would like to ask for further studies for him. Just to let you know your mission with sending lessons for inmates has been working in changing a person’s ideas on thinking. GiGi (inmate’s mother from CO)

Coordinator & Grader Testimonies

  • “Is this ministry worth the cost, worth the labor? At this point, I have in my computer 37 pages of comments by inmates; some stating they are lost, some calling out for help, many having come to know the Lord Jesus Christ through these studies.”Fred Steenmeyer (PC-AK)


  • “…I can truly say that if I’m shaky, it is because I forget who is in charge and taking care of it all. I thank the Lord many times for taking Sidney home. He didn’t have a long time of weakness or having to sit around longing to be out and busy. He was ready to set off every night he had men waiting for him, and if he was slow pushing his load of books and his Bible up to the door; he always flew down the entry walk like a young man when he was leaving two or so hours later.”Gladys Temple (PC-GA)


  • The hunger and desire for God"s Word is found in many prison inmates. I am privileged to have and continually see. Each time I go, there are at least four inmates grateful to have the courses. Some also have completed many courses. Emmaus is a very important part of my life to inmates. MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS ECS and the faithful servants that realize how very important the Word of God is to our lives.Gerry Bettencourt (RI)-April, 2012  


  • Written answers to “What Do You Say” questions can be so well said. One 25 year old serving a life sentence and a long rap sheet too ugly to print here says- (In response to tell the gospel in your own words),“The good news that Jesus Christ was the Word made flesh, who is God, and whom died to save the mankind and the world from the sins through a sinless ransom of His own blood to holy debt and judgment to the law because of our lawlessness and rose the 3rd day to give mankind to whoever believes eternal life.”He won’t get an “A” in English but has his facts straight! He also said,“I’m forgiven for past, present and future sins, but that does not mean a licenses to sin constantly, which I’m grateful to God because the Holy Ghost helps me refrain from the fleshes lust.”Ken Gross (GA)-February, 2011


  • “It is a rare week that we don’t find at least one prisoner reporting that he or she has been born again as a result of the Emmaus courses. In fact, on a recent Monday, while grading, there were at least three prisoners who reported accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.”Bill Atkinson (NC)  


  • One student's answers to the Born to Win questions (her first ECS course) shows how powerful the Bible courses are in jail. To the chapter 1 question "Are you lost or are you saved?" she answered very honestly, "I am lost..." But to the question for chapter 5 "Where do you expect to spend eternity?" she answered "In Heaven" and gave a clear understanding of the gospel. God opened her eyes somewhere between her study of chapter 1 and chapter 5. Thank you heavenly Father and thanks ECS for faithfully serving Him.Louis Rittweger (SC)-April, 2014


  • “Doug began doing courses in December, 2012. After hearing the Gospel many times in the first six courses, Doug accepted the Lord as his Savior after completingMen Who Met The Masterthe following January. Doug sent us his home address when he was released in February. We did not hear from him so an encouraging follow-up letter was sent to Doug in April. The letter was returned to us with “DECEASED” written across the front. After checking the obituaries, we learned that Doug went to be with the Lord in March. Prison Ministry is a serious business and it is a privilege to throw out the lifeline to those behind bars. Doug took hold of that lifeline (2 Cor. 6: 1-2). Praise the Lord!Gerrit Block (CA)-May, 2013


  • “If these letters don’t set you on fire, your wood is wet.”Warren Hylton (GA)


  • “I was residing in Riverside County for much of this past year, and attending a Calvary Chapel in the area. Through some people I had met during this time, I was able to receive names and addresses of their loved ones who were in prison. One woman, Tara, had given me the name and address of both her husband and her nephew. I in turn sent these to my parents, Dave and Pauline Thompson, who enrolled them in the program and sent them the first course.

    About three months ago, at Tara’s baby shower, she introduced me to her sister, who had tears in her eyes. She told me that her son, Tara’s nephew, had just accepted the Lord as a result of the Born to Win course that my parents had sent him.

    Instantly I had tears in my eyes, too! It was at this moment that I realized I wanted to be a part of this ministry myself, rather than just watch my parents from the sidelines as I had always done in the past. I never thought about how receptive the inmates could be, having hit bottom in their lives, and having so much time now.

