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emmaus gather

Emmaus Gather is an international Bible study event for individuals to come together as the body of Christ to simultaneously study God's Word through Emmaus International's Correspondence School. This six-week study starts October 15th, and runs through November 26th. Enroll now to be a part of this world wide event.

The Course

The Story of the King

If we read a storybook, where do we begin? In the middle? No, we start at the beginning. Only then will we understand the story.

Likewise, to understand the Scriptures, we must start at the beginning and follow the story to its logical and satisfying conclusion. The writings of the prophets contain hundreds of short stories which all fit together to form one story.

Emmaus Gather starts October 15, 2018


This six week online bible study runs from October 15th through November 26th, 2018. Each weeks content is released each Friday. Content also includes a ten question exam as well as interactive discussion board with other participants.

How Does Emmaus Gather Work?

Emmaus Gather is open to any believer. While we would encourage you to do this event with others in your local body, individuals are welcome to join!

The online platform used for Emmaus Gather is Emmaus International's eCourse platform. This straightforward, easy-to-use resource will guide you through the various parts of the course for each week. Most weeks will include three elements: course text, a ten-question exam, and an interactive discussion board with other participants on a question related to the chapter.

Two of the weeks will also include a Write it out! question, giving you the opportunity to synthesize what you are learning from God's Word. These responses are private, and are sent to the Emmaus International headquarters for feedback.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate indicating your completion of The Story of the King through Emmaus Gather.


We want to encourage believers to study God's Word, to fellowship around God's Word, and to keep each other accountable to faithful Bible study. We hope that participation in Emmaus Gather will result in spiritual growth in individuals, and promote committed Bible study in churches across the world.


In our 75th year of ministry, after 10 years of the Emmaus Bible Challenge (formerly the Bible Book Challenge), we are offering a new resource for believers in Emmaus Gather. We invite you to join other Christians and churches around the world in studying God's Word together through The Story of the King.

The Details for Emmaus Gather

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