eCourses FAQ

Trouble Logging In.

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Where is my eCourse?

Within 24 hours, your newly purchased eCourse will be added to your personalized classroom.

My completed eCourse  where did it go?

Click on "completed" to see your completed eCourses.

What is the difference between eCourses and the ECS App?

eCourses can be used on all devices and will continue to be updated. eCourses provide additional features, like hyperlinking verses, that will help students engage with the Bible even more. The ECS App is limited to mobile devices. Completed eCourses are NOT reflected digitally between eCourses and the ECS App, but your ECS transcript does account for all courses taken, whether on an eCourse, App, or paper course.  

I have completed paper courses with another ministry/organization/school? 

Please request your transcript be emailed to or mailed to: 

ECS Ministries PO Box 1028 Dubuque, IA 52004-1028

The ECS Ministries head office is the only school that offers eCourses. All eCourses completed are automatically sent to the ECS Ministries office for grading / commenting. This ECS Ministries main office will track your progress through the courses as you complete each level of units/certificates/diplomas.

What about my transcript and unit credits?

Paper courses, ECS App, and eCourse transcripts are all combined in your ECS student database.

Where is the feedback on my eCourse exam?

You will receive an email with a link to download your exam report PDF.  Your instructor comments  are generally located at the bottom of the PDF.

Can I get a copy of my transcript?

Request a transcript by using the form below to contact ECS Student Services.

Any other questions?

Fill out the form below to contact the ECS Student Services Department.

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