    I am looking forward to more incidents like this one as the Lord speaks to these men and women who finally have time to listen.”Karen Stewert (CA)


  • The evangelistic studyBorn to Win by William MacDonald has been an untold blessing too many seeking something better than the pleasures of this world. Advanced Biblical studies through Emmaus are a great value to those who would fill their minds and hearts with Bible truth. We encourage the use of these biblical materials.Doug Crabb (CA)


  • Through fourscore and ten years have passed,
    In my mind I am still young.
    Before my eyes daily is the sight of the lost.
    Whose salvation was purchased at a frightful cost.
    If I am allowed to live ten or twenty more,
    then allow me to bring thousands within heaven's door.
    One here, one there, Lord You keep the score.
    Just allow me to have the joy of bringing in many, many more.Martin Steinberg (VA)-July, 2010


  • One inmate left a note on his exam letting me that as a result of sending him "Winning Souls the Bible Way" he had actually led another inmate to Christ. WOW! Praise God!!Russ Bevan (AK)-November, 2012


  • “Many Christians are shy and find it difficult to testify wherever they happen to be, others simply are ashamed in public to show their faith. Our Lord was very clear regarding the latter: ‘Likewise, I will be ashamed of them before my Father and before the angels’. This is not the case regarding one of our students (Xavier O.). During his time served at Passaic County Jail, Xavier referred to us more than 50 students who got started their Bible studies with the Prison Ministry; 35 in Spanish and the rest in English. Recently he was transferred to Southern State Correctional Facility, and he already sent us a list with 7 new students May our God bless Xavier who is not ashamed of the gospel, and for his commitment with the great commission.”Carlos Botello (NJ)-June 2015


  • Randy, a Muslim I wrote of previously has completedNacido para Triunfar  and received a 97.3 on a 120 question test. I sent another course on to him. He's seems to be exploding in his Christian life with a desire to reach Muslims. Continue to pray for Randy.Robert Carver (NJ), Oct. 2012


  • One Sunday in January 1985, a young man named Phil Wagner spoke at my assembly in Hollywood, Florida. He described a vibrant prison ministry that was sending Emmaus correspondence courses into the jails and prisons of America. I was already involved in visiting jails and very interested in the work. So, with the backing of my elders, and the help of two friends, Set Free Prison Ministry of Hollywood was begun in March of that year.Phyllis Cunningham (FL)


  • “Having Chaplain John go to the ECS conference accomplished a goal for us. John has never really seen the “need” for the correspondence courses. He occasionally took enrollment cards with him, but they didn’t seem to come back to us. After the conference, he was excited about the reports of how the lessons were being used. Since then, he has brought back about 30 enrollment cards.”Ron Goossen (OK)-June, 2014


  • “We have one inmate-student who recently got saved after 69 years of being an atheist. It is amazing what our God can do. He has no limits. We are guilty of putting limits on Him.”Bill Hulshizer (PA)-March, 2013


  • "Last month we got eleven 1st class stamps worth $5.06. A student (David) had gotten a $50 cash birthday gift into his prison account and wanted to tithe it to us. This month David sent seven stamps and wrote: 'I have found it a pleasure to be a part of God's great work. I have included my tithe for the work I do in my cell, washing clothes. It's a way to help myself get my stamps and extra food to eat. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this ECS course program. May my eyes be opened and my ears hear. I thank God for His Breath that He has breathed into my nostrils so that I will live.'" Rodger Turley (TX)-September, 2013


  • I corrected aBorn to Win today. First question “I am saved because I am forgiven”. After 12 lessons the inmate first checked “before doing this course I was saved.”…crossed it out and said “no, I really don’t think I was saved after studying this course I now understand what it means to be saved and I am turning to God.” It might be a baby step but certainly in a heaven-word direction.Jeanne Crabb (CA) Dec, 2010


  • I soon found that the rewarding part of the work was in grading and answering the questions and comments. One of my first students was on death row at the time, calmly waiting for the day that she would be taken to the death chamber. Judi had murdered two husbands and a son for insurance money. But while in prison, she had found the Lord Jesus Christ, accepted His salvation, and was growing in her faith with the help of the correspondence courses. The TV news channels and newspapers reported that she went to her death calmly. Her last letter to me, just a week before her death, was a testimony to God’s goodness as she stated her assurance that God had forgiven her and that she was looking forward to her execution so that she could be with Christ.


