The Emmaus Road Prison Curriculum

The Emmaus Road Prison Curriculum was designed specifically with inmates in mind. The goal of the course study is to bring a person from no relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ to faith and maturity in Him by connecting them to the Bible.  Because there is great diversity of background, life experience and education level within the prison system our curriculum begins with our shorter and easier to read courses and progresses from there into more advanced courses.

It is our hope that every student who works his/her way through the Emmaus Road will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ “ so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

The Emmaus Road Prison Curriculum start with The Freedom Pack. This is designed to introduce a person to Jesus Christ, His Gospel, His Word and life in Him. The Freedom Pack will have a solid foundation of the message of the Bible and through their time in the Word.

The Emmaus Road Prison Curriculum:

The Freedom Pack (Start Here)

1-7 Mile Marker Packs (Continue Here)


The Foundation Pack* (If needed, simpler courses)

The Resource Pack** (Unique individual courses)

*If a student finds the order of courses to difficult take them down the "off ramp" of The Foundation Pack which contains simpler courses.

**Find individual courses to send in for special circumstances in the Resource Pack.


Certificate Templates (NEW 2018)

The student will receive a certificate after every course completed (Q80). After completing the entire pack they will earn a Mile Marker Certificate (Q81).

Course Completion (Q80) example 4"x6"size index cards

Course Completion (Q80) blank 4"x6"size index cards

Mile Marker Completion (Q81) example 5.5"x8.5" size half sheet

Mile Marker Completion (Q81) blank 5.5"x8.5" size half sheet

Small Certificate (Q80) – For use after each course completed (4x6 size)

Large Certificate (Q81) – For use after each pack completed (5.5 x 8.5 size, half-sheet)

All new curriculum and certificates will be supported in the transcript program coming Fall 2017!


The Freedom Pack – A Warmup Mile $20.00 USD $26.95 USD
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Born to Win $4.99 USD
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God Is There $4.99 USD
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Doing Time with Jesus $4.99 USD
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Walkin' the Walk $5.99 USD
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Forgiving & Being Forgiven $5.99 USD
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Mile Marker 1 – The Essential Pack $25.00 USD $39.90 USD
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The Bible—What's In It For You? $5.99 USD
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Men Who Met the Master $4.99 USD
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The Source of Life (John's Gospel) $5.99 USD
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Good News for All (Romans) $5.99 USD
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I'll Take the High Road $9.99 USD
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Proverbs for Life $5.99 USD
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Mile Marker 2 – Scenic Overview Pack $45.00 USD $65.93 USD
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Discovering Bible Study $9.99 USD
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