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The Freedom Pack – A Warmup Mile

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The Freedom Packis a preparation point in The Emmaus Road* journey. Written specifically for inmates and prisoners, this pack includes courses containing testimonies of prisoners, whose lives were transformed by the gospel, giving them freedom in Christ. The courses also provide practical lessons for Christian living. After this pack ends, the journey continues by starting Mile Marker 1 – The Essential Pack.

  1. Born to Win
  2. God is There
  3. Doing Time with Jesus
  4. Walkin’ the Walk
  5. Forgiving and Being Forgiven

This includes:

  • The 5 course studies
  • Personalized answer sheets for each course

*The Emmaus Road is a 7-part study designed to lead you to a fuller understanding of the Word of God, the Person of Jesus Christ, and the transforming power of knowing Him.

The Emmaus Road Continues...

The Mile Markers

1 –  The Essential Pack (Bible layout, introducing Jesus, the Gospel, and how to live)
2 –  Scenic Overview Pack (Summaries of the Bible, survey of doctrine, hermeneutics) 
3 –  Trail Master Pack (Jesus Christ's story, purpose, passion affecting your life)
4 –  The Switchback Pack (Old Testament focus and why it matters)
5 –  The Community Pack (Church principles, purpose, and practical applications) 
6 –  The Summit Pack (Walking in the Spirit while putting to death the sinful flesh)
7 –  Final Destination Pack (Practical tools on preaching, evangelism, missions, and apologetics while looking forward to prophecies fulfilled)

The Warmup Miles: 

Sometime it is good to warmup before starting a journey. The Emmaus Road – Warmup Miles are specific packs designed for specifics needs or groups of people.

0 – The Hope Pack (An evangelism tool)
0 – The Camp Pack (Followup for camp ministries)
0 – The Children Pack (Sunday school classes or young people)
0 – The Traveler Pack (Designed for refugees or people from Islamic background)
0 – The Freedom Pack (Designed for local jail inmates)

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