From the start it was easy to see that the ECS courses were “the crown jewels” of all Bible correspondence courses. This is actually the way one prisoner here in Washington State has described them to me. But the courses not only benefit the prisoner. Those of us grading the courses are also benefited. For example, as our ministry in Hollywood grew, more and more graders were needed to respond to the hundreds of students. Some who wanted to help were not too Bible savvy—but by grading the courses and having to answer questions and make appropriate comments, those folks were actually learning from the courses themselves.


A number of graders also told me how blessed they were by the students comments and how their outlook on the prison population changed as a result of their involvement in grading. They were actually seeing the results of changed lives as the prisoners grew in their faith. One older lady stated that since she started grading the courses, Christ was becoming real to her in a way He never had been before.


But the blessing of grading also extends to working with students who live in a free world. One student, having trouble forgiving her spouse for infidelity, asked me what to do. She knew she should, as a Christian, forgive him and go on with the marriage, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. I was able to show her from such verses as Ephesians 4:32 that with prayer and the help of the Lord that it not only could be done, but God said it should be done. To the best of my knowledge they are still married.


One of the most interesting and gratifying ways for a person to use the knowledge and ability gained from being a grader is to have a group study at home. Invite a few neighbors or friends for coffee and an hour study once a week. UseWhat the Bible Teaches to clearly show the way of salvation. In three months you will have completed the course and perhaps God will bless your effort and you will have one or two more new Christian friends.


The grading of ECS courses has enriched my life and given me an opportunity to serve the Lord in a meaningful way that I could not have had otherwise. Using these courses to minister both to the prisoner and the free person is an adventure you shouldn’t miss!Phyllis Cunningham (WA)


  • I'm writing to pass along a story you will appreciate: One of our students was recently released from prison, and he called me. (I invite them to do so in a letter I send shortly before their release date.) Robert was saved in prison 3 years ago, and has been taking the Emmaus courses during that time. He had some other ministry materials along the way, but mostly it was God, the Bible and Emmaus. I've met with him about 10 times since his release, and he has been to my assembly. I find that he has a very good handle on the Bible; that he is doctrinally sound, and quite discerning.

All praise to God for this, but as far as gauging the effectiveness of the Emmaus courses, I find great encouragement in this. The courses proved to be good spiritual food, and facilitated his growth. In short, they work.
Your brother in Christ,
Greg Kuras (PC-NJ)


  • “When I saw we were nearly doubling our numbers (in 2006), I asked the Lord to double the number that got saved. He did exactly that to the number! This year I’m asking that the number be tripled. Will you pray with me?”Esther Bradford (PC-FL)


  • “Last week, Easter (Resurrection Day) morning I woke up rejoicing and singing ‘You ask me how I know He lives. He lives within my heart.’ Then my thoughts turned to the many inmates in the jails and prisons of Georgia. I rejoiced at the idea that many of them could wake up that morning knowing that He also lives in their hearts. We have no way of knowing how many but many of them have the Lord in their hearts and lives because of ECS Ministries. The Lord who has saved us has given us this great privilege of seeing that they get the message of hope and salvation. Many are as confident as we are that they are born again and will one day be with the Lord. I can’t wait to not only see Him but to talk at length with these we have only met through the mail.”Ken Gross (PC-GA)-April, 2013


  • “An inmate response to a question inWhat the Bible Teaches: Have you been saved? If so, write about how you received Christ? And written in an unfamiliar writing here is what it said: ‘Today I received the Lord Jesus Christ through reading the Word of God with Hector.’ Then an additional note from Hector, ‘One of my friends was reading this study with me…all power and glory to my Lord Jesus Christ.’”Doug Crabb (PC-CA)-Sept, 2010


  • “I have one inmate (Joseph, Monroe) in the state of Washington who, when in county jail, picked up a Bible study another inmate had put on the shelf and sent it in.   He started doing the studies, but stopped for a while. This response shows the importance of writing to find out why. I am not a writer and it is a "chore" for me. His response humbles me.


From "Winning Souls the Bible Way"


The question: Describe your own experience of being "followed up" after you trusted Christ.

What have you learned from that?




