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What is an Connector?

A Connector is a person who, following successful application, becomes a co-worker in ministry with Emmaus International's Correspondence School. Emmaus courses are made available to the Connector at a discount* who then distributes them in a way that they feel the Lord is directing them.

Connectors are Connectors approved by Emmaus International to distribute courses, grade exams, and issue certificates. They are a 100% self-run Emmaus International Correspondence School center.

How does being a Connector work?

A Connector guides others in personal Bible study courses. The Connector grades the exams and maintains student records with the Emmaus Logbook, a cloud-based student records management program. The Connector also issues certificates to their students who complete courses, and provides counsel and personal attention to their students. Emmaus International provides technical and spiritual support for the Connector, as well as free access to and training on the Emmaus Logbook.

To financially assist Instructors in their ministry, Emmaus International offers a 50% discount on all courses. This discount is only available thanks to generous donations given at

It is the responsibility of the Connector to fund the ministry. Connectors are encouraged to charge their students the full price of the courses using the 50% discount as funds to cover the expenses of grading, certification, and record keeping.

Connectors who are serving a population who cannot pay for the courses, such as inmates, prisoners, refugees, etc., are encouraged to talk with their local church about funding the Connector's ministry.

needed materials

PROVIDED by Emmaus International

FREE access to Emmaus Logbook for student records, grading, and certificate generation.

FREE training on the Emmaus Logbook

FREE training on ordering courses

Financial discounts on orders

Technical support

Spiritual support

Curriculum of courses

Annual Connector Conference

Access to Emmaus Connector Resources Page



Funding to pay for courses and overhead

Office supplies

Space to store and process courses

Certificate supplies




Mailing Supplies (stamps, envelopes)

priorities of an emmaus connector


1. Encourage heart and life transformation through the study of the Bible using Emmaus courses

2. Recruit volunteers to grade courses, provide comments and feedback to students, and assist with office functions

3. Identify and train one or two others who will continue on in the ministry

top ten ideas for using courses

Ask people at your church what they are studying. If they aren't studying anything right now, encourage them to consider the Emmaus Road! They could do courses with a friend, a spouse, kids, etc.

For those you know in discipleship and mentoring relationships with new believers, encourage the use of Mile Marker 1.

Volunteer to teach a Sunday school class or a weekly Bible study using the Emmaus courses and free study guides.

Connect with your local jail, youth detention center, or halfway house to see if you can volunteer to provide church services or visitation for the inmates/youth. Work with correctional officers and chaplains to see if you can provide each individual with a Bible study course.

Reach out to organizations that help refugees in your area, and see if you can volunteer to provide church services or a Bible study for them. Consider using the Traveler Pack.

Start an evening Bible school using the Emmaus courses.

If you know children and young adults who attend a Christian summer camp, consider helping them continue on in living for Christ using the Camp Pack. This could be given to young people in your church upon their return from camp, or as part of their Sunday School curriculum.

Encourage your church's evangelism ministry to use the Hope Pack in continuing conversations with unsaved individuals.

Connect with international students on your local college campus, and invite them to learn about American culture and Christianity through meals together and studying the courses in the Traveler Pack. If they go back to their home country, encourage them to continue on the Emmaus Road in eCourse format, allowing you to continue interacting with them!

Go through an Emmaus course with your family for your family devotions. If your children are young, start with the Children Pack!

Emmaus logbook

The Emmaus Logbook is your cloud-based grading and student records program. This is how you will grade courses, keep track of your students’ progress, and generate and print certificates.



Emmaus Logbook Tutorials

You can enroll in an eCourse walking you through the various functions of the Logbook. You can read printable, step-by-step instructions with screenshots, or watch a video tutorial to see the function demonstrated. There is also a special section for graders; we recommend you print off the PDF instructions from this section and supply it to anyone helping you grade courses.


Connector Materials

You will receive a separate email with login information for the website. You will log in to our website anytime you wish to place an order. This is the fastest and simplest way to order courses, and your discount is automatically applied at checkout. We also provide free shipping for online orders over $25!

TheConnector Resourcesalso contains guidance for responding to both theWhat Do You Say? andWrite it out! questions.

Once logged in,Connector Resourceswill appear as an option on the top menu bar. Clicking here will take you to useful resources you may need for your ministry, including scannable single-page answer sheets, the Emmaus Road mile marker curriculum, and guides for your graders to comment on exams.


If you are interested in using the GradeCam software to quickly and efficiently grade the single-page answer sheets, please complete the signup processhere.

We’ve also provided some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What course should my students start with?

We strongly recommend that Connectors start their students on The Emmaus Road, a series of courses designed to lead individuals into a fuller understanding of the Word of God, the Person of Jesus Christ, and the transforming power of knowing Him. The courses are divided into 7 Mile Markers, each representing a mile on the 7-mile journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus (Luke 24:13). Each mile marker builds on the previous mile marker, progressively teaching the traveler about Jesus Christ and His Word. The traveler is encouraged to continue progress on The Emmaus Road by receiving completion (or “curriculum”) certificates after each mile marker.

There are five Warm-up Miles for your students as well:

The Hope Pack: An evangelism tool

The Camp Pack: Follow-up for camp ministries

The Children Pack: Sunday school classes or young people

The Traveler Pack: Designed for refugees or people from an Islamic background

The Freedom Pack: Designed for local jail inmates


After completing a warm-up mile, your student can continue on The Emmaus Road with Mile Marker 1.

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Can students complete courses online or using a mobile device?

Yes! All of our courses are available in eCourse format, compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers. Your student can enroll directly eCourses are automatically graded and a certificate is generated within the eCourse platform. When students complete a Write It Out question, they can choose to send their response to you, so that you can comment on their answers and continue the conversation. When a student finishes a course, the home office is notified and will enter the information into the Emmaus Logbook, updating your student’s record.

If I have a question or concern, who do I talk to at the home office?

Your go-to person is the Correspondence School Coordinator. This person is happy to field any technical questions you have with the Logbook, and can also answer questions about The Emmaus Road. If the question is outside of the Coordinator's area, the Coordinator will connect you with the right person in the home office. Contact the Correspondence School Coordinator or 563-585-2070, x2201.

How does my Connector discount get applied to my orders?

When you become a Connector, you will be given a username and password to log in as a user on our website to complete your course orders. As you complete your order and check out, your discount is applied. (See Connector Materials above.)

What should I do if I find a mistake in a course or answer key?

We are always working to improve our courses, so please let us know if you come across something that needs to be corrected! You can let us know by completing thisform.

Finally, connect with us! We would love to pray for you, your ministry, and your students, as well as rejoice with you! The home office prays together every weekday at 8:35 AM, and we would love to include your prayer requests. Please send these to the Correspondence School Coordinator

Again, welcome to the team! It has been a pleasure walking with you through the Connector Application process, and we are thrilled that you are joining us.