Correspondence School

At the Correspondence School of Emmaus International we want everyone to have a life transformed by Christ through the study of God's word.

The Emmaus Road is the curriculum that we recommend for everyone.
We offer an open enrollment admissions policy that allows students to enroll in our Bible Correspondence school at any time and from anywhere in the world. Simply start by purchasing the 1st Mile Marker and completing your first courses.

Three Branches of the Correspondence School


Emmaus International's Correspondence School courses are a helpful tool that leads the student, a step at a time, into some of the great truths of scripture.

What you get in an Emmaus Course?
An Emmaus course is a self-guided Bible study. The course not only includes the commentary text, but also an exam booklet with multiple choice and short answer questions that corresponds to each chapter of the text. You can then mail the exam booklet back to Emmaus Correspondence School (grading is included for free) to have it graded and commented on by real-life individuals. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate. If you complete a set series of courses you will receive a special certificate!

Exams are included.  Exams enable the student to express themselves and the instructor to evaluate the student’s needs and respond in turn with appropriate counsel or instruction.

Ten reasons to study withEmmaus Correspondence School

  • The courses are Biblically sound
  • They are instructional
  • They are systematic
  • They test for comprehension
  • Receives personalized instruction
  • Flexible studying times
  • Over 100 courses to choose from
  • They are excellent teaching tools
  • They are inexpensive 
  • The Student receives certificates for successful completion of courses
  • Looking for Correspondence Courses in your language? Here!

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