From my own experience I remember being "followed up" by you, Bari. When I was in Clark County Jail and didn't know what was going to happen to me and didn't complete any lessons for a couple months, you wrote to me to follow up with me. It helped me to see I was more than just an inmate and that I had value.”Bari Mitchell (PC-OR, WA)-February, 2014


  • “Inmates run through an ‘if only’ scenario a lot in their minds. Hopefully this will cause them to rethink their life direction giving an opportunity for the Holy Spirit through the Word to bring hope and salvation into their lives. This is the rescue mission we are on: bringing hope to the desperate, dying person needing to be rescued from an eternity in hell.”Mike Rice (PC-OR, WA, NV)


  • “After hearing the COPE session on studies and results of religion and its significant effect on the prisoner, I was so very encouraged. I felt that we ought to be extremely pleased that our ministry (ECS and the state programs) provides something that is making a significant change in prisoner lives: Bible studies. I believe our courses are handsome in appearance, clear in presentation, and persistent in pressing for a new birth and spiritual maturity. Despite the daily pressures and seeming setbacks, we are making a difference in these men and women. I salute you and the team there for setting the pace and helping us stay the course.”Rodger Turley (PC-TX, LA)-Oct, 2009


  • “We have a Muslim doing the courses. At first, it was all praise to Allah, the courses were making him a better Muslim to follow Allah. He wanted to get the young men into his Muslim group. Our comments pointed him to the righteousness of the Lord. BUT, before he ever got his graded lesson back, he got saved doing the next courses. Praise the Lord!! Folks, we are at war against evil. Stay the course.”Mary Ann Bell (PC-PA)-March, 2012


  • “I just received a call from Chaplain John Downs at the Harris County Jail in downtown Houston where they have 10,000 inmates. He thanked me for sending a supply of enrollment cards. He said our courses are thevery best of all the courses that come into the jail and they are doctrinally sound. He also said our students are the strongest Christians when released. Nice to hear an encouraging word like this.”Stan Boyer (TX)


  • “About 5 or 6 years ago, Fran Gardner began sending me courses from an inmate in the Rhode Island ACI prison system. It was obvious at first that he new little of God or the Bible. I sensed a strong negativity from him. That eased over time and his work quality and grades improved. He began taking courses from other similar ministries and before long began working in the prison chaplains office. He is now taking advanced courses and getting grades in the 90 % percentile range. Occasionally he will send me a question that I need to take to my pastor for the answer! We became friends during his Christian growth and I now visit him about once a month. He has about a year to still serve. It is such a blessing to know someone who has used the Emmaus Prison ministry to turn his life around and now serves God, not man.”Bob L (grader in RI)


  • “Praise the Lord!! A student wrote that he accepted the Lord while studying The Greatest Man Alive. We are so excited and thankful. We thank you for this opportunity to be graders. We are inspired by the student’s insight and enthusiasm for spiritual things. It is a blessing in our lives.”Counselors Curtis and Beverly (TX)-Sept. 2010


  • “We continue to be thankful for the Emmaus Correspondence School. One man has done some 40 courses now and the thoughts he leaves on the exams are a blessing to those in the Correspondence department. We see God at work in lives in an outward way and know that many of these will go on for Christ and in turn be a blessing to others. We thank the Lord for people who have taken time to compile materials that are useful to exhort and instruct, to warn the wayward and provoke faith among seekers of the high and lofty One. The evangelistic studyBorn to Win by William MacDonald has been an untold blessing too many seeking something better than the pleasures of this world. Advanced Biblical studies through Emmaus are a great value to those who would fill their minds and hearts with Bible truth. We encourage the use of these biblical materials.”Doug Crabb (PC-CA)


  • “We received from inmates in various prisons several testimonies on salvation with letters of appreciation for the courses, and how helpful they were to them regarding their relationship with Christ and their spiritual growth in Him. Some of them mentioned that they are using the courses they have studied to hold bible classes in their prisons, while some have stated they are planning, upon their release from prison to try to be involved in ministries that would help others who are now in the life style they were in before they went to prison. These expressions give confirmation that ECS Prison Ministries are effective and meeting its objectives. To God be the glory!”Joseph Jeremiah (PC-FL)-Aug, 2009


