0 – The Camp Pack – A Warmup Mile Marker

The Camp Pack is a preparation point in The Emmaus Road* journey. Designed for the camper who has recently made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, these courses help ground a young believer in their faith by helping them understand God and His Word. After this pack ends, the journey continues by starting Mile Marker 1 – The Essential Pack.

The student will receive a certificate after every course completed. After completing the entire pack they will earn a Mile Marker Certificate. 

The Camp Pack – A Warmup Mile $20.00 USD $29.95 USD
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Remember the Creator: Introduction to Genesis $5.99 USD
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Things Jesus Said and Did $5.99 USD
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The Christian Life $5.99 USD
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Golden Keys $5.99 USD
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A Journey Through the Bible $5.99 USD
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