  • "’Hello, Christ For Me. Ron speaking,’ I said as I answered the phone. At first, there was no answer. Then came a voice -- one that I could tell was in despair. ‘Do you send Bible lessons through the mail?’ I heard the voice ask. ‘Yes, we do.’ A short silence. ‘Do you send them to people in jail?’ the man asked. As I answered that we did, the man began to tell me that his wife was in jail and the she was in desperate need of encouragement. He was sure a Bible lesson would help. After taking her name and information, I told him that we often found it was helpful if the spouse on the outside took the course as well and asked if he would be interested. He sounded relieved that I asked. Then I asked if we could pray together, and the voice on the other end gave a broken but grateful ‘Yes’ We are often touched by the stories of those in prison, but so many times, people don't think about the families who are left behind on the outside. They are going through hurts as well -- sometimes feelings of betrayal, disbelief, anger, and despair. They need our prayers just as much as those who are on the inside. They need God's help and healing too.”Ron Goossen (OK)-January, 2014


  • “In June, 2009, the Lord gave us102 professions of faith!  During the years from 2002-2008 the average number of professions of faith per month stayed right around 48. For the first five months of 2009, that number jumped to an average of 68 per month. Praises!Rodger Turley (PC-TX, LA)-Sept, 2009


  • “It’s a great joy to see the results obtained, when we surrender to the Almighty God, to be used according to His Sovereign will. Elisandro R. one of our students had an average grade of 55% & 57% on the first two courses. A victim of the ‘prosperity’ gospel, he cursed our Lord for having lost everything. We tend to think our problems are the greatest and worst. The personal testimony of one of our Prison Ministry team members was enough to make him understand that his problems were small by comparison and while God disciplines those He loves, He never forsakes us. Elisandro’s grades for the next two courses were: 98 & 94% and he asked us to send a Bible. Praised be our God!”Carlos Botello (NJ)-March, 2015


  • If you live in Georgia and if you keep up with the latest Georgia news, you know we are about to execute the first woman in our prison system since 1946. The execution has particularly gotten everybody’s attention because it has been postponed several times in the last few days. One time because of the weather. (Don’t ask me what that had to do with it). Most recently because the liquid in the needle was cloudy and someone said it should be clear. But where am I going with this?

Today I ran the woman’s name in our student data base and she has taken 9 of our Bible courses. These first courses are heavy into the plan of salvation. And the lowest grade she made was a 91! This is probably all we’ll know this side of Glory but when I get there I’m going to be looking for Kelly Gissendaner and ask for her testimony. Her attorney says she found God in prison. I wonder if we will be able to call a meeting of all those who were saved while taking the courses.Ken Gross (GA)-March, 2015


“First, I personally want to express to you my sincerest appreciation for giving me the opportunity to correct prisoner exams. I’m hooked! Period! Who’d have ever thought a man who suffered a traumatic brain injury almost 22 years ago would be called an ‘instructor.’ Too long a story! It is all the Lord. Dylan (student) thanked me, you, and the Write-Way troops and everyone else who made this possible…even the mailman! He stated, ‘Nothing in my life has been the same since.’ Wow! I have been blessed.” John – volunteer counselor (TX)-October, 2016


It breaks my heart to hear the unjust abuses to our students. Most of the times, they are transferred to another prison without prior notice which causes them to get disconnected from the ministry until they manage to let us know of their new location to have their studies resumed. Oftentimes they are not allowed to bring with them Bible, courses and certificates, which are lost. The very things they treasure the most for they are testimonies of their new life in Christ, their achievements moving thru courses with passing grades, as well as precious personal letters between students and team members who grade their exams, where they vent out their feelings, emotions, pains and hopes with us, their only connection in this world, as well as exchanges of biblical nature. May God have mercy of their abusers.”Carlos Botello (NJ)-October, 2017


“When I was a new Christian back in 1963, my pilgrimage took me down the road of doctrinal correctness. I’m very grateful for that foundation. But as I desired to know Jesus better, I was confronted by His love. Suddenly Christ was asking me to consider relationships. Very clearly I remember saying to myself, ‘I’m really in trouble now.’ Formerly I considered Christian love a soft and minimal subject, something relegated

perhaps to women. But prison ministry has taught me something quite different. The love of Christ modeled by the Church has to be tough, patient, consistent, and hope-focused. It’s a high calling and a privileged

service. Now I’m proud to be associated with a team of dedicated counselors and spiritual interveners. We serve a marginal group, one that was in most cases denied the kind of love most of us have experienced in our families. So we pick up the burden, fill the void, and speak the truth in love. Jesus’ sacrifice becomes our own.Rodger Turley, Director, Write-Way Ministries (TX)-July